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The Greatest PPV of all time - Wrestlemania - Round 2

Guest The Great Ahmar

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Guest The Great Ahmar

Following the first round Wrestlemania 1,2,4,9 and 11 are all gone from the search to find the Greatest PPV of all time. Round 2 is here and like last round 4 will be eliminated


Here is how it works:


- Much like the TWO Survivor elimination style that Chris2K ran you vote for your least favorite.


- All the PPVS will be under there names sakes. Meaning all the Wresltemania's will be under Wrestlemania


- The promotions involved will be WWE/F, NWA/WCW, ECW, TNA


- On some rounds you can vote for more than one PPV.


- If you haven't seen the PPV you can still vote it out on the fact that you haven't seen it.


- For some of those who haven't seen much of the WCW and ECW PPV's I'll be posting up cards of the events so you can base you vote on that if you like. If someone can find some bits of the show on a video site, then great and post it here.


- The cut off point for PPVS in the future is now. Meaning any PPV from now on doesn't count in this quest for The Greatest PPV of All time.


- And lets try and get some good debate going in these threads with no single word posts.


We'll start for are quest with the WWE/F and Wrestlemania.


WrestleMania III (March 29, 1987)


Hulk Hogan beat Andre The Giant to keep the World Title

Rick Steamboat beat Randy Savage to win the IC title

Harley Race beat Junkyard Dog

Roddy Piper beat Adrian Adonis

Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart and Danny Davis beat Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith and Tito Santana

Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake beat Jacques and Raymond Rougeau

Butch Reed beat Koko. B Ware

Honky Tonk Man beat Jake Roberts

Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff beat Brain Blair and Jim Brunzell

Rick Martel and Tom Zenk beat Bob Orton and Don Muraco

Billy Jack Haynes and Hercules Hernandez battled to a double count out

Hillbilly Jim, Haiti Kid and Little Beaver beat King Kong Bundy, Lord Littlebrook and Little Tokyo


WrestleMania V (April 2, 1989)


Hulk Hogan beat Randy Savage to win the World Title

Rick Rude beat Ultimate Warrior to win the IC Title

Demolition beat Warlord, Barbarian and Mr. Fugi to keep the Tag Team Titles

Jake Roberts beat Andre The Giant

Hart Foundation beat Greg Valentine and Honky Tonk Man

Bad News Brown and Jim Duggan battled to a double DQ

Hercules beat King Haku

Twin Towers beat Rockers

Ted DiBiase and Brutus Beefcake fought to a double count out

Bushwackers beat Jacques and Raymond Rougeau

Mr. Perfect beat Blue Blazer

Ron Garvin beat Dino Bravo

Tullu Blanchard and Arn Anderson beat Rick Martel and Tito Santana

Terry Taylor beat Bobby Heenan

WrestleMania VI (April 1, 1990)


Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan to win the World Title

Demolition beat Andre The Giant and Haku to win the Tag Team Titles

Ted DiBiase beat Jake Roberts

Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire beat Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri

Rick Rude beat Jimmy Snuka

Earthquake beat Hercules

Brutus Beefcake beat Mr. Perfect

Roddy Piper and Bad News Brown battled to a double count out

Hart Foundation beat the Bolsheviks

Barbarian beat Tito Santan

Orient Express beat the Rockers

Jim Duggan beat Dino Bravo

Big Bossman beat Akeem

Rick Martel beat Koko B. Ware


WrestleMania VII (March 24, 1991)


Hulk Hogan beta Sgt. Slaughter to win the World Title

Nasty Boys beat Hart Foundation to win the Tag Team titles

Big Bossman beat Mr. Perfect by DQ therefore doesn't get IC title

Ultimate Warrior beat Randy Savage in a retirement match

Jake Roberts beat Rick Martel in a blind fold match

Virgil beat Ted DiBiase

British Bulldog beat Warlord

Undertaker beat Jimmy Snuka

Koji Kitao and Genichiro beat Demolition

Earthquake beat Greg Valentine

Legion of Doom beat Power and Glory

The Rockers beat Barbarian and Haku

Kerry Von Erich beat Dino Bravo

Jacques Rougeau beat Tito Santana


WrestleMania VIII (April 5, 1992)


