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What did you think of Raw this week?  

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First time I have seen Raw in ages, wasn't overly impressed to be honest.


So the UnAmericans and Jericho defected. I hope they are not going to keep switching guys between the shows because it could start to lead the audeince disorientated and giving up trying to keep track of who is where and why.


Undertaker v Nowinski and Booker v Eddie were forgettable (I actually forgot both had happened until I read Sabba's post below).


Three minute segment was crap, partly due to it featuring two haggered old wenches who no-one gives a damn about, and partly due to the editing that deprived us of seeing who attacked them, let alone what they did.


RVD v Benoit was pretty good.


Others may think the Rock and Coach show is purile, but I found it quite amusing to be honest.


Michaels looked a bit of a mess. I think the perpetrators were probably the UnAmericans. HHH entertained me more by saying "F*** you Bischoff" than he did in that 10 minute borefest of a speech he gave.


Flair v Rock was as good as it was gonna be I guess.

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Raw was ok.


The Un-American speech was alright, but dragged a little.


RVD v Benoit was an exciting match


Undertaker v Nowinski was pretty pointless to be honest.


Booker v Eddie was boring.


Mae Young and Moolah's skits were incredibly embarassing.


Rock's skit with The Coach was funny in places but dragged on for too long.


HHH's speech was ok, but long-winded and predictable.


Rock v Flair was a good match.


Jericho returning to Raw doesn't excite me one bit.


Overall, average.

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"The Un-American speech was alright, but dragged a little."


Oh, don't worry....next week they'll totally drop the anti-American stuff and will, instead, claim that Coach likes to bed hyenas and and babble on about it for 10 minutes, achieving nothing in the process.


Fans today...so utterly damned lazy!


"Booo, get on with it...tell us a joke, juggle, where are the clowns?"

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So the un-americans (??-whoever writes this stuff is a grammatical genius.....everyone but Americans are surely un-americans) were in the limo, thus proving that yes, they did go back through time. So now Raw has the Intercontinental, Tag team and Hardcore belts?? So now SD! guys have only the cruiserweight title to fight for...despite the act that most of them, well, aren't cruiserweights. Plus, I envy Edge,Cena,Rikishi and Hogan....they're gunna have a great week on SD! now that all they're SD rivals are gone. Although they'll probably all go en masse over to Raw next week.....it has been 2 weeks, and the storyline is now more stale than Mae Young.


First match was Booker/Eddie......very ugly. It was surprising to see these two appear so sloppy-that scissors kick looked awful...did it actually touch Eddie? Not a good match.


We had a mixed tag....very forgettable. All Big Show was ever good for as a face was being the underdog's "surprise" (How come every time someone has to find a partner they find Big Show?) partner.......now he's doing it as a heel?


Jeff Hardy briefly took the Hardcore Championship from "Bully" Bradshaw.....before being deposed by Stamboli (who is no Arn Anderson) who was "de-titled" by Dreamer.....will Tommy now start getting some respect and made out as a credible athlete?


Benoit versus RVD was a very good match, but should have been saved for Summerslam....I loved Van Dam's crossface counter. Wrong man did the job though, noone wanted to see Chris become 809 time IC champ, he deserves more.


Mae and Moolah really should stay at home, this was awful......we all knew what was coming when Bischoff did his 3 minute thing (how quickly will the 3 minute thing become stale?-place your bets now).....however, those good folks (mugs) at Sky Sports decided that women being "beaten up" wasn't suitable for our screens at half eleven at night........in case you didn't realize, OG Ekmo and Kimo, the Island Boyz who destroyed D'Lo and Stasiak last week came out and hit a big splash on Mae...don't know what they did to Moolah....however they are now known as Rose and Jamal (and weighing in at 400 pounds, Rose!). Oh well, at least we know why they debuted on Raw-the tag belts are there.

As bad as this segment was, you gotta give Mae some respect-she took a Snuka splash from a 400 lbs man......what will they do to get heels over these days?


I liked the way this segment was seamlessly integrated into a match, albeit not a very good one. Nowinski makes the last Ride look like such crap....did you see his "Tough Enough" fall?(Back thanks to {un}popular demand after last weeks version) Wow, Test actually got to have a go at a slightly big star this week, as he booted the Undertaker to hell......and the con-chair-to made a welcome return.


Next, we had Triple H moan for a while.....you gotta love this quote from "the Game"-"Shawn couldn't relinquish the spotlight when it was someone else's turn!"-Ha! Coming from you Triple H, that's a good one. I might make that quote into my sig...then again, on second thoughts no. Anyway, Triple H goes running out to the back and finds the deceased Shawn Michaels out there....is Trips gunna decide whether he is face or heel? Note: Please just be a heel Hunter, I find it so much easier to hate you with a vengeance.

