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The Best Adverts Ever


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And im not talking the power of advertising here, as in which are the ones that helped you remember the brands the best, i mean which ones did you most enjoy watching. For me the main contenders for best adverts are Guiness, Nike and Adidas. I've been watching a tonne of the old Nike and Adidas ads on youtube and i'd forgotten just how good some of them are.


For example the Nike cage ad which i loved at the time :




Or the Nike Freestyle ads like the basketball one:




But then everytime i think yeah Nike are hte best i see stuff like this from Adidas



I'd not seen this one before, and i realise its mostly grpahics but i think its brilliant!


And also this other football one, its a fantastic way of showing off the best footballers in the world really.




There are a hundred others such as an All Blacks adidas one which i love, as well as loads of other Nike ones which came out around the time of the cage one but those are ones that particularly struck me.


But as i say guiness are also renowned for their adverts, the horse/waves one is epic for example.


So who do you think make the best adverts or should i say the adverts you most enjoy watching?

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The Recent Honda ones have all been really good, also the older B/W Guinness ones were great.

Gotta say having looked though youtube there are alot of really funny Japanese adverts too though I'm not sure about how much they would remind me of the brand.

Also what about the Juiced viral ad that did the rounds a while back.

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Honda "momentum" advert.


'Nuff said.


Love that one. Also really liked the Adidas ad from a short while ago where it was a take on one of jamaroquai's (sp?) videos where he goes through all different doors and windows etc into different rooms. It was like a dream sequence in the ad though.

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Just looked at the cage ad in the OP I don't think I saw all of them and I guess that one was a compilation viral just for the internet.

Also howon earth did they do the Womens football one, the way that they are all so sychronised makes me think it was digital or they really are just THAT good.

I might post a few Japanese ad playlist from You tube later on too.

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Here are a few of my Youtube Playlists:

Pocky CMs:


There are a few crackers in there especially the 3rd to 7th inclusive and the last one are really funny. Includes the 'Pocky Angels' Shibasaki Kou, Matsuura Aya, Nakama Yukie and My personal favourite Ishihara Satomi.

Also includes many Morning Musume adverts


Aya Ueto:


This playlist includes a few of her music videos but my favourite on this list is the 3rd one which is very funny and she looks very cute on the 9th one. ;)


Japanese push up bra CM:


Very funny and quite cheeky... plus the women is cute too ;)


Choco Party CM:


Best. Sales pitch. EVER!"


Japanese McDonalds CM:



Sompo Japan insurance ads featuring Ueto Aya as Japanda



Very funny Bisco ad with CGI used to great effect.


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I like the video and it is clever but i'm really sick of that advert now, our design teacher made us watch that time after time after time...


I think the new honda one is poor, the point of it is?


OH MY GOD!!! All the Honda adverts rock.


Honda diesel commercial.....HATE/CHANGE




And I almost forgot...Reebok Terry Tate Adverts...Pure Gold :lol


Warning some beeped swearing








I also like this one, Puma African Cup Of Nations



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Can't really be bothered to search for the links but there are a few ads that I remember for being cool. And not in any particular order...


1. I loved that BMW Z4 one where the guy is driving around in a savannah and the god of thunder chases him.


2. Which one is the Honda "Momentum" ad? Is that the one with the car parts and "Rappers Delight" music? I kinda like the Honda one with that guy with the moustache singing and it ends up with him in a hot air balloon.


3. Nike Cage ad is really good.


4. One of the original Nike ads with Ronaldo (real Ronaldo) and Cantona, and a hole host of others...playing footy against devils and demons. At the end, Cantona flicks up his collar and says "Au Revoir".



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Pepsi Max.....the one with the guy stuck to the window of the skyscraper by four orange balls, who then proceeds to tumble down the windows.






"Don't worry.....it's no added sugar"


I laugh so hard i can't breathe with that one!


The one with the dad trying to break a coconut while his wife and kids watch...I can't remember what it's for but it makes me giggle...

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Who can forget "If you like alot of chocolate on yer biscuit...join our club!"


Other than that monumental feat of advertising the Honda momentum ad is probably the best, while their disel ad is probably the most annoying advert ever created, more annoying even than the Vectra ads "its a new car, and we'll prove it"...

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