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One for the comic book fans.....


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Which classic heroes/villains would you like to see get together for a story line? Can be any combination or group, and can be something done bfore but not realising its full potential, or something entirely new. Could even be an unlikely pairing, for example, Galactus and The Wasp (yeah, right!) or something like that. Give a reason why though!


Me? I'd like to see Batman and the Punisher get together in a Frank Miller penned storyline, it would be an interesting mix of styles, given the two approaches to cracking skulls, and solving crimes, and with miller penning it, would be a classic (come to think of it, might have been done already!)


Another one i'd like to see is the New Warriors (original line up) vs the Teen Titans, for comedy value alone, but also as an interesting comparison between the two teams.


Any other ideas?

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I'd like to see Marv from Sin City mixed in with either the Dark Knight version of Batman or maybe The Punisher though I don't know much about The Punisher. Marv and Judge Dredd would be good but they are in 2 different time frames, though I suppose Dredd could chase someone back to this time and end up in Sin City.
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