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UFC 75


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Not too many details as of yet.


But will again take place in Britain, this time the venue being the 02 arena in London on Saturday the 8th of September.


Not fights yet announced, but both Cro Cop and Bisping have said they will be on the card.

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Guest Christof
o2 Arena, Cro Cop, Bisping, I'M THERE! May not even have to stay in town as I can probably get back to Stansted easily, will decide nearer the time.
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Quinton Jackson vs. Dan Henderson

Mirko Filipović vs. Cheick Kongo

Michael Bisping vs. TBA


Bisping announced he wil fight Amar Suloev but it is not confirmed.


Looks like a great card, I can see those 3 fights going either way.


Cro Cop's fight looks pretty dangerous, although Kongo has been easily disposed of by average wrestlers, his stand-up is great. The fight will stay on the feet so it will be interesting, Cop is the superior striker but it could get awkward.


Amar Suloev has lots of experience, definately Bisping's toughest opponent yet.

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Guest Christof

London calling the UFC on September 8


The five year plus wait is over – the Ultimate Fighting Championship will storm back into London, England, on September 8 as UFC 75 hits the O2 Arena.


Full details of the card will be confirmed in the coming days but the UFC’s loyal fans have the unique chance to get their tickets before they officially go on sale.


UFC Fight Club members can land their tickets from 10AM Wednesday, June 13, by logging on to http://www.ufcfightclub.com.


Then, on Thursday, June 14, UFC Newsletter subscribers can order their tickets through http://ticketmaster.co.uk using the password from the email blast announcing the sale.


Tickets then go on general release this Monday, June 18.


Check http://ticketmaster.co.uk from 10AM onwards to land your ticket to Capital’s hottest sporting event of the summer.


Just signed up so hopefully I will get priority newsletter thingy!

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Guest Ed_666

Looks like a good card, although it's good to see Cro Cop on the card, the pictures of his ankle bent round the wrong way after Gonzaga KO'd him looked pretty sick, does anyone know if he damaged anything there?



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Guest Christof
Kind of related to UFC 75, Joe Rogan is doing stand up in London on the 6th & 7th at The Arts Theatre in Great Newport Street whilst in the country.
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I can't f'n wait for this PPV.


Sorry Bisping fans; but I'm rooting for the deaf guy to kick the living crap out of him.

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I can't f'n wait for this PPV.


Sorry Bisping fans but I'm rooting for the deaf guy to kick the living crap out of Bisping.


You're not alone there. Deaf Guy for the win! And Cro Cop to knock out Kongo!

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Full results from the Observer...


Jess Liaudin b Anthony Torres in 4:10 via ref stoppage from punches


Liaudin rocks Torres at 2:00 with Torres hitting the mat. Soon back on

his feet. Good thai clinch by Liaudin. Torres bleeding from nose.

Excellent punch by Liaudin. Punches til DEATH at 4:10. Excellent show

by Liaudin.


Dennis Siver b Naoyuki Kotani via knockout in 2:04


Thiago Silva b Tomasz Drwal via ref stoppage at 4:23 of the second round


Gleison Tibeau b Terry Etim via decision after 3 rounds


In about a minute, hit Houston Alexander beat Alessio Sakara with many standing knees, finally

dropping Sakara with a wham bam knee to the skull and some EVIL ground

and pound. Devastating. Reminsicent of Sokodjou


Marcus Davis b Paul Taylor 4:14 armbar


Davis overpowers Taylor pushing him against the cage, Taylor soon

breaks free knocking Davis with a Mirko kick and some hammer

blows/ground and pound from the guard. Lavigne lets it continue (I'd

have stopped). Davis gets side control in the last 90 seconds, then

full mount, reversal, and a winning armbar from the bottom at 4:14.


Nobody has seen any sign of Fedor anywhere, unless he's being hidden.


Cheick Kongo won the fight over Mirko Cro Cop via unanimous decision after 3 rounds.


Mirko comes out to Wild Boys. Good inside kicks by Kongo, Mirko STALKS

Kongo. Clinch at 1:30. McCarthy breaks up at 2:30. Takedown/slip after

a failed Kongo kick. Mirko chants. Full mount with :51 to go. Good

defence by Kongo and reversal into Mirko's guard in the last few



Rogan calls Mirko Fedor! Kongo takes Mirko down after a minute. Side

control then guard. Boring. Mirko jumps up. Kongo holds Mirko against

the face. Suspected knee to the groin. No McCarthy stoppage. Good knees

to Mirko's body to end the round. Kongo's round by far.


Mirko fails in an attempt at the Mirko kick. Another EVIL knee to

Mirko's balls. McCarthy stops. Kongo is more effective at the stand-up.

Kongo clinches Mirko to the cage, hitting occasional knees/stalling for

time, McCarthy stands up at 3:30. More Kongo Thai-clinch/body knees

then back to the stalling clinch against the cage. I give it Kongo

29-28. So do the judges.


Hamill comes out as a heel to Born in the USA. Bisping comes out to

London Calling ~ BABYFACE! This time walking to the ring. Hamill tags

Bisping but nothing too serious. Hamill attempts flying knee. Failed

knee by Bisping and falls down. Hamill lets him back up. Headlock by

Hamill from stand-up. Bloody Bisping escapes. Hamill tags Bisping. This

time it must hurt. Good right hand by the Brit at 4:15. Bisping slips

again to end the round. 10-9 Hamill without question.


Single leg by Hamill into Bispings guard. Hamill lets Bisping up at

1:30. Excellent take down by Hamill at 3:00. Again lets Bisping get up.

Boxing match with Hamill having a slight advantage. Slow round. Again

10-9 to Hamill but not as convincing.


