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WWE not at Fault?


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Taken from pwtorch.com


Guest Editorial

By Andrew Zangre of Jacksonville, Fla.

PWTorch.com reader


Alright, let's all admit it. WrestleMania 22 is going to blow. Arguably the least anticipated WrestleMania in years makes its way to Chicago in a little over a month, and what is usually a prime period for excitement on Raw and Smackdown has been a slightly better than average (at best) selection of shows made up of predictable matches and cheap canned heat from the audience. And every wrestling fan in the country is rightfully pissed, as they will probably have to wait another year for the excitement in WWE that is usually expected for the few months as the beginning of every year. Bummer.


The Royal Rumble was deplorable, WrestleMania will be a predictable set of less-than-stellar matches, and the television in between does not have the intrigue which us loyal viewers so deserve. But the reasons for these things are all beyond WWE's control, and in all honesty, they are doing probably the best they can considering the circumstances.


First off, we have everyone's favorite good-looking trash talker, John Cena. At this time last year, Cena received cheers so loud that they probably had to lower the volume of the crowd once the show was broadcast. Every thing that he did, whether it was a two-word promo or one of twelve flying shoulder blocks in any given match, the crowd in attendance went bonkers. WWE did everything right in building up our generation's next top babyface, and they were reaping in the revenue as a result.


Then some guy in the crowd decided to boo Cena. His friend thought it was funny, so he joined in. The next week, an entire row of fans at Raw decided to emulate the two funny guys at least weeks show, and they booed. "What? We can boo John Cena? Well, I don't see any reason he deserves it... but what the hell!" Before you know it, the same two-word promo or shoulder block that Cena did was greeted with a chorus of hissing from more than half of every arena that he visited, much to his and WWE's surprise. So, due to the crowd behaving beyond their control, WWE hit the panic switch.


A quick title win and subsequent loss with Edge, and Cena's nine-month title run is a figment of the past. So now for WrestleMania we have Triple H vs. Cena in a relatively meaningless match, considering how little that title means anymore. Were it not for the crowd turning their back, we would have a main event with amazing heat at WrestleMania, between Royal Rumble winner Triple H (I'll get to that later) and the year-long title holder, and everyone's favorite wrestler, John Cena, the outcome of which would be ultimately impossible to predict, and thus the entirety of the match would have the entire viewing audience in the palm of its hand. But no, thanks to you dumb people (18-24 males, we'll assume), we lose that great main event. Same wrestlers are there, but none of the emotion. Well, there will be emotion, but probably in the form of Cena being booed once again.


So there's one point for you, WWE. You are innocent.


Over on Smackdown, we have a very similar case, in the form of Dave Batista. "The Animal," with a very similar nine-month title run. The difference here: People lovexsd Batista. The man almost single-handedly carried Smackdown to surpass Raw in excitement and interest by the end of the year, and with his unmatchable size and crowd support, whoever he faced at WrestleMania, whether it was a fellow face like Rey Mysterio, or old Evolution buddy Randy Orton, or his newfound best friend (still to come), the match was sure to be a thing to watch.


Batista has charisma, he had the image, he had the pyro; he was huge. Then, one thing led to another, and Batista's body fell apart. Working through two major injuries, he received one final, devastating blow when working with Mark Henry, and was forced to be sidelined when the WWE needed him most.


So, Smackdown loses their top player, and the amazing heel Kurt Angle is flown over to Friday nights, turned into a horribly stale babyface, and now has the weight of the World Heavyweight Title, as well as all of Smackdown's success, on his shoulders. Hopefully, they won't tear like Batista's did. He is doing everything in his power to be a great champion, and WWE is doing everything they can to make him one, but there is really no replacement for the phenomenal rise of Batista that was cut short by injuries. The fans will cheer Angle as he faces Orton at WrestleMania, but I have the feeling that it's just not quite as much as they would like to cheer for the Smackdown main event that they had planned on seeing when they paid $500 for their ticket.


Keep it up WWE. You're doing fine.


The final circumstance beyond WWE's control should have to go without saying, but I will repeat it yet another time. "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero, one of the most loved workers in the ring by fans and wrestlers alike, died unexpectedly at the end of the last year, which was the catalyst for the final straw to break the back of what will be WrestleMania 22. After losing a top-tier performer, Smackdown fans chose out of respect to rally behind Guerrero's dearest friend, Rey Mysterio. There is no telling how many months, or even years we will have to wait before fans actually cheer for Rey using his name once again, but until then we will be drowned out by cries of "Eddie! Eddie!" whenever Rey is in the ring.


