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*** Official Talk Wrestling Online WWE Fantasy season 7 [With Prize!] ***


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Since I've decided to scrap the Talk Wrestling Online FWL League - I think its best if we have an official Talk Wrestling Online League as part of the WWE Fantasy Game.


Best of all...the winner of the Talk Wrestling Online League will get a prize! So not only could you win something from WWE, you could get a prize from Talk Wrestling Online!


- First please see the general Talk Wrestling Online Competition Rules page.


- Also please see the WWE terms and conditions!


- You must be a resident of the UK, Republic of Ireland, USA, Canada or Australia. (This is so that I can send you the prize, I would need to use an English website to order the prize). If your not interested in the prize, you can enter from any country.)


- To be eligable for the prize you MUST ENTER BEFORE THE START DATE! (May 22nd)




1) Register at WWE.com/Fantasy

I've done my username as "Kam - TalkWrestlingOnline.com"...feel free to do yours in the same way too, if you wish.


2) Join the "TalkWrestlingOnline.com" League (Password is: TWO)


3) Create your team!


4) Reply here to let us know what your team name is.


The Contest begins May 22, 2006 and ends August 27 2006.


If you have any problems/questions - reply here and hopefully someone will be able to help! :xyx

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The 3 time champ is in with Telf's A-Team


On a side note, if everyone who enters the league can post the name of their team so we can keep a list of who's who - that's unless of course it's obvious from the name

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Guest y2kwrestlingfan

last season i had a team called computer said no however i missed the first couple of weeks so i didn't bother carring on for that season.

This time i am determined to do well.

my team name is my username "y2kwrestlingfan"

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Guest charlie_fatt
I am back for my second TWO fantasy season of kicking ass but posting very little..... I'll try a bit harder this time. Perhaps I could steal Gibbo's spreadsheets.
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So far we have:


1 Ax and Smash [tazz13]

2 Carlito's Knights [OMAR DAYS]

3 Chris2K's Spirit Squad [Chris2K]

4 CowboysFromHell [Jimmy Redman]

5 DA's Devils [Devilish Angel]

6 hot dog bananas [maggotcorpse]

7 IAMRU? [Prototype]

8 Kam - TalkWrestlingOnline.com [Kam]

9 Kanenite [Kanenite]

10 Mega wyndorf [Wyndorf]

11 Prophecy [The Wolverine]

12 Striker's Students [slim Jim]

13 Team Shoebasil and Weeeee [Nemesis Enforcer]

14 Telf's A-Team [Telf]

15 TGO's high flyers [TGO]

16 The African Dreamers [Y2James]

17 The Bearded Women [big Slow]

18 The Heartbreak Team [superKick Kid]

19 The Job Squad Returns! [Antihero]

20 TWO terriers [Danny Styles]

21 Uma Thurman's Right Tit [?]

22 William Shatner's Pants [?]

23 y2kwrestlingfan [y2kwrestlingfan]

24 yoyotwo [yoyobenoit]

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