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TWOstars Xtreme TV 2:32 - Sept 28th 2006


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Elder vs TLA - The Moob writing


Brain-Busters vs Five Star Solution - Reno Writing



Non-Title Match

Chris Care (US Champ) vs JDZ - Annie May writing



Submissions Match

Boyo vs Damon Kori - The Definition2 writing



Genocide TV Title Rematch

Arron Winter vs Christopher Eagles - Alpha Male writing


Main Event Sunday

Gringo and Twiggie V Deadman and Drake - Match available

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how about one of those three replace TLA in his match or something? Because this week I have NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER to write anything this week. I would want to ask to take this week off from TWOStars. Edited by han89
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Reno - Have you received your booking yet?


Moobs - I have sent you the booking. :)


TheDef2 - I made this match due to your PM this week. I take it you want the match?


Regarding the last two matches, without checking the Training Forums, these may actually already be taken. If so, please Alpha, Bazman, let us know...



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