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Where Is "Coach"? ***SPOILERS***


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Credit: WWE.com


If you watched RAW Monday night, you got quite a show from the announcers. But amidst all the controversy with Joey Styles, the one thing everyone seems to have glossed over is that Jonathan Coachman was nowhere to be found.


So where was Coach? Well, no one’s seen or heard from him in almost two weeks, since he stormed out of RAW in London after being assaulted by Viscera. If you noticed Coach was missing from RAW, well, it wasn’t a vacation; he was a complete no-show. No one, from Mr. McMahon on down, has any idea where Coach is. In fact, his family hasn’t heard from him, nor have any of his friends.


Because of his recent disappearance, Coach will NOT be in the broadcast booth for this week’s edition of WWE.com HEAT. The WWE Television Production brass had no other choice, and has announced that Todd Grisham will be flying solo this week on HEAT whether Coach surfaces or not.


While it will be Grisham’s first shot at tackling a show by himself, it won’t be the first time an announcer has done a show on his own. Former RAW lead announcer Joey Styles did commentary for hundreds of ECW shows on his own, and if you want to count it, there has been the occasional segment on RAW or SmackDown in the past where one member of the team had to take care of business by themselves.


Even though he’s not exactly a pioneer, Grisham was excited about it when I talked to him about it today. “I’m excited about it, even though it’s uncharted territory for me,” he told me. “I’m just glad the company has enough faith in me to give me this opportunity and I’ll do my best.”


Regardless of the opportunity he’s been presented, even Grisham is worried about Coach. “When you ask me where he is, normally I’d say check the nearest gentlemen’s club,” he joked, “but seriously, I don’t know. We’re actually friends, believe it or not, and I usually talk to him once a day. But, I haven’t seen or heard from him either.”



Now is this a work or a shoot??? I think it's an excuse to keep Coach away from the announce position.

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Guest MojoPogo
Its a total work. He requested to be taken off it apparently. But he's also getting a new managerial gimmick, so i assume its something to do with that......
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Guest Danny Styles

i heard that Coach actually asked to be removed from the announcers table becasue he isn't an commentator and he knows it


so i guess with JR and King probably reforming Coach isn't needed


i'll imagine he'll come back as a manager of someone and assault viscera or just come back as a heel interviewer

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Guest Russ

This is probably the build up to his new gimmick, which is apparently one of a new-age healer or some crap like that. If they intend to go ahead with it, they'd better have a good reason for explaining why cocky suck-up heel Coachman has suddenly become a chilled out hippy in a poncho.


Of course, the gimmick will be money because we all remember how Buzzkill did in WCW. Poor Brad Armstrong.

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Guest Danny Styles
Isn't the rumour that he will become Shelton Benjamin's manager?

that would be good, but i think Shelton can talk fine on his own so doesn't really need a manager


look for someone like Masters who needs the heat

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer

Coach never wanted to be on the announe team apparently, I heard he was told by Vince he was filling in then he was taking a fill time slot there even tho he said he didn't like doing it, when Vince told him he soon stopped that sort of talk :P


I have read that he is indeed comming back with a 'new age' charecter for himself as a manager so this is a work :)

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Guest Down In Albion

As others have mentioned its just a way to keep him off the screen before he comes back with a new gimmick.


Maybe it has something to do with what Dave Meltzer touched up recently ~ you know the Shelton Benjamin/Chris Masters team with Coach as the manager.


To be honest, i think Coach gets a lot of unfair stick from mainly wrestling forums like this one. Of course it's all personal taste but i loved Coach as the heel colour commentator. He was something different to all the babyface play-by-play men and stale as you like Jerry Lawler and Tazz who is the worst commentator in wrestling history.


It seems WWE are moving away from the heel men behind the desk but, in my opinion, every announcing team should be a babyface play-by-play man and heel colour commentator.

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Guest rawiswar

I'm surprised they are giving coach a new gimmick. I thought his whole cockey heel gimmick was a work in progress and he was progressing quite nicely. WWE feel people have had enough of him then?


It will be interesting to see his new gimmick though, hopefully it's good and is made of good use in WWE.


It's funny really, I remember when Coach fist came to WWE. He was like a real nice guy then all of a sudden he turned into this cocky arrogant guy lol. I wonder if this whole new age thing sees him as a nice guy like before or still bad yet in a humorous way. Will have to see.

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Guest Scottman22
Coach is currently having a sex change so he can be the new DX diva: Coachyna


I'd laugh so hard if that actually happened.

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