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WWE vs ECW again??

Guest Nemesis Enforcer

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Guest Nemesis Enforcer
PWInsider reports that USA will be airing a “WWE vs. ECW” special at some point during the week of the ECW One Night Stand PPV.


According to sources, the event will likely be taped on Wednesday, June 7 in Dayton, Ohio. WWE.com currently lists that show as a “RAW Live!” event, but sources are of the impression that it might be instead used to film the special.


The entire schedule for that week remains tentative, as WWE has yet to even book a SmackDown! taping.


Further confirmation on this story should be available soon

Source - headlineplanet.com

Don't have the full quote form PWInsider so don't know but saw this on a site,


are WWE gonna try another ECW invasion angle after the botched first??

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Guest MartynJ

I think its best for vince to try and bury it as it makes people want to watch it more to see what happens


Paul E has always been hated and a heel to the wwe fans as SD GM, managers, agents etc.. but soon as the ECW one night stand was coming up last year and he walked down with his crew then most of the wwe crowd was marking out for him and vince did get it right but this year can they try and get the same responce by copying last years storyline with the anti-crusader stuff? who knows. I rather go for a different storyline mayby some ecw stars feuding with some wwe stars seperatly will be much better as long as they dont over do it

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Guest porridge

From WWE.com


WWE vs. ECW on USA

April 27, 2006


The USA Network will get extreme on Wednesday night, June 7, when it brings to you WWE vs. ECW Head to Head. This two-hour special will feature Superstars from RAW, SmackDown and ECW and will originate from the Nutter Center in Dayton, OH. To charge tickets by phone, call (937) 228-2323.

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Guest The Beltster

The new ECW will be a dire failure and I doubt will last much more than a year. Anybody who thinks Heyman is going to be in control of it is kidding themselves, and even if he is, the minute he gets a new wrestler over, WWE will snatch him up for RAW or SD! and job him out. Also, as soon as ECW starts getting good reviews and people start saying "Wow, ECW is better than RAW or SD!", WWE will not hesitate to cuts the legs out from under ECW.


ECW has no chance.

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Guest Slim Jim
I enjoyed the Invasion angle but the 1 thing that annoyed me is that WWE didnt bring in any big WCW or ECW stars' date=' the biggest WCW/ECW Alliance star was Booker T.[/quote']

That's because all of the big ones (people like Sting and Goldberg for example) had their contracts under AOL Time Warner rather than WCW itself, so they were making more money sitting at home, than they would be being made to look inferior by Vince.

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