Who was it then? Big Show? Seems a little too obvious, but then again so did Jericho coming to Raw....probably was the un-americans again, as they had some business to take care of apparently.


Finally, it was Flair v Rock......an ok match, spoiled by the Carolinian fans booing for Rocky-it took away the atmosphere for me......imagine if we booed the Rock as he fought Regal on a UK tour? What does everyone think Flair's announcement was gunna be?.....or does everyone think we'll be made to forget he ever had an announcement to make?


All in all, Raw was nothing special......I accidently voted for good on this poll, instead of average-it was distinctly average. Hopefully SD! will be a little better (let me guess...someone will jump from Raw to SD!), but then again, SmackDown! has Rey....so we know they'll be some good bits.



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well what did i think of raw


the unamerican defection was prity good i thought it nice to see the wwe doing somthing with storm(dont screw this up wwe)


maye young and molah what the hell are the wwe thinking puting these 2 old prunce on tv i would have lather watch paint dry did they realy have to edit out the island boyz it is bad as channell 4 did with the ppv


RVD V Benoit was great i could watch there matces any time


booker v eddie what a disapointment i espected a lot better from these 2


man HHH can go on and on and on


undertaker v norwinsch get that guy of the tv he craper than jackie



how good are the rock and coach stuff

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Originally posted by TsuMirren

"The Un-American speech was alright, but dragged a little."


Oh, don't worry....next week they'll totally drop the anti-American stuff and will, instead, claim that Coach likes to bed hyenas and and babble on about it for 10 minutes, achieving nothing in the process.


Fans today...so utterly damned lazy!


"Booo, get on with it...tell us a joke, juggle, where are the clowns?"


Tsu ridiculing any opinion different to his? Surely not.


If Lance Storm hadn't said the same things over, and over, and over, for 10 minutes I would have appreciated it more. Also, Storm says the same things every promo.

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If i could b serious 4 a minute isnt Lance Storm meant 2 drone on and on as part of his character? Im pleased hes got some air time as hes waited in the wings long enough.I think the un americans could of got a better name!wat a mouthfull! i thought Raw was pretty average,RVD/Benoits match was really good,i also enjoyed watching J Hardy.Triple H bored me 2 death on the mike!i couldnt see the point in the Rocks promo but the crowd loved it big time(yes the same crowd who booed him later on1).Bookers match was pretty bad,but the crowd was really dead 4 that match.Jericho defected,Y2J himself said in a good interview on 1wrestling.com that he would rather of stayed on Smackdown feuding with Edge + Cena!Wonder wats next 4 y2j?
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From what I saw of Raw, I liked it.


The Rock's promo was a bit OTT, but the stuff after the Coach humiliation was excellent, it made the match against Flair less like a Raw match and more like a PPV match.


I don't think it's Sky who edit out any abuse to women. WWE send a tape of Raw to all the European nations, and some countries don't allow things as risky as that. Therefore, Sky can't do anything about what the contents of the tape are. I'm sure they mentioned this before when I read a reply to an email from Sky after they edited Stacy Keibler being put through a table on Raw.


And I can see myself seriously enjoying a Flair Vs Jericho feud. Especially if they base it around Flair's treatment of Jericho when he was champion.


I'm hearing rumors now that HHH and HBK will team up at Summerslam to face the Un/Anti-Americans for the tag belts. This way HBK does the Hogan routine (Stand on apron, come in for the last 20 seconds of the match) and gets the reaction. For this to work, they could have Christian and Storm admit to beating HBK. However, it would mean a face HHH for a bit longer.


Overall, not a bad Raw.

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I enjoyed what I saw of Raw......


I mean, Mae Young and Moolah getting beaten up (although we didnt see it it was nice in principle)...


HHH's groaning interview getting no crowd reaction was also lovely to see....


Rock doing in my opinion a funny promo...might not have had much point to it but I enjoyed it.


I didnt think the Anti-American speech was any more boring than any other speech theyd done before....


Bradshaw dropping the Hardcore belt also made me a happy man....though the scar he has left on the belt may never heal.



And of course to top it all off I had a nice mark out moment at "Raw is Jericho" :) Maybe I missed the annoying bits of the show, but from what I saw it was good, and now theres no point in watching Smackdown what-so-ever. Raw all the way now.

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I thought it was entertaining overall. Benoit versus Van Dam was a damn good match and made the whole show worth watching in my opinion. Shame we're not getting a proper feud out of this.


P.S. Bischoff is fast becoming 'the man'!

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