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Jeff Hardy Back in the WWE?


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WWE has informally approached Jeff Hardy in regards to returning at the end of the summer. However, he must be clean, as there is zero tolerance on his drug issues. Friends are saying that he is working on those drug issues.


Wrestling Observer


I've always liked Jeff Hardy, if he does return i hope they re-unite the Hardy Boyz. :)

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Guest MrFill

Oh good, he'll expect some kind of push, thinking that he's a star, and then end up no-showing or just messing up in matches.


If Matt was getting the push he deserves, then I'd feel sorry for him, but seeing as he's being squished, then this could help the tag division.

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Jeff Hardy coming back to the WWE is good in my opinion.


Gives the punters more to bet on...


"Will he show or now show!? Taking bets now..."


Personally i like him, WWE is entertainment more than wrestling, and Hardy boy Jeff is entertaining in the ring.

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Guest Ro_y Disco
Jeff Hardy in ECW??? That'd be great! Or both the Hardy's in ECW? It's not like Matt could do much worse for himself. And the Hardy's could return to their eXtreme roots (as in wrestling style, I'm quite aware they've never wrestled for ECW before anyone says anything). Wow! The Hardys vs. Axl and Balls, vs. Roadkill and Doring, Jeff vs. Sandman, Matt vs. CW Anderson... oh the possibilitys! Edited by Ro_y Disco
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Why can I not see Heyman wanting Jeff hardy in ECW? Maybe the fact that New Jack does the same things as Jeff and is more likely to turn up, and less likely to screw up. Unless youre a fat kid who has never wrestled before.....
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Jeff coming back won't work IMO......he was a spot-monkey before he left.....and in TNA he has been encouraged to be even more so.......IF he came back to the E, then I would assume they would tone down his style as they did most of the other high-flyers/spot-monkeys............


And I pray to God they don't re-unite the Hardyz for more than a two or three matches.........a run-in to save Matt from a 2-on-1 beatdown, a tag-match or two to settle the score and then move on.....


If Matt is teamed with Jeff long-term, I feel it would be a backward step for both of them.......



But hey, what do I know.......he was meant to be the next HBK....and maybe now he will be.....

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Guest Sav
The WWE cannot possibly be that stupid can they? Jeff Hardy is as unreliable as it gets and complete crap. But hey, it'll be fun to see the Jeff Hardy marks come out of the woodwork and then crawl back into their holes after he gets released for not turning up to a PPV because he ran out of glow in the dark paint.
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Guest HearnyIchiban

Jeff Hardy also sold a shitload of merchandise but I don't really see a reason why they bought him back as a wrestler. I don't really see what he has to offer them.


In TNA though nearly every one of his matches was gimmicked and he can shine in that kind of environment. This wouldn't fit in well with the WWE but like someone has said maybe he will join ECW.


Also I don't think theres anyway that he will re join with Matt Hardy. I mean Matt Hardy might not be getting that big push but I feel he is above the Tag Team Titles and reunited with Jeff would be a step down for him. It would be a step in the wrong direction. He needs to concentrate on his singles career.


I think that with the right person Jeff Hardy can work a good match (see Chris Jericho, No Way Out 2003) but as we all know his best matches come in a hardcore environment (see Rob Van Dam, InVasion 2001) which is why he should go to the ECW.


He obviously has a lot of fans in teenage girls and some guys who like his style of wrestling but I just don't think he is a credible Upper Midcard wrestler because of his look. It's like Zach Gowen or Jack Evans winning matches, sometimes it just seems surreal and the wrestler he beats loses lots of credibility.


But I do think it's a smart idea if they want to make some money.

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Guest Russ

It's time to bust out my old Lanny Poffo tribute for my feelings on Jeff.


My name's Jeff Hardy, I can flip, dance and twirl

Shame I have the looks of the girl.


I can leap about, and fly in the air.

But that doesn't save me from my stupid blue hair.


When I come out to the ring, I hear the girl's scream

Because apparently, I'm 2Xtreme


If you think I'm bad in the ring, you should hear me vocal

I sound like a North-Cacky, slack jawed yokel


I'm not the strongest, I have no strength

And let's not get started on my willy length


Believe it or not, I'm a former IC champ

Vince must be OK pushing someone so camp


The girls all love me, they'd love to have sex

And I can't even hit a proper suplex!


I have a brother too, he's better on the mat

But can he act poncey? He'll never do that!


Of course, I'm the world's most beautiful man

But I don't have one mature fan


Yes, my lack of talent is hated by the net

I've only got 3 manouvers in my move set


But after all, I'm in a tag team

Or stable, if you count the red haired Drag Queen


I'm talking abouy Lita, the man with the thong

Every move she attempts, she does it wrong


My swanton bomb, doesn't look like it would hurt

But hey, it gets me money from the spin off T Shirt


Yes, when you're a Hardy, there's no surprise

When you introduce weekly new merchandise


Finally, Vince loves The Hardyz, so you can't prevent

Me fighting Matt in the 'Mania main event!


So from me, Jeff, I'll be saying so long

Meanwhile, keep cheering when you hear our mind numbing song!

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Guest Danny Styles

welp hate me all you want i am a fan of Jeff, the Hardy Boyz were the first guys i cheered and i was bummed out Jeff left


I dno't think Jeff fits in TNA and should go back to WWE


Thing is in 2000, people were saying Jeff was a future star, now he could maybe return to WWE and clean up his actions he could reclaim his former glory, i hope so i like the guy lots

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer
Why are WWE trying to bring back all the people their fired a while? this is bad news in my view, Jeff is unreliable at the best of times and a shadow of his former self and doesn't deserve a stop in WWE if you ask me!
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Guest cenarules
I hope he goes back to the WWE because then they could reunite the Hardy Boyz and they could help revive the WWE's floundering tag team division. Could you imagine a Hardy Boyz/MNM/London and Kendrick TLC match? That would own.
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Guest MrFill
I have a feeling that Vince believes that he's snagged some talent away from TNA, but I think TNA happily let him go. :P
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Guest Scottman22
Jeff I always thought was a fruit ... like his gay dance, glow in the dark paint, terrible mic skills. I cheered for the Hardy Boyz because both Matt & Jeff together could do some pretty kool matches but solo Jeff is doing terrible, and Matt is jobbing, maybe when Moore comes back to WWE they'll make a team of Jeff & Matt & Moore that'd be a kool team!!
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Guest Bluestiger99
If he gets clean, I can see it working, but if not, then there is no point. I think re-uniting him and Matt would be good, but then again, its only if Jeff is clean. Matt is being utterly wasted by WWE now. In all honesty, I think this is Vince trying to spite TNA and take their talent, but as was said before, I really doubt TNA care.
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I'd welcome him back ok he wasn't a great wrestler but he was a risk taker and a daredevil nad gave us some holy s**t moments


Matts career aint going anywhere fast so maybe matt will get a push from this too

Edited by MrFill
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I think this is Vince trying to spite TNA and take their talent


Whats wrong with that? it's just business, if TNA were in the position WWE is they'd do exactly the same thing.

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Guest Danny Styles

on the news of WWE taking talent away from TNA


WWE have apparently signed Jimmy Yang back... another jobber on smackdown

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