In response, the WWE had to give the fans what they wanted, and Rey what he deserved for filling in the spot of Eddie Guerrero, by having Rey-Rey win the Royal Rumble which he dedicated to the memory of Eddie. This win is tainted of course, as he will no doubt lose his title shot to Orton as "No Way Out," and as a result make the entire Royal Rumble this year seem pointless, and ruin the respect that fans have for future Royal Rumbles.


In addition, recent editions of Smackdown have generated a feud between Orton and Mysterio based solely on the cheap heat for the late Eddie Guerrero. Orton insults Eddie, fans boo. Rey kicks Orton's ass, the fans cheer. This is all based on the very real death of a very respected wrestler, whose name is not being continued just through signs and t-shirts, but through storylines that put his name on the chopping block. The death of Eddie Guerrero was a tragedy and beyond WWE's control. But their subsequent handling of the situation has been in very poor taste. The pity-induced victory for Rey in the Rumble, the cheap heat from the crowd that the WWE fuels by making them cheer for Eddie rather than Rey, and Orton's expected win at "No Way Out" to nullify Rey's win at Rumble, are all very bad choices by WWE, and considering all of the circumstances discussed, the only real instance that WWE has crumbled under pressure.


I am going to watch WrestleMania, and so are you. It's Wrestle-F'ing-Mania. But don't give the WWE a hard time when it doesn't turn out to be pay-per-view of the year, or comparable to events such as WrestleMania 3 or 17. A lot of bad things happened in a very short, very unfortunate period of time, and the WWE did what they did best (in the majority of the situations) by keeping their chins up, and repeating to themselves: "The show must go on". We would all love to hate them right now, but really, we just can't. So sit back, and enjoy the show


What are your thoughts on this? I'll throw mine in once I get the chance.

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Cena vs HHH is for the title at mania probably?? it's a meanigless/full as before


and Everyone's favourite wrestler?? has he been hering the boos and he moans about males aged 16-24 booing Cena... THAT'S WWE'S MAIN TARGET DEMORGRAPHIC


i think this guy needs to open his eyes... all guys (over 14) boo Cena.. it's only kids and girls (and this guy) who like him


i agree with some of it but the whole Cena rant was bullshit

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I really don't agree with this guy, I mean people don't boo Cena because 2 guys in the crowd thought it was cool, they boo because they don't like him and they don't wan't him as the WWE Champion, so he's wrong there. And WWE had plenty of time to change to a decent champion, good God, the boos had been going on for a long long time before the NYR change.


He is wrong about Rey dedicating the rumble match to Eddie. Obviously he was told to do this as part of the storyline.


Smackdown fans chose out of respect to rally behind Guerrero's dearest friend, Rey Mysterio.


It was pushed on them, they were "told" to cheer for him, same with Chavo. It's cheap heat.


But don't give the WWE a hard time when it doesn't turn out to be pay-per-view of the year, or comparable to events such as WrestleMania 3 or 17. A lot of bad things happened in a very short, very unfortunate period of time.


Again, rubbish. WWE plan Mania well in advance and this year was no exception. He's saying that because Cena is getting booed, mania is poor even though they haven't changed any plans at all over this? What?


I will agree that it is a shockingly bad Wrestlemania, and will probably get a big thumbs down. There is so far nothing interesting at all happening for it.

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I read it earlier and thought it was a good article. The Cena issue is a given, a few people start to voice dissent then it just snowballs.


And to be fair its not a guest writer's job to make PPV buy rates, he's just putting across a decent view. Had people not got smarky with Cena then the HHH match really would have been a spectacle.

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I think this article is a little over critical and basically wrong in several ways. It's the writers opinion that this years wrestlemania is not as hotly anticipated as other recent ones. I personally am looking forward to it and the rumoured matches so far seem quite good/interesting.


Raw & Smackdown ratings have increased lately and have remained steady so people aren't exactly bored by the is years "Road to Wrestlemania". I'm enjoying the build up, the feuds are being built slowly and thats great.


Matches on Raw/SD! haven;t all been predictable or at least if we thought they would be before hand, they didnt turn out that way, I never expected HHH/Big Show to end the way it did.

