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Triple X Wrestling Show 2

Guest MPWKeir

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Guest MPWKeir

All stolen quite shamelessly from the UKFF...

Anyone coming?

Follwing the success of "Third Time's A Charm", Triple X Wrestling has lined up it's next show...


On Sunday 21st May at 6pm, TXW will return to the Tam O'Shanter in Coventry for Triple X Wrestling : Name TBC

Main Event for this show is signed and sealed...


Following events at Third Time's A Charm, Triple X Wrestling : Name TBC's main event will see Jimmy Havoc and Zack Sabre Jr teaming with 'Fanboy' Andy Krae to take on Peter Jay, Danny Williams and Chris Stone...


No doubt the chavs will have their crew in tow so Triple X are allowing Sabre, Havoc and Krae to have none other than 'The E Train' Edgar Stryfe in their corner to even up the odds...

More vengence and grudges from the last show...


Adam Shame, leader of the Tartan Mafia could not make the last show due to a lil tummy trouble (too many deep fried Mars or some ****) and in his absense, Conscience caught Milla, Renfrew and Falcon unawares by unleashing JekkeL and eXodus upon them...


Shame vows that this was a one off and a fluke and has called out the masked freaks known to some as JeXodus...


So on May 21st, Adam Shame and Falcon will take on JekkeL and eXodus...


And if that aint enough flavour for your insatiable appetite, this show will also feature a musical performance from Prym8!!!

Conscience will be taking on Stiro.... No story here... Just some good ol wrestlin from two great wrestlers...


Andy Shoes to go up against J.P Monroe


Heat one of TXW's Triple Threat series begins at this show... All will be explained in good time... Heat One will feature the Triple X debuts of Chris Charizma and Imperial Dragon and the return of TXW's very own Cyprus wrestling legend Omer Ibrahim


Couple more details still to be finalised... You will know as soon as we do...


Sunday, May 21st at the Tam O'Shanter, Coventry at 4pm... £5 entry or 5 for £20


More details, photos and a video from the last event are available at http://www.triplexwrestling.co.uk

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Guest Snakeman

You know jr.and i will be there,then of up the a45 to sheldon.


should be a good show if the last one was anything to go by

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Guest MPWKeir
Yep, forgot to put about the LPW show up the road in Sheldon in the evening. I imagine there'll be a bit of a convy heading that way, so why not make it a "double-shot" as it were, and enjoy shows from two of the finest wrestling companies the Midlands have to offer. [/shill]
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Guest MPW_Chris

Ok here a little bit of an update from the UKFF. Original post is at: http://ukff.com/index.php?showtopic=82970&st=75 near the bottom.


Holy Flirkin Shnit! Less than a week away!!!


So this card is blatently going to blow you socks off... Let's recap for those too lazy to click my constantly posted website links to Triple x Wrestling's Official Website


Bad news out of the way first...


In a change to the prevously advertised lineup, JP Monroe will not be appearing due to a schedule conflict so his match with Andy Shoes will no longer take place at this show... We hope to find an opponent for Shoes and Hope to see JP Monroe back in Triple X at the next event...




JekkeL & eXodus VS Adam Shame & Falcon


Adam Shame, leader of the Tartan Mafia could not make the last show due to an attack of food poisoning. In his absence, Conscience caught the remaining Mafia members (Jonny Milla, Chris Renfrew and Falcon) unawares by unleashing JekkeL and eXodus upon them. Shame vows that this was a one off and a fluke and has called out the masked freaks known to some as Jexodus. JekkeL and eXodus were quick to accept this challenge, vowing to give Falcon more of the beating he received at Third Times The Charm, and to give Shame a whole new beating.


Mat "Devilman" Neal VS Kurupt


Devilman left Third Times The Charm beaten, battered and bloodied, yet victorious from his main event, no disqualification, falls count anywhere match with Majik. Kurupt is a former 2 time NWA UK Junior Heavyweight champion, and claims to be the best man to ever hold that belt. Many say that honour belongs to Majik, and now Kurupt makes his first trip to Coventry in order to attempt the task which Majik failed : defeat the Devilman.


Majik VS Jon Ryan


Last month at a charity event in Wolverhampton, Majik fought in a "Battle of the Baddest" contest. Although Majik did not emerge victorious, his involvement in the match angered a man from his past. That man was none other than fellow NWA UK alumni, and the Majik's former trainer, "The Bad Boy of British Wrestling" Jon Ryan. These 2 men have only faced each other twice in the 9 years they have known each other. With one win a piece, this is the rubber match. Ryan has sworn to show Majik what being bad is all about, where as Majik claims its time for the student to prove he has become the master.


Conscience VS Stiro


Stiro's attitude as of late has been less than humble and he certainly is sure of himself. He goes into this match conviced he can take the McPhenom one on one. Conscience will only have 8 days to recover from his har fought casket match victory over Majik at SWA's last event. Will this be the deciding factor?


Triple Threat Series : Heat 1 for the Axe Award


Omer Ibrahim VS Chris Charizma VS Imperial Dragon


In the first heat of the Triple Threat series, Triple X welcomes aerial specialist Imperial Dragon. the Tam O'Shanter has limited air space (as Devilman found out at TTAC) so will have to adjust his style. Chris Charizma also makes his Triple X debut and is always out to prove that he is as great as he claims to be. Cyprus' own Omer Ibrahim returns to Triple X to show "these english pigs how wrestling is done in Cyprus - the toughest land in the world". Who will walk away with the Axe Award?




"Fanboy" Andy Krae, Jimmy Havoc, Zack Sabre Jr. & Violet VS "Ironman" Chris Stone, Danny Williams, "Rude Boy" Peter Jay & Jetta


This match is a direct result of 3 matches from Third Times the Charm. Sabre and Havoc lost their tag match to Jay and Williams due to interference from Stone, Gangstar and Jetta. And later in the night Fanboy's match against Stone was abruptly ended due to interference from all 4 other Chavs, before Sabre and Havoc returned to the ring to make the save. The latest additions to this main event are Jetta and Violet, who met in a match on the first show, that surprisingly lacked any out side interference from any of Jetta's new found friends. Both girls are now ready to mix it up with the guys and requested to be included in this match.


Sabre, Havoc and Krae all feel they deserve revenge on the Chavs, and Violet would love another crack at Jetta. This foursome of Chavs, however, going against their normal behaviour, are not backing down from the challenge. Maybe they know something we don't? Or more likely they plan on playing a numbers game and bringing more friends to event. In an attempt to stop this eventuality, Andy Krae has enlisted the aid of the man who served as ringside enforcer for the last show, Edgar Stryfe, to stand watch in his team's corner.



All this plus the musical stylings of Prym8 live... We spoil ya I swear...

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Guest LeicesterProRef
Seriously, this is going to be a brilliant show. Anybody who can make it, should.
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