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The UK Training Thread (Wrestling Schools & Attire Links)

Devilish Angel

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4 Front Wrestling

Location: Cheney Manor, Swindon, Wiltshire

Website: http://www.4fw-online.com


All Star Wrestling

Location: Rock Ferry, Merseyside

Website: http://www.wrestleschool.com



LocationUnit 22, Hillcrest Business Park, Cinderbank, Netherton, Nr Dudley DY2 9AP.



Best of British Wrestling

Location: Colchester, Essex

Website: http://www.bestofbritishwrestling.com


British Wrestling Alliance

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Website: http://www.britishwrestling.vze.com


British Wrestling Evolution

Location: Ilford, Essex.

Website: http://www.britishwrestlingevolution.com/


Dropkixx Wrestling Academy

Location: Purfleet, Essex

Website: http://www.dropkixx.com


Fight Club: Pro

Location: Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Website: http://www.fightclubpro.com


Grand Pro Wrestling

Location: Beswick, Manchester

Website: http://www.gpwrestling.org.uk


International Pro Wrestling

Location: Orpington, Kent

Website: http://www.ipwuk.com



Location: Jarrow, Tyne and Wear

Website: http://www.sensationaliwf.piczo.com


K-Star Wrestling

Location: Perry Barr, Birmingham, West Midlands

Website: http://www.kstarwrestling.co.uk


NWA UK Hammerlock

Location: Ashford, Kent

Website: http://www.hammerlockwrestling.com


Phoenix Wrestling Association

Location: Holbrooks, Coventry

Website: http://www.phoenixwrestling.co.uk.


Real Quality Wrestling

Location: Dagenham, Essex

Website: http://www.realqualitywrestling.tv


Runcorn Wrestling Alliance

Location: Runcorn, Cheshire

Website: http://www.rwawrestling.co.uk


Ultimate Championship Wrestling

Location: Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Website: http://www.ucwwrestling.co.uk


Varsity Pro Wrestling

Location: ?

Website: http://www.varsityprowrestling.com


Wrestling Association of Rugby

Location: Rugby, Warwickshire

Website: http://www.waruk.co.uk





Basix Wrestling Training School & Promotions

Location: Deeside, North Wales

Website: http://www.basixwrestling.co.uk





Scottish Wrestling Alliance

Location: Linwood, Paisley

Website: http://www.scottishwrestling.co.uk


Scottish Wrestling Entertainment

Location: Perthshire, Scotland

Website: http://www.sweonline.co.uk


World Wide Wrestling League

Location: Dunfermline, Fife

Website: http://www.w3lwrestling.com





Irish Whip Wrestling

Location: Baldoyle, Dublin 13, Ireland

Website: http://www.irishwhipwrestling.com




This is a basic list of wrestling schools/facilities in the UK


This is a incomplete list and is continually updated as some websites are down/under development or I can not confirm they still exist.


Feel free to add to this list.




How do I become a Pro Wrestler?

Have you ever sat watching WWE or TNA on TV and thought, "I'd love to give that a try!" but not had a clue where to start? Maybe you've messed about in your garden with your mates and want to give it a go for real? A lot of the pages on the subject out there are very basic, and some are just plain wrong! Hopefully this will bring some insight into exactly how you go about becoming a professional wrestler and what it takes to begin a career in the squared circle...


> How do I become a Pro Wrestler? A Guide


Wrestling Attire Links









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Britannia Wrestling Academy

run by the Wrestlers of Britannia Wrestling Promotions


Every Saturday at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena, training sessions are held under the guidance of BWP Owner Steve Saxon as well as '100% Welsh Beef' Dylan Roberts, 'Classic' Ciaran McConnell, The Red Saint, The Babyface Pitbull, DJ King & 'Liverpools No1' Zack Gibson.


The sessions run from 12 - 4pm and costs just £8 per session.


For further information please visit the Britannia Wrestling Promotions dedicated pages for the Training Academy and/or hook up with Britannia Wrestling Academy on Facebook.


Further inquiries to training@britanniawrestling.co.uk

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I actually went to NWA Hammerlock in Ashford for a couple of months.


I never told my mum or dad where I was going because they told me and my brother we were stupid to think about trying to be wrestlers and to grow up.


Me and my brother would come back brusied aching and tired,. But we perservered.


Its a great school and had a good community.


I quit after taking a bad brain buster(i botched it) and couldn't breathe.


I realised despite my enthusiam and determination I was not cut out for wrestling, maybe a manager or referee


Anyone who is intrested should have a go.

Its fun and you will really get an understanding on what professional wrestlers actually do

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I've trained on and off since I was 18, first time I went training I felt fine the day after. The day after that though, I couldnt move a muscle in my body. It's a great workout for the entire body, even if you want to get in shape. I strongly recommend trying it out if you want to get into the business. If you're not cut out, still go and try it, you don't know otherwise, there's always other roles.


I will say last time I went anywhere to train it was with K-Star in Perry Barr for Carl Brooks, and it was fantastic, not only was Carl really polite and helpful, but so were all the other trainees and the current K-Star roster who helped give pointers and help with whatever they could. Plus for the price, you could use the gym until lock-up time too. Really strongly suggest them if you live in and around Birmingham,

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K-Star are still operating with the same stuff, but I believe the best way to contact them is via email and/or facebook. I know this because I got an email last week from Carl Brooks about going back next Sunday for a refresher and to then train weekly, but at the moment I can't
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Perhaps one of you guys knows this?


When a training school runs several classes a week (e.g. S.W.E. run classes on Monday, Friday, and Sunday) is it expected that trainees go to all 3 classes every week or is it more common to just go on the day/days that suit?

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I've not known a school who says that you absolutely have to go to every session. I know some places have it written into their insurance that trainees are only allowed to work shows if they train a certain number of times a month, so it may be worth asking about that?


Generally speaking most places are happy for you to turn up on the days that best suit you, which is probably why they run a couple of sessions a week.

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Generally speaking places are happy for you to turn up on the days that best suit you, which is probably why they run a couple of sessions a week.


Thanks for the list guys. I'm in Kent so my nearest one is Ashford. Any more these days?

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