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Overrated/Underrated Players!!!


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Overrated: Ashley Cole - I think Wayne Bridge is a far better left back and much less of a prima donna. For examples of Ashley Coles short comings look mid-season when Chelsea stuttered with a few draws and a last minute win vs. Everton - he was also responsible for an own goal which cost them a win, and got skinned by Lennon for spurs to beat them 2-1
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Guest dpddave

C. Ronaldo is vastley overrated IMO. And David Beckham is poababley the most overrated player in the history of football!!!!!


Also i thinks Matt le Tessier(spelling) was a great player,its a shame he never got a proper run with england....i guess that was due to the fact he was playing with southampton.

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Also i thinks Matt le Tessier(spelling) was a great player,its a shame he never got a proper run with england....i guess that was due to the fact he was playing with southampton.



I always had great time for "Sir" Matt.


Genius of a footballer,I think the higher brass always thought he was lazy,maybe they were right who knows.


A scorer of classic goals was Matt.

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Guest The Great Ahmar
Michael Dawson is criminally underrated. He has everything a good defender needs, size, good in the air and strength. Plus his balls to the front are 9 time out of 10 brilliant.
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Guest frednut

Just a few from me as my list is endless:


Over rated -

Current England Team strikers.


Under rated -

Gael Clichy

Jimmy Bullard

Gary Speed

Matt Taylor

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People only say Beckham was overrated to be cool. If they honestly mean that, they know little about football. I mean watch the Greece game from 2001, watch his quality of set pieces, crossing, endless running over the years and tell me he's still not a quality player. I'm not saying he's Pele, but in his prime he was an excellent footballer, no doubt about it.


And Le Tiss was pretty lazy and had lack of pace. But what he did have was a brilliant football brain, wonderful spacial awareness and an eye for the spectacular.


As for my picks erm overrated- Adriano. Massively inconsistent.


Underrated- I'm gonna say Joseph Yobo. Incredibly solid, strong, powerful, good in the air, quick, doesn't make too many mistakes, yet never gets much credit for why Everton are a top 8 club.

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Guest Steve O
Underated - Gilberto , Clichy and Toure (very quick and strong and is a very good tackler but is never really acknowledged.
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Yea i agree, Lamps always shoots and misses - Taylor would bury them! I'd love to see how he'd mix it with the big boys considering he seems to do alright at Pompy - no disrespect to Portsmouth by the way
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Guest Danny Styles

Overrated- Wayne Rooney- i'm nto saying he never will be world class but at this point in time and based on his last couple of seasons he is far from it, he is United's main striker and didn't score as many goals as a 'world class striker' should- he rarely produces for England and hasn't been playing very well at all recently- he hasn't lived up to the hype at all IMO


Other overrated is Andy Johnson- i just don't see that he is a great striker and Stewart Downing- plays for an average team and only in the Enland set up due to a lack of left wingers and probably due to his relationship with McClaren


Underrated- Wayne Bridge- for my money better than Ashley Cole, he has pace, can tackle back and puts in superb crosses, he shoudl be Chelsea's regular left back


Jimmy Bullard- he's a great fun to watch and is a great player, all over the place

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Guest The Genetic Jackhammer

Thats fair enough if you think hes overrated but hes not a striker and will never score as many as a striker shoukd/would.


Overrated -




Not a world class player yet, simple as that and to be called the best player in the world is ludicrous (at this stage in his career)


Frank lampard


Shoots from everywhere so will always get his fair share of goals which half of them consist of deflections. He has some good games but his arrary of passing isnt much for me neither.


Clarence Seedorf


Has managed to get his hands on three champions league medals all the while being not very good. He had some good games this season in the Champions League but thats not enough for me, was never a fan of his.


Scott Parker


Quite rubbish in my opinion. Hes a decent tackler but his play is so negative it just stinks.


Francesco Totti


Has got ALOT of talent but for me is a very lazy player


Underrated players


Rafael Van Der Vaart


Not a world beater or anything but has an eye for a goal, good passer of the ball, is quick and is available for quite a low price.


Martin Petrov


possibly problems regarding his injuries but when he puts a run of games together he can be a very good winger to have in your team.


Michel Salgado


He just reminds me of a right sided full back version of Gabriel Heinze, will always try his heart out and is quite decent at attacking.


Adrian Mutu


I think people have the perception that hes crap because of his time at Chelsea but when he isnt being a lunatic or getting high on cocaine is a really good striker.

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Guest big pau hoolinator

Well I am gonna talk about Serie A for a change ;)

Marek Jankulosvki is seriously underrated, and Daniele Bonera. Think Cannavaro is a bit overrated - Nesta is much better. Materazzi is a better defender than people give him credit for. Barzagli is overrated he is not the future of Italian defending Zaccardo, underrated, is. Adriano most overrated thing ever. Mancini of Roma pretty overrated, Taddei underrated. Vucinic underrated.


Think Del Piero and Totti both might be a bit underrated nowadays, I hear alot of critics of both especially Totti and not so much del P, what do you lot think about those 2 ?

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Guest Wolverine
Yep, Totti's very underrated outside of Italy. Del Piero was one of the best players in the world before his injury, but afterwards, well, I can't say I rate him that highly. He hasn't gotten near the level he was at in 1996-1997.
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Guest big pau hoolinator
I agree Del P might not be so good now as his previously high level but I think people are too quick to slap the 'too old' label on him and be done with it
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Guest FreeSpirit
Yeah I was going to say the same about Cannavaro. Since the World Cup he has been awful (OK a bit of an exaggeration), but I really dont understand where he gets all this praise from.
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Guest Wolverine

Anyway, a list off the top of my head:




Steven Gerrard

Xabi Alonso

Steve Finnan

Cesc Fabregas

Gabriel Heinze

Jermaine Defoe

Nigel Reo-Coker :mad

Shunsuke Nakamura

Fernando Torres



Javier Saviola


Fabio Grosso

Alberto Gilardino

Daniele De Rossi

Christian Chivu




Michael Essien

Javier Mascherano

Wes Brown

Kolo Toure


Robin van Persie

Gareth Barry

Jonathan Woodgate

Charles N'Zogbia


Andres Iniesta

Rafael Marquez (I'm looking at you Drake!)

Maxi Rodriguez

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Francesco Totti

Igli Tare (legend)

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Yeah have to say Del Piero has done nothing really since his injury in 97. Before that, and when he had the big curly mullet he was brilliant.


Also Totti I think is brilliant for Roma, but was always dreadful for England. The likes of Rooney and Lampard are generally very good for their clubs, but very poor for their country.


Personally I think Johnson is a decent little striker, haven't seen the best of him for England, mainly cause they don't play him in his best position.


As for others for me erm overrated Ronaldinho, especially this season. Just a shadow of the player from say 2 seasons ago. Underrated I'm gonna say Brian McBride, considering he's 34, he's still a goalscorer, who even in a struggling side, will get you goals with good crosses.

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Guest big pau hoolinator
McBride is a good shout and I have realised that perhaps del P has not done anything to warrant any hype considering for the last 3 seasons he has spent 2 bench warming under Capello and then this latest season in a 2nd division
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Oh not but I mean even before that when he was at Juve, he was never as good as he was when he was Baggio's soon to be replacement at Juve.


It was like he showed this bag of potential then, had everything, got injured, and was never the same again. Lost something, whether it be confidence, a couple of yards of pace, I dunno.

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