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London unveils logo of 2012 Games


What do you think of the logo?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the logo?

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The logo can be seen HERE


The brand, designed by Wolff Ollins, has been targeted at the young people the organisers hope to get involved.


It is a deliberate change from previous Olympic logos, which often feature an image from the city.


I dont like it...they want to appeal to the kids by using a graffiti theme, but it just doesnt look right to me.

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Guest Davros

Don't like it. Couldn't make out what it was initially.


And to think someone was paid £400,000 for this!! :doh32:


Someone just posted a great comment on the BBC forum. It was removed, not surprisingly.


I'll clean it up a bit.....


It looks like Lisa Simpson doing something she probably shouldn't be!! :info7:

Edited by Davros
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Oh that's one of them 'abstract' thingies isn't it? Those things that are really just crap jagged drawings that are supposedly good. Yeah...I don't like it.
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Guest FreeSpirit

That is an absolutely awful logo IMO. The organising committee really need to come up with something a bit more innovative, as it seems like a 5 year old scribbled this on a spare piece of paper. It doesn't refelect anything at all to do with the games.


This is the biggest sporting event to hit these shores since 1966 afterall and I feel that this logo is a huge letdown.

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Guest Citizen Kane

That's just awful. Must have taken Mr Ollins 5 minutes to come up with it.


And how on Earth is that supposed to appeal to young people? Or anyone for that matter?

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer
I think it looks horrific, if you were watching the BBC news at 6pm you'd have seen it properly, it changes colour which makes it looks even worse!
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Guest FreeSpirit

To me its just a bunch of old farts sitting round a table thinking that they know what the youth of today find cool, when in reality they haven't got a f***** clue.


This logo is a complete embarrassment, and makes our hosting of these prestigious games look more like a laughing stock.

Edited by FreeSpirit
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Guest Slim Jim

Yeah but it only cost 400 grand so it's alright.


Watching the video it seems like it's about 20 years too late.

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