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Greatest Tag Team Of All Time In Each Organisation

Guest BigAl

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Guest BigAl

pretty much self explanatary....

Greatest Tag Team Of All Time In Each Organisation form the following...








and if anyone else fancies adding different organisations to this list just inform me or otherwise place your opinions and discuss....

p.s PLEASE give reasons


maybe this has been done before but just thought it would be fun

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Guest Danny Styles

WWE- Hardy Boys- the guys who got me into wrestling- great look and always entertaining


TNA- AMW greatest TNA tag team ever- no-one comes close

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Guest The Beltster

WWE/WWF - Demolition. Greatest tag team ever, nothing like the Road Warriors barring the face paint and so its totally unfair that so many people brand them as nothing more than a cheap immitation Road Warriors rip off act. Even with all that hanging over them, they still broke out to carve a name for themselves. The longest reigning WWF tag team champions ever, they were awesome, until Crush came along.


WCW - Steiner Brothers. What can you say? There guys were simply awesome in their prime.


ECW - Dudleys in the 12 months before they went to the WWF. These guys could aggitate a crowd more than any other team EVER!


TNA - Dont care


ROH - Dont care


AWA - Midnight Rockers. I loved them in the AWA and the WWF. Fantastic team.

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Guest The Genetic Jackhammer

WWE - Edge & Christian.

WCW - The Steiner bro's.

ECW - The Impact Players.

TNA - L.A.X - the rest suck eggs.


These are the only promotions I watch.

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WWE/WWF: the British Bulldogs. A revolutionary tag team that combined high flying, power and technical wrestling better than any other team of the era.


WCW: The Steiner Brothers. Rick and Scott were fantastic. Not quite Davey and Dynamite, but not bad anyway.


ECW: The Dudley Boys. Not my favorite team by any stretch, but they more than did the job that was needed.


TNA: Ummmm, has to be Triple X for me. They carried AMW to their best matches before AMW found their own feet.


ROH: The Second City Saits team of Colt and Punk. AWESOME!

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Guest The Great Ahmar

WWE/WWF: Edge and Christian

WCW: Steiner Brothers

ECW: Dudleys


ROH: Briscoes (Aries and Strong came very, very close)

NWA: Midnight Express

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Guest DarkMatchJobber

WWE- Edge and Christian. I loved them when they were in the Brood and was bitterly disapointed when they became puppets of the Ministry of Darkness but thankfully after they split from Gangrel and went on to win tag team gold at Wrestlemania 16 they turned a corner and became the funniest tag team in recent memory thanks to five second poses,elvis impersonations and kazoo/streamers hilarity...oh and matches like TLC with the Dudleys and Hardys helped too.


ECW - RVD and Sabu. Similar in-ring styles but very different personalities made them an entertaining act in and out of the ring (with Fonzie's help of course) and I challenge anyone to see a better tag match than their collision with Hayabusa and Shinsaki (Hakushi or whatever he is called these days) at Heatwave 98.

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Guest Gooneronastick

WWE/WWF - Demolition (Ax & Smash). The team who hold the record for the longest run with the WWF/E tag championship. Enough said.


WCW - The Steiner Brothers. Pure magic together and could compete with anyone.


ECW - Is there any other team than the Dudleyz? (rhetorical)


TNA - LAX, AMW or XXX? LAX still have a bit to do to be considered the greatest. I loved XXX but it has to be AMW. Great look, superb chemistry and whether you loved them or hated them, you were entertained by them.


AWA - Midnight Rockers. Marty and Shawn were really entertaining in AWA.


NWA - The Midnight Express (Eaton and Lane). Could have been the Rock & Roll Express, the Russians or The Road Warriors for this one, but I thought that Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane were excellent and they didn't need to speak *** Jimmy Cornette was the best mouthpiece the team could have.

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WWE- Edge and Christian these two so totally reak of awesomeness! and they brothers have now split and are dominating the wrestling world two promotions at a time.


WCW- I never really watched that much WCW, but The Steiners are the shizznittle bam slip slap.


