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Earthquake passes away


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John Tenta, as Earthquake was the first wrestler i ever met face to face. It was some random British Indy promotion doing a "WWF Tribute Show". They had a talent roster of about 7 guys, and had quite a few of them had to double up on characters


I can't remember the eaxt year of the show, but i would have thought it would have been some time around 1993, so i would have only been 8 years old. All i remember was that it was around (probably just after) the time when the Natural Disasters had established themselves as a top face tag team.


I was third or fourth in the cue, and he signed a foam gimmick of the old WWF title belt that i had - something that i'm really gutted must have got thrown out during that "post-kid" stage


Looking back at him as a performer, he was one helluva good worker for such a big guy; most of his signature moves, such as the powerslam and his finisher were awesome. He moved around the ring extremely well for his size.


Unfortunately this is another one gone from the list of guys who i grew up watching. Very sad news indeed

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Such a shame that another wrestler dies at such an early age. In today's terms, 42 isn't even half life expectancy. R.I.P. John. Thank you for the memories, whether known as Earthquake, Avalanche, Shark or Golga (I'm sure there are others, however these are the ones that come to mind). You will be missed by all who knew you and my thoughts and prayers are with the Tenta family during this sad time.
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This is very sad news. Over the last few years he had his own section in the Wrestlecrap forums and displayed a great deal of honesty and humility, not to mention a great sense of humour. It was inspiring yet very depressing at the same time reading about John's valiant attempt to beat cancer. RD Reynolds has put all kinds of great links on his main page for the purpose of honouring him, and he's promised to forward all messages of support and condolences to his family.




R.I.P John Tenta

One of wrestlings genuine good guys

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Very sad news :(


I liked the Natural Disasters as a team, and his run againgst Hogan. I've never met him, but his WrestleCrap posts were very inspiring, and he came across as a nice man. It's always horrible to hear of an ex-wrestler, or anyone for that matter, dying so young.



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