Bisping loses his temper with his corner between the second and third

round. Good early combo by Bisping. Hamill fails with a takedown. Gets

a second one. Half guard then full guard. Bisping gets up. Hamill's

arms drop. Takedown again in Bisping's guard. Bispings active from the

bottom. Hamill gets side control with 45 to go. Bisping gets up. Final

30. Crowd go crazy. 10-9 Bisping. Perhaps 29-28 Hamill overall but

could go either way. NEED to watch 2nd round again.


Judges gives it 29-28 Bisping 30-27 Hamill 29-28 Bisping ~ YAY!

Unconvincing Bisping victory.


No PRIDE theme tune:( Rampage rushes forward, overpowers Henderson to

clinch against the cage. Inactivity. Back to the centre at 1:40.

Henderson sweep and side control. Scramble. Rampage back to feet. Nice

knee by Quinton. Body lock by Henderson. Exchange in final minute.

Henderson advantage. Dan knee at end of round. 10-9 Henderson round.


Excellent wrestling takedown by Henderson at :57, immediately gaining

side control. PRIDE KNEES... to the body. UFC ELBOWS by Jackson from

the bottom. Boos from the crowd half way in. Rampage scramble to his

feet. Failed Henderson takedown, Jackson on top. Dan neutralises

Jackson somewhat. Round could go either way.


Battle a minute in for a few seconds. Jackson takedown. Side control.

Henderson looks for the kimura from the bottom. Henderson reversal.

Jackson uses the cage to get up and hits a knee and strike to end the

round. Another round that could go either way.


Accidentily deleted round 4 report! Probably Rampages round. Knocks Dan

down early on. Dan looks slightly dazed. Dan goes for an armbar and

Rampage passes. Stand-up by McCarthy with over a minute to go with

Rampage winning brief exchange.


Dan starts aggressively. Both tie-up against the cage. Both hit with

strikes after breaking up. Good combo by Rampage. Great right hand by

Dan and takedown in a close guard. Rampage gets up and takedown into

side control. And Dan gets up! Late flurry by Rampage. I give it 48-47

Rampage. A good fight but not a classic and

definitely not a crowd pleasing one.


48-47 49-46 49-46 and "still UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the

World" ~ no mention of PRIDE. Good post match interview but not his

best. Rogan announces Rampage as the UNIFIED champion.



I couldn't wach this show last night, sadly, so I'll write up a review in a day or so. Anyone catch this? Good show?

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Guest alexmoss12
god i love rampage, if i can remember right he had an interview after a match when he was 21 and the ingterviewer said how do you see yourself in 5years, he said well im 21 now so i think about 26!!
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Guest Christof

It was in Setanta so won't be on Bravo. having been in attendance a couple of things to note:


The o2 is a great venue, as you'd expect from the guys that manage the MEN in Manchester, there was however a couple of scuffles during the evening in the crowd, expected unfortunately at such an event. Despite being announced so, the place wasn't sold out, some fairer pricing (nose bleed seats 55quid to ringside 275) was too much.



Bisping was shown up and despite the crowd being pro Bisping they weren't stupid and there was a sense of shock that he got the decision. He got boo'ed out of the arena once he started to talk up his victory. I'd like to see him fed to Houston Alexander!


Cro Cop was horrid, a real let down.


Main event was good without feeling it was must see viewing, worth a rematch mind.


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Did'nt catch the show myself, but i'll no doubt catch it sometime this week.


Been reading a few sites today and the desicion in the Bisping/Hamill bout seems to of caused outrage especially within America.


A friend of mine who was at the 02 last night told me that as much as Bisping was dissapointing the worst it should of been was a draw.


Not sure if Hamill will push for a rematch, but i would suspect that this will be Bispings last bout at Light-Heavy for now.

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Jeff Mullen posted this on the underground forum yesterday, thought some may to have a read.


“No doubt Hamill dominated the 1st,” wrote Mullen. “He hurt Bisping with a right hand right off the bat and again near the end of the round. He out scored Bisping and busted him up. It was a very impressive round for Hamill but still a 10-9 round. Not dominant enough for a 10-8. Watch the beginning of the second round closely. When Hamill throws the jab, Bisping slips the punch and hits him with his own counter jab. It is hard to see on camera because Hamill’s back is to the camera. His back was also to Goldie (blow by blow announcer Mike Goldberg) who was talking like the beginning of this round was like a continuation of the 1st. If you look you will see that Hamill is facing me, giving me a clear view of what is landing. Bisping was landing the jab again and again and not getting hit.


“Hamill got 2 takedowns in rounds 2 and 3 but did very little with them,” Mullen continues. “Bisping is using an active guard trying to turn for armbars and sweeps, Hamill is doing very little on top. Bisping is keeping him from scoring or improving his position. In the 3rd round Bisping actually lands more punches from the bottom than Hamill does from the top. In both the 2nd and 3rd rounds Bisping does more scoring. Under PRIDE style scoring Hamill would have won. He did more damage, but it was all in the 1st round. By 10 point must system Bisping won the fight 2 rounds to 1. 29-28 Bisping. Sometime the angle you see the fight affects your decision. That is why they put the judges on 3 different sides.”



I'm a big Bisping fan, but after seeing the fight today i had Hamill winning the first 2 rounds and the 3rd bein either a draw or a round for Bisping. Poor desicion in my opnion.


Weird thing is that the dogey desicion may make both fighters. Beforehand i thought Bisping may drop a weight for his next fight but i think the money will be offerd for a rematch now over in the States. I think it could draw rather well fter all what went on in London this weekend.

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