ECW- The Dudleys were really over in ECW. But they weren't actually all that great, were they? Aside from them you've got the Eliminators, Da Gangstas, Public Enemy, Ian & Axl Rotten, but you know who had great chemistry, depth and exciting matches? Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck!


TNA- LAX. Hernandez is nothing special, but I'm an advocate of Homicide, and they've got a great thing going. Konann is the greatest he's ever been on the mic.


ROH- Briscoes. The Real World's Greatest Tag Team, and cut a killer redneck promo: go 7 minutes in


AWA- don't know enough about the promotion


NWA- aren't LAX former NWA tag title champs?

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Guest Marshall Mac D

WWE : Edge and Christian there tag team record shows it and they were funny as heck and they worked good matche's.


WcW : didn't watch it alot since i was wwe fan but Harlem heat they done it for me booker and stevie with those flamin tight's.


Ecw : Dudley boyz are the one's what stood for me.


Tna : hmmm i would go for LAX there whole image brings a new image to latin wrestler's the whole latin american revolution and the big and small partnership work's .

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WCW: Kronik

ECW: The Eliminators

TNA: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

ROH: Jay & Mark Briscoe


Bloody hell that was hard. Gen Next, Maff and Whitmer and Irish Airborne are all great. From 98-99 The Dudleys were the best heels in the business, sorry nWO. Speaking of which Nash and Hall had to be neglected. LAX and AMW not making the list hurt. And I couldnt decide between the tag greats in the WWF in 2000/2001 so I went for the more modern team.

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Guest Ravenmark

WWE/WWF - Edge and Christian; Loved their matches and their promos - their series with the Hardyz was awesome.


WCW - The Steiners.


ECW - The Dudleyz. Really wanted to pick Sabu and RVD, but I love Bubba.


TNA - Triple X.


ROH - The Briscoes. Tough call between them and GeNext


NWA - Arn and Tully.

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Guest Dave7g
WWE~~The Hart Foundation


ECW~~The Dudleys

NWA~~The Midnight Express

WCW~~The Steiner Brothers


Exactly the same apart from throwing Shelley and Sabin into the mix, they truely are amazing to watch.

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WWE-Edge & Christain


TNA-L.A.X or AJ and Daniels

ROH-The Briscoes without a shadow of a doubt.


The Briscoes are probably my favourite tag team out of the lot,just the way they wrestle,cut a promo,even their look and stance on tag-team wrestling impresses the hell out of me every time they step into the ring.Any body that hasn't seen any of their matches should check out the following DVD's and stare in awe at their brilliance. Man Up!


ROH-Ring Of Homicide

ROH-Final Battle


ROH-Glory By Honor V

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Hmmmm...there is a looooong list of teams that could be chosen here. From the Bulldogs and The Hart Foundation, to the TLC generation. Underrated teams like Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine and The Rougeau Brothers. Demolition, L.O.D., The Rockers....it's scary to think of how low the tag-team scene in WWE has dropped to. But if I have to pick one team to be, IMO, the best tag-team in WWF/WWE history, I'm going with The Quebecers.


An odd choice, some may say anyway, but I felt that Carl Oulette and Jacques Rougeau were phenomenal as a tag-team. They had gripping matches with every team they faced (even M.O.M.), had a killer gimmick, a killer theme song ("We're not The Mounties...") and some fantastic offence. I wish they'd been in their primes during the WWF's prime tag-team years.


A close second would be The Brainbusters, with honourable mentions to Money Inc., Nasty Boys, Owen & Bulldog and The New Age Outlaws.




Again, like WWE, there is an abundance of tag teams that could walk this choice. Pretty Wonderful was the best thing Paul Roma ever did, Harlem Heat came from lower-card acts to bona-fide tag-team legends. The Steiners need no introduction, and neither do The Fabulous Freebirds, who lost the WCW tag titles in a match filmed six days before they won them.


