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Wrestler top 50

Guest Saz

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As Danny Devine has parted the wrestling waves (and much a shame to that reality) I have taken it upon myself to run the next top 50 UK Scene wrestlers.


So how do you see your results going?


All you have to do is email saracen@wrestling101.com with your top 10 wrestlers and their names will be scored on your suggestions.


The rules:


1. The wrestler has to be of United Kingdom origin.

2. If in doubt see rule 1.


As a short guide, the wrestlers you pick should be someone you have actually seen, be it live or on video/DVD.


I understand that as a part of the UK Scene that some may see my participation as bias, therefore, if you wish send your votes to da@wrestling101.com and Our UK scene angel will make sure i'm working fair.


This is your chance to have YOUR say, so make sure you use it.

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Though I find the amount of votes for myself embarrasingly complimentary, you haven't seen me wrestle really.


Could you please keep your votes to people you have seen in action please!

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Guest Devilish Angel
is there a limit to how many people you can vote for?


10, it says that in the first post :P

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Guest fye
10' date=' it says that in the first post :P[/quote']


my first time on this forum and I make myself look like a moron! thanx for pointing it out though! ;)

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Just a reminder that the deadline for initial votes is Saturday 27th May, so get them in if you want your opinion to count.


Not that it will stop someone from whinging about the results regardless...


I'll begin the clean up operation either sunday or monday and list up the sections of wrestlers that you need to re vote to order them.



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Right, here we go for round 2!




Each group needs to be sorted out, to sort them for me please organise them in your favorites and send them to me or DA at saracen@wrestling101.com and da@wrestling101.com .


Please do not add anymore wrestlers, I will know and it will render your votes null and void.


The groups are not in order:


Group 1:


Steve Valentino

Anthony McIntyre


Tyler Rayne

Abbass Rezazedea


Group 2:


Stevie Lynn



Group 3:

James Mason

Dave (UK Pitbulls)

Marc Hogan

Andy Simmonz

Nick Mace


Group 4:


William Regal


Iain Robinson

Rob Hunter

Martin Stone

Cupid Valentino


Group 5:


Kevin O'Neil




Group 6:


Bulk (Pitbulls)

Dave Styles

Big Badd Sonaghan

Sweet Saraya


Group 7:


Dan Ryder

Dragon Phoenix

Robbie Blaze


Group 8:


James Tighe

Paul Birchall


Lance Thunder


Group 9:


BB Steele

Robbie Dynamite

Ross Jordan


Group 10:


Dave Finlay

Jack Storm

Alex Shane

Jay Phoenix

Chris Cannon

Aviv Mayan

Ashe (New Breed)

Curve (New Breed)

Keith Myatt


You have till Saturday 24th June to decide your orders.



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The people on these lists are people who got the same score, there are people who have been automatically placed, the rest you need to sort out, some of these people may not make the top 50 depending on your votes.



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