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Weapons Of wrestling

Guest The Man Beast

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Guest The Man Beast

The Many Weapons of Wrestling


1. Steel chair

2. Table

3. Announce Table

4. Sledgehammer

5. Kendo Stick

6. Car Battery

7. Wood Baseball Bat

8. Steel Baseball Bat

9. Ladders

10. Barbed Wire

11. Barbed Wire wrapped Chair

12. Barbed Wire wrapped Bat

13. Guitar

14. Dumpster

15. Rope

16. Metal Poles

17. Rain Pipe

18. Fire Extinguisher

19. Hand Cuffs

20. Beer Can

21. Spray Paint Can

22. Blinding Mist

23. Dog Collar

24. Leather Whip

25. Fork

26. Steel Steps

27. Steel Ring Post

28. Steel Fencing(Steel Cage, Hell in a Cell)

29. Gate

30. Television

31. Lights

32. Trash Can

33. Trash Can Lid

34. Pizza Cutter

35. Glass

36. Steel Chain

37. Title Belts

38. Metal Locks

39. Street Signs

40. Rings

41. Wood

42. Teeth

43. Caskets

44. Urn

45. Belts

46. T-Shirts

47. Boxes

48. Manhole Covers

49. Cars

50. Brass Knuckles


52. Steel Pipe

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55. Lightbulb tube

56. Weed whacker

57. Cheese grater

58. Scissors

59. Cast

60. Ring bell

61. Cookie sheet

62. Glass bottle


Probably more but I can't think of them right now.

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Guest Ro_y Disco

#74 Razor wire

#75 C4 Explosives

# 76 Shopping trolley

(#77 Has fire extinguisher been said?)


etc. etc.


My favourites barbed wire... so versatile!!!

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Didn't Kane use Fireballs as weapons a few times.


Well Hogan *Tried* to. :D


The Sheik frequently used fireballs too, as did Jerry Lawler.

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