The one team in WCW who stood out for me above all others was actually a trio. The Fabulous Freebirds were the original breakout stars in pro-wrestling, with their (at the time) innovative use of music in their entrance, the introduction of the "Freebird Rule" and by having three of the greatest wrestlers of all time in the faction. I'm talking about when it was "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy and Michael "P.S." Hayes.


I know they did their best work elsewhere, but they, IMO, were the best team to walk through the Atlanta based promotion's doors.




And the reason for The Freebirds being my WCW pick, was because I couldn't pick them for the NWA "award". There is only one team in my mind that can be picked for this and that's the team of Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard.


Any team with Arn Anderson in it is automatically great, and I almost chose his team with Bobby Eaton (who, along with AA, is considered the best tag wrestler that ever lived), but his team with Blanchard was something else. They had great matches with the likes of The Midnight Express, The Rock 'n' Roll Express, Road Warriors, and many, many others.


In the WWF they were considered the most legit team that Vince had, and were the team to defeat Demolition and end their 478 day reign. If you can track down some videos of them in action (especially a great match with The Hart Foundation from Summerslam 1989) and a 2-out-of-3 fall match against The Rockers, which again shows how low the WWE tag divisions have fallen).




The Dudleys were the biggest antagonists ECW ever had (especially in 1999), whereas The Eliminators were spot-festing before spot-festing was cool. Benoit/Malenko was another awesome team....and I want to choose either Nova & Chetti or Doring & Roadkill, but I have to go for Mieky Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri; The Unholy Alliance.


With The Sinister Minister on the outside, this odd-couple tag team kept me entertained in every match they had, regardless of their opponents. Coming up with unique double-team strikes and holds/throws, all the while appearing appearing a little crazy was something else to behold.


I know it was after the "glory years" of ECW, but I don't care. Tajiri & Whipwreck where f'n awesome.




Sabin & Shelley. As great as AMW were, this duo have the chance, if allowed a tag-team run, to eclipse everything that came before.




BJ Whitmer & Dan Maff. A rugged team with some phenomenal offence.




The Blonde Bombers. Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens were one of the best heel teams I have ever seen. It's hard to fathom now, but they heel heat they garnered in the late 60s was fantastic. I've only seen matches from them online, but if Vince releases a greatest tag-team DVD, and keeps it unbiased, then this duo won't be far from the top.

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Owen Hart/British Bulldog - When these guys were teaming together i was 10 and they were heels, yet i always knew they blew evetything else out of the water even then. 2 of the greatest singles and tag wrestlers ever, they had the workrate, the charisma, the promos and most importantly the chemistry.



The Hollywood Blondes - Entertaining as hell and always lit up the camera. Their matches shone out everytime.




The Midnight Express - Every fued a great one and my favourite type of heel cowardly when necessary who when they got going mixed it with the best of them. And they pulled it all off, which not many if any team could do today. Main event calibre tag team.




The Road Warriors - A breath of fresh air and from what i can tell revolutionized the heel/face divide, paving the way for characters the likes of Stone Cold. The character that up until that point would have been heels, but were overwhelmingly popular due to a no nonsence attitude.




The Eliminators - Maybe not a popular choice but I used to mark out like a girl on prom night whenever i saw total elimination, and i think they could have been a great asset to tag team wrestling in the shoot style gimmick if Saturn hadnt made it to WCW solo.




Triple X - Love watching the lighter guys mix it, they always gave a fast action packed match with no room to breathe yet these guys also knew when to tone it down and use psychology. I also am a fan of LAX, just wish they'd had more fueds like the Daniels/AJ one and less like the team 3D one.

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Guest tazz13

WWE/WWF - Demolition, my favourite and in my opinion the greatest...basically they were the top team in one of the deepest tag divisions ever


WCW - hollywood blondes


ECW - dudley boyz...self explanatory really - the most successful, the most famous and a pretty good team to boot




ROH - the briscoes


AWA - the destruction crew....enos and bloom were so underrated and one of my favourite tag teams ever, even as the beverly brothers which people seem to hate for some reason i am unsure of...they came out to 'we will rock you' and had one of the coolest finishers ever, nuff said


NWA - tough call but i'm going with the midnight express

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