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Shane McMahon - Sacrificial Lamb!

Guest Dutt

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Credit: PWInsider


WWE has sent out word through their text message service that there will be a handicap match on Raw this Monday where, as they said in the update, Vince McMahon is "sacrificing his only begotten son" against Shawn Michaels and God. I swear, I can't make this stuff up.
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Guest rawiswar

Yeah I saw this on WWE.com.


I've just thought of something that could happen at Backlash which secures Triple H's complete face turn.


He comes in towards the end of the match and helps HBK for the win, and then they do the DX chops to Shane and Vince etc etc... Turning on Vince and a new partnership between HBK and Triple H is created.. Maybe.


Or someone is going to make their surprise return using a 'god' gimmick.. As the match starts, Shane, Vince and HBK are in the ring facing each other, then some music comes on and in walks -insert wrestlers name here- as God. Then Vince and Shane look at each other confused and are looking at this guy walking down to the ring and they are like... "God? God? I can't believe it"...


Two possible scenarios on what could happen.

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Guest Danny Styles

this may be an angle to get rid of Shane because his wife is expected ti give birth son apparently so maybe her due date is backlash


any way i get to see HBK/ God vs Shane live at Wembley!!



Edit: i've thought of a possible scenario!!


Shane will come out, then HBK will, and then Vince will walk out saying that HE's the god... of McMahonism, then commence the HBK beatdown followed by the lights going out and a rediculous pyro yada yada yada

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