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Andy Simmonz may be retiring


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From his MySpace Blog


First of all, I didn't really know where to write this so I figured I got like 500 freinds on here, someone will read it. Even if it's my Dad.


Is it really all worth it?


For the past 4 weeks that's what I been asking myself. For those of you who don't know I was doing a 3 day tour of Italy when on the first night I was doing an extra match as a favour to the promoter and I picked up a certain German wrestler and he came down full force on my thigh causing my leg to buckle and my ankle to break. I knew immediately that the bone was broken as I had heard it snap.


Pretty quickly I was taken to an Italian hospital and X Rayed after waiting for 3 hours, but not before watching all the Italian patients go in before me. Are the English really that hated or are the Italian really that ignorant? I was also sent away from the hospital with no crutches and with no painkillers. I got the first flight home I could which I had to pay for as the promoter flat out refused. I guess he expected me to hobble around Italy for a further 2 days with no crutches. *****.


When I got home, I had very succesful surgery and the Doctors told me I'd be out for 3-6 months which I could deal with and was looking forward to coming back and abusing all you great fans all over again .


Unforunately though the healing process has not been good and the bone has re-healed in a bad positon and I'm looking at another surgery to rectify it and a long, long time out of wrestling.


I am writing this mainly as I'm not sure yet whether I'll be coming back to wrestling, I've done nearly everything I'd have liked to have done in wrestling plus a lot more. When I first started my training did I ever think I'll go abroad on more than 12 different occasions, wrestle for WWE at Wembley Arena, wrestle the finest British wrestlers around and most importantly make some truly great friends.


If this is really the end of my 6 year stint in wrestling, I wanna thank everyone who I worked for, everyone that I wrestled and everone I can now call a freind. Sorry that its brief, but maybe I'll explain my descion more of my decision soon.



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who is Andy Simmonz?


Andrew Simmons is a British professional wrestler who is best known for competing under the persona of Andy Boy Simmonz, an often heel (bad guy) wrestler. The "Boy" in simmons ring name comes from his idol Davey Boy Smith, best known as WWF's British Bulldog. Simmons would take many elements of the Bulldogs character including the ring gear and finishing move of Smith.


However, Simmons' most high profile work in the UK came in the Frontier Wrestling Alliance under the face (good guy) gimmick of Simmons the Butler. Simmons later returned to the FWA under the ring name Andy Boy Simmons but remained face.


Simmons also wrestles around Europe and is a sufferer of cystic fibrosis, a condition which has hindered his career.


Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Simmonz or watch the wrestling channel.



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