Randy Savage beat Ric Flair to win the World Title

Natural Disasters beat Tag Team champions Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster by CO

Bret Hart beat Roddy Piper to win the IC Title

Hulk Hogan beat Sid Justice

Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, Virgil and Big Bossman beat Nasty Boys, Repo Man, and the Mountie

Undertaker beat Jake Roberts

Shawn Michaels beat Tito Santana

Tatanka beat Rick Martel

Owen Hart pinned Skinner


WrestleMania X (March 20, 1994)


Yokozuna beat Lex Luger by DQ to keep the World Title

Bret Hart beat Yokozuna to win the World Title

Men on a Mission beat Quebecers by count out therefore don't get Tag Team belts

Razor Ramon beat Shawn Michaels to keep the IC title

Aulundra Blayze beat Lalani Kai to keep the Women's Belt

Owen Hart beat Bret Hart

Randy Savage beat Crush in a best of 3 falls count anywhere match

Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon beat Doink and Dink

Earthquake beat Adam Bomb


WrestleMania XII (March 31, 1996)


Shawn Michaels beat Bret Hart in a 60 minute Iron Man match to win the World Title

Roddy Piper beat Goldust in a Hollywood Backlot match

Undertaker beat Diesel

Ultimate Warrior beat Hunter Hearst Helsmley

Steve Austin beat Savio Vega

British Bulldog, Owen Hart and Vader beat Yokozuna, Ahmed Johnson and Jake Roberts

Free For All: Body Donnas beat Godwinns in the finals of the tournamnet to win the Tag Team Titles


WrestleMania XIII (March 23, 1997)


The Undertaker pinned Sid to win the WWF Title

Bret Hart beat Steve Austin in a submissions match via ref stoppage

Legion of Doom + Ahmed Johnson beat Nation of Domination in a Chicago Streetfight

Rocky Maivia pinned The Sultan to retain the IC Title

Owen Hart + British Bulldog went to a double count out with Vader + Mankind (WWF Tag Team Titles)

Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Goldust


WrestleMania XIV (March 29, 1998)


Stone Cold Steve Austin pinned Shawn Michaels to win the World Title

Ken Shamrcok made The Rock tap out to the ankle lock to win the title (decision reversed when Shamrock wouldn't let go.)

The Undertaker pinned Kane

HHH beat Owen Hart to retain the European title

Cactus Jack and Terry Funk beat New Age Outlaws in a dumpster match to win tag team titles

Mero and Sable beat Goldust and Luna in a mixed tag match

TAKA beat Aguila to retain the Lightweight Title

LOD 2000 won the 15 team battle royal

WrestleMania XV (March 28, 1999)


Stone Cold Stever pinned The Rock to win the title

The Undertaked pinned The Big Boss Man in a Hell in a Cell Match

Shane McMahon beat X Pac to retain the European title

Sable beat Torri to retain the Womens title after Nicole Bass attacked Torri

Kane beat Triple H by DQ

Road Dodd beat Ken Shamrock, Val Venis, Goldust in a 4 corners match to retain the Intercontinental title

Mankind beat Paul Wight by DQ

Butterbean knocked Bart Gunn out in the Brawl for All

Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett beat D-Lo Brown and Test to retain the tag titles

Hardcore Holly won the Hardcore title in a triple threat match beating Billy Gunn and Al Snow


WrestleMania 2000 (April 2, 2000)


- The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan defeated the Godfather and D'Lo Brown

- Hardcore Holly won a Hardcore Battle Royal to become the new World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion

- Test and Albert defeated Al Snow and Steve Blackman

- Edge and Christian defeated the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz in a Triple Threat Ladder Match to become the new World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions.

- Terri defeated The Kat in a catfight.

