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Kurt Angle's Six Ways to Win the World Title

Guest SuperKick Kid

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Guest Thirteen

The bits that made me laugh was when Taz flips through the script then says he misses ECW. Class.


And the "Now I wont suck anymore!" Proceeded by the you suck chants! and his facial expression change. Great stuff.

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Guest MrFill

I love DAVE~! talking to Henry - made me giggle.



Problem with the file - if you click Replay while his music is playing, it carries on over the whole thing - kinda spoils the effect a little.

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Guest Drake

LMAO, I loved Henry screaming like Chewbacca and throwing Batista to the ring-mat, then Big Dave crying like a little baby. :lol


Just great.

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Guest The Great Ahmar
I really liked it, It was funny and Henry was actually good in something, but it wasn't actually him.
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Guest the HiTman
I'm sorry but that was completely not funny in anyway.


I guess you & I are a minority on that one.


Can I Join the club' date=' because I didnt find it that funny either.[/quote']


Here's 10p...split it and go buy your selves a sense of humour! :P


Nah only joking fellas...cmon..you must have found one thing funny?..no..ok..well I did.


I though it was funny the way Angle bounced out of the ring after suplexing Henry :D

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