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Prior Power Slam magazine censorship

Guest THE Stately

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Guest THE Stately

Sorry for the delay in getting this out, but anyway.....


As you may know, I have a regular column in Powerslam magazine, and

now that the following issue has been published and I’m free to

comment on the prior one. Please be informed the material about

Batista published in my Flips column in PS153 was NOT what I had

written in the submitted manuscript, and thus should not be

misconstrued as my own thoughts.


FYI, it’s not at all unusual for an editor to change or delete a

word, phrase or sentence before sending an article to the printer, as

this regularly happens with virtually all newspapers and magazines.

However, in this particular instance, the entire section was not

merely rewritten, it was replaced. Furthermore, commentary

concerning Johnny Nitro, the Hardys and Micki James was completely



For those interested in what the ORIGINAL version of the piece states, I have the UNCENSORED article here (http://swmswm.home.att.net/UKgraps.htm).


Arn Anderson memorial bottom line: Flips 153 was altered far more

than any in recent memory; you can now see for yourself, if that

matters to you; and, I’m not about to publicly express any personal

thoughts on these radical changes and wind up standing with Sabu in

the unemployment line. LOL

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Guest MastersGonads

Hasnt this been posted before?


And my response was the same then....The Editor has a duty to protect his publication....

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