- Too Cool and Chyna defeated Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko

- In a Triple Threat Match for Kurt Angle's Intercontinental and European Championship, Chris Benoit pinned Chris Jericho to win the Intercontinental Title. Later, Jericho defeated Benoit to win the European Championship.

- Kane and Rikishi defeated X-Pac and Road Dogg

- Triple H defeated The Rock, Mick Foley and the Big Show in a Fatal Four Way to retain the World Wrestling Federation Championship


WrestleMania X-Seven


- Chris Jericho defeated William Regal to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship

- Tazz and the Acolytes defeated the Right to Censor

- Kane defeated The Big Show and Raven to win the Hardcore Championship

- Eddie Guerrero defeated Test to win the European Championship

- Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit

- Chyna defeated Ivory to win the Women's Title

- Shane McMahon defeated Vince McMahon

- Edge and Christian defeated The Dudley Boys and the Hardy Boyz in TLC 2 to win the WWF Tag Team Titles

- The Iron Sheik won the 18 Man Gimmick Battle Royal by eliminating Hillbilly Jim

- The Undertaker defeated Triple H

- Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock to win the WWF World Title


WrestleMania X8 – Skydome; Toronto, Ontario 3/17/02


- I-C Title: Rob Van Dam beat William Regal to win the title

- European Title: Champion Dallas Page beat Christian

- Hardcore Title: Champion Maven fought Goldust.

Due to the 24/7 rule the title went from Maven to Spike Dudley to The Hurricane, Molly, Christian and back to Maven by the end of the night

- Kurt Angle beat Kane

- The Undertaker beat Ric Flair

- Edge beat Booker T

- Steve Austin beat Scott Hall

- Tag Team Title Elimination Match: Champions Billy & Chuck beat The Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, & APA

- The Rock beat Hulk Hogan

- Women's Title: Champ Jazz beat Trish Stratus & Lita

- WWF Title: Triple H beat Chris Jericho to win the title

WrestleMania XIX – Safeco Field; Seattle, WA 3/30/03

- Cruiserweight Title: Champ Matt Hardy beat Rey Mysterio

- The Undertaker beat The Big Show & A-Train

- Women's Title: Trish Stratus beat champ Victoria & Jazz to win the title

- WWE Tag Team Title: Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas beat The Guerreros, and Chris Benoit & Rhyno

- Shawn Michaels beat Chris Jericho

- World Heavyweight Title: Champ Triple H beat Booker T

- Hulk Hogan beat Vince McMahon

- The Rock beat Steve Austin

- WWE Title: Brock Lesnar beat champion Kurt Angle to win the title


WrestleMania XX – Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 3/14/04

- US Title: John Cena beat The Big Show to win the title

- World Tag Team Title: Champions Rob Van Dam & Booker T beat Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade, The Dudley Boys, and Rene Dupree & Rob Conway

- Christian beat Chris Jericho

- Handicap Match: Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista beat The Rock & Mick Foley. This was Foley's first match in 4 years

- Playboy Evening Gown Match: Playboy cover girls Sable & Torrie Wilson beat Stacy Keibler & Jackie Gayda

- Cruiserweight Title: Champ Chavo Guerrero beat Nunzio, Shannon Moore, Funaki, Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio Jr., Tajiri, Akio, Billy Kidman & Jamie Knoble

- Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar. Steve Austin was referee.

- WWE Tag Team Title: Champs Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty beat The APA, The Bashams, and The World's Greatest Tag Team

- Women's Title: Champ Victoria beat Molly Holly. As a result, Molly lost her hair.

- WWE Title: Champ Eddie Guerrero beat Kurt Angle

- The Undertaker beat Kane

- World Heavyweight Title: Chris Benoit beat champ Triple H & Shawn Michaels to win the title


WrestleMania 21 – Staples Center; Los Angeles, CA 4/3/05


- Rey Mysterio beat Eddie Guerrero

- Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Edge beat Chris Benoit, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho & Christian to get a title shot whenever he wants

- Eugene is attacked by Hassan in the ring. He is saved by the returning Hulk Hogan.

