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RAW Discussion Thread- June 4, 2007 from Tampa, FL


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Credit: WWE.com

After a night of Extreme Rules at One Night Stand, Raw Superstars will arrive in Tampa, Fla., in an extremely uncomfortable situation, awaiting their uncertain fates as the WWE Draft looms closer – just seven days away.


John Cena successfully defended his WWE Championship against The Great Khali in a Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match, pinning the giant’s shoulders for the first time in his career. Who will be next to challenge the Chain Gang commander?


The Hardys arrive in Tampa as the World Tag-Team Champions after successfully defending the titles in a high-impact ladder match against The World’s Greatest Tag. A post-match scuffle in the trainer’s room between these teams at One Night Stand showed these two teams still have unfinished business.


Finally, the proof was in the pudding for Candice Michelle, who nearly drowned the Women’s Champion, Melina, in their Pudding Match. Candice made the champion tap out at One Night Stand in the chocolate goo, but will she be able to do it again if she’s given a title opportunity in the future?


Don’t miss all the action on RAW, Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network.


(thanks to whoever added the preview for me; I should have my computer back from the shop on Tuesday.)


Conf. Matches/Events


One Night Stand Fallout

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Guest FreeSpirit

Khali winning the WWE Title would be great just for the hilariously negative feedback it would generate on here and sites like 1wrestling.com.


Kneejerk Comments like "WWE is dead or I'm never going to watch WWE again" would be rampant, and funny to read.

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Guest FreeSpirit
What's happened to Lillian Garcia? It's like she's disappeared off the face of the earth, and hasn't been on Raw in weeks.
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Guest Cathal
During the Hardy's match King asked J.R. about the Hardy's being split up in the draft,so does this mean Matt is a Raw star now or did King just forget?
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Guest Twig
OK, so it's common knowledge that Khali is bad... but I didn't think he was bad enough to botch a foreign object shot. OK, so he was a pussy and put his arms up for all of Cena's attacks at ONS, that's fine if you're a sports entertainer... but the ring steps that he swatted away, and then sat down for... that was an abbomination.
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Guest Nemesis Enforcer

Confusing Raw this week


Cryme Tyme & Candice vs. Kenny Dykstra & Nitro & Melina - Poor match, Cryme Tyme are still awful and there is a lesson here, team with Candice and you win no matter how much of a jobber you are because right now she cannot lose even against the women’s champ who she beats every match!


Santino vs. Masters - Crap match, Santino is just awful in the ring when you are getting shown up in your performance by Masters every match it says something about you, I was actually wishing that Masters would take the belt off him but alas no


Orton vs. Flair - Ok match, take away Flair’s chops and what does he actually do these days? he was awful in it and it was only Orton’s performance that got it to OK imo thought the ad break as Orton was ready to go for the RKO was a bit mistimed in the match too


Carlito vs. Torrie Wilson - Crap and pointless match, it lasted all of 25 seconds and even at that it still managed to annoy me!


Hardy’s vs. Cade & Murdoch - Good match but poor booking, at ONS they set up perfectly for a WGTT vs. Hardy’s rematch then the next night put the belts on C&M - WHY? I noticed the crowd went dead when C&M won the titles which tells a nice story about how over they are, and they finally took the Hardy’s out after the match, well that I saw coming a mile away still it was by far MOTN which says a lot about this weeks show


Khali vs. Umaga vs. Cena - Decent Main Event but nothing more then that, would have been made better if Umaga and Cena had gone at it a lot more and they had excluded Khali from the match more, Khali was terrible in this match too and neither Cena nor Umaga were that good but all added together it was decent but not something I’d want to see again


Segments -


The Cena/Vince opening promo was long and confusing on tape it lasted 17 mins and achieved making Vince look like a retard and putting Cena in a triple threat match if it was shorter would have been better as it was didn’t like it


Santino/Maria segment was bad and got worse when Vince turned up doing his I look like I’ve had a stroke thing, Santino is just awful when talking or wrestling!


Hardy’s/Cade & Murdoch backstage was pretty good but once again Vince spoiled it with his acting once he showed up to make the tag match, then he goes and makes another terrible match for Torrie and has a decent promo exchange with Flair


Vince/Coachman backstage was meh and Coach announcing that next weeks Draft show is also Vince Appreciation made me cry almost


Overall a poor show with some very confusing decisions, I did have hops for next week with it being a draft but now its going to be Vince appreciation I am not so excited anymore

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Guest Wolverine
Ah, I thought that was one of the best Raws in a long time. Utterly deranged Vince rules the world, Orton's really getting back on form, Cade and Murdoch finally won the tag titles and I loved the main event. Good stuff.
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Guest Danny Styles

sucks to be the WGTT, they have the MOTN at ONS with the Hardys and have an angle to set up another match but then the team no-one cares about takes on the Hardys and wins


odd booking


and McMahon's overracting is becoming boring now, his role has become stale and the shows should not be centred around him

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Guest Dave7g

Vince's bad acting makes me wish he would go away and I got to see Khali vs Cena for the third time in oh three days.


Very poor indeed so it;s business as usual until wrestlemania I guess.

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Excellent Raw. Everything made sense and was done for a reason. Orton, Cena and Cade/Murdoch all come out looking stronger. The tag team title change and heel turn was great. Vince as a psycho is always a blast. Even the 6-person match had its moments.


Wasn't impressed with Masters/the champ whose name I forget, but it served a purpose at least.


Overall, as said, one of the better shows in a while.

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Guest The Great Ahmar
Umaga was all kinds of awesome in that Triple Threat. I always enjoy Vince, wasn't too bad of a Raw either.
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Guest dpddave

Vince going crazy was boring and just plain stupid...im sick of him. He played the very same act with DX and it wasnt any good then.


He should just stay off the bloodly show.

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