- The Undertaker beat Randy Orton

- Women's Title: Champion Trish Stratus beat Christy Hemme

- Kurt Angle beat Shawn Michaels

- Pipers Pit with Steve Austin

- Sumo Match: Sumo wrestler Akebono beat The Big Show

- WWE Title: John Cena beat JBL to win the title

- World Heavyweight Title: Batista beat Triple H to win the title


WrestleMania 22 - Allstate Arena; Chicago, IL 4/2/06


- World Tag Team Championship: Champs Kane & The Big Show beat Carlito & Chris Masters

- Money in the Bank Match: Rob Van Dam beat Matt Hardy, Lashley, Finlay, Ric Flair, & Shelton Benjamin

- U.S. Title: JBL beat Chris Benoit to win the title

- Hardcore Match: Edge beat Mick Foley

- The Boogey Man beat Booker T & Sharmell

- Women’s Title: Mickie James beat Trish Stratus to win the title

- Casket Match: The Undertaker beat Mark Henry

- No Holds Barred: Shawn Michaels beat Vince McMahon

- World Heavyweight Championship: Rey Mysterio beat Champ Kurt Angle and Randy Orton to become the new champion

- Playboy Pillow Fight: Torrie Wilson beat Candice Michelle

-WWE Championship: Champ John Cena beat Triple H by submission

WrestleMania 23 - Ford Field; Detroit, MI 4/1/07


- Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Ken Kennedy beat Edge, C.M. Punk, King Booker, Jeff Hardy, Finlay, Matt Hardy, and Randy Orton

- The Great Khali beat Kane

- U.S. Title: Champion Chris Benoit beat MVP

- World Heavyweight Championship: The Undertaker beat Batista to win the title

- The ECW Originals (Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer) beat The New Breed (Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, Marcus Cor Von, and Matt Striker)

- Donald Trump's Hair vs Mr. McMahon's Hair: Bobby Lashley beat Umaga

- Lumber Jill Match for the Women's Title: Champion Melina beat Ashley

- WWE Championship: Champion John Cena beat Shawn Michaels

Edited by The Great Ahmar
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Guest Laffy
WrestleMania 2000 (April 2, 2000) it is the only wrestlemania i fell asleep whilst watching it *** i was that bored did not interest me.
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Voted Wrestlemania 5, I enjoyed it and Savage vs Hogan was a decent match but the undercard didn't really impress me.


Rockers VS Twin Towers, Warrior VS Rude, a lot of Bobby Heenan, what's not to like?


Again, WM23, poor show.

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Guest Kanenite
Rockers VS Twin Towers, Warrior VS Rude, a lot of Bobby Heenan, what's not to like?


Again, WM23, poor show.


Erm pretty much the rest of the card. It wasn't one of the best Wrestlemania's, I didn't enjoy it as much as others.

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Guest FreeSpirit
WrestleMania 20 for me. PPV was way too long at 4h30m, and I got bored to tears from Brock Vs Goldberg onwards. One WrestleMania I would love to forget.
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My four favourite Manias all have votes now, while stupid WM12 remains unscathed. It just isn't fair. :(


DAMN! You're right, 12 was the biggest pile of p**s ever! My mind's not great, I was thinking that card was 11. I have actually forgot about whatever matches did happen at 11. I'm now so confused. Rest assured, 12's in for a rough ride next round.

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Guest SuperKick Kid
DAMN! You're right, 12 was the biggest pile of p**s ever! My mind's not great, I was thinking that card was 11. I have actually forgot about whatever matches did happen at 11. I'm now so confused. Rest assured, 12's in for a rough ride next round.


You're just saying that because HHH got humiliated and squashed by Warrior, which was absolutely classic. :lol

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Guest SuperKick Kid
HHH v Cena?


HBK vs Vince, Foley vs Edge


WM 22 and 23 were really good in my opinion.


not the best. The best is WM 19 in my opinion, but 22 and 23 were good.

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