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Yeah' date=' he's completely wrong. It's ALL the WWE's fault.[/quote']


See, thats what I thought. WWE is the one feeding us trash for storylines, booking a midget division, and has performers who put on garbage for matches. I don't hate Cena, but I can see why people do, and why they boo him. Not because people thought it would be funny to boo him, but because he's not as over as WWE thought. I really am curious to know who he wants to blame other than WWE for the crap they've been shoveling.

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See' date=' thats what I thought. WWE is the one feeding us trash for storylines, booking a midget division, and has performers who put on garbage for matches. I don't hate Cena, but I can see why people do, and why they boo him. Not because people thought it would be funny to boo him, but because he's not as over as WWE thought. I really am curious to know who he wants to blame other than WWE for the crap they've been shoveling.[/quote']

I don't think Chris was being serious.

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Cena/HHH doesn't interest me. I see Cena going over so it will be a sickener. The match should be OK but nothing great.


Orton/Angle will probably be a decent match but the feud will really have to be rushed. I see Orton winning but I dunno if the crowd will be into it.


Henry/Taker will blow.


Foley/Edge will be mildly amusing.


Possible Booker/Rey US Title? Would be OK.

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The Cena hate on message boards is largely down to a few smarks hating on him, then the rest of the marks catch on to the bandwagon, and then he becomes hated on all boards. Why that should be any different to in the stadiums I don't know. Like it or not, there is a hell of a lot of people, who will agree just to fit in on TWO, and other message boards aswell.


If you got a new wrestler pop up, who was awful, and then you had very respected members like DraVen, Russ, Beltmark etc all saying he was awesome, would the majority make up their own mind? Noppe. No chance at all.


And if on WWE shows the odd fan turns up with a "Cena Sucks" poster, naturally, the weak mided people catch on to that, to just in and look 'cool'. The next thing, you have 200 fans booing Cena,. Next week, 300. Then 4, or 500, and that number keeps on growing.


Of course you have the people who will dislike Cena, but I think a large proportion will just try and fit in, by saying or doing what will please others/make them look 'cool'.

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The whole Cena as champ is really boring now. He's intercontinental champ at least, and failed #1 contender at best. Just look at him, then look at some of the awsome WWF champs in the past, just not a star.


All I can say to WWE is, please, make some REAL stars like you used to.

Edited by rawiswar
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All I can say to WWE is' date=' please, make some REAL stars like you used to.[/quote']


They've tried with Cena, this time last year the hottest rising star and esyablishing front line face they'd had in years. They also realised the Batista momentum and latched onto it, in terms of crowd popularity he was even more of a success whilst Worls Champion.

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Eddie: not WWE's fault

Batista injury: not WWE's fault

Ken Kennedy injury: not WWE's fault

Christian leaving: while you can say this is ultimately WWE's fault, they wouldn't have envisaged it.

Jericho taking time off: not WWE's fault, (how long they knew about it in advance I don't know)


There was probably a plan to have those guys heavily involved at WM and they'd have improved the excitement quite considerably.


They may have had ideas about Austin/Hogan which isn't happening, partially not WWE's fault.


Cena: I agree with what that guy says, a year long massively popular champion vs HHH would be exciting, however it is now 2 guys who a lot of people would prefer neither are champion.

There are several factors in the decline of popularity of Cena.

-Some people have always hated the chav gimmick (inc me, I was pissed off when he won the US title at WM XX)

-Some people don't think he can put on a good match

-Some people think he can put on a good match but usually just gets beaten up then ridiculously pulls the FU out of nowhere and wins with his first piece of offence

-John Cena in handcuffs vs 45 other men, Superman still wins. EVERY WEEK, just gets boring there is never really any suspense

-He has had Kurt Angle jobbing out to him for ages. Kurt is really popular and while his fans expect him to job at some point, they also expect to see a victory once in a blue moon, so if they don't they turn on Cena and blame him.

-You've got a few sheep booing Cena (I don't buy that most boos are by sheep though)

-Year long babyface champions are always going to struggle to maintain their popularity

Some of them aren't WWE's fault, but a lot of it is WWE's fault.

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Well, most of what he had to say wasnt totally false. I mean will any of us truly believe that Rey Mysterio is good enough to beat either Kurt Angle or the Undertaker in the main event at Wrestlemania? No. Would we totally surprised that HHH gets back into the main event and win the title? Not really.


Didnt HHH two weeks ago look into the camera during a Raw telecast and tell the people that the spot at Wrestlemania was"reserved"for him? Yep. Sure did. From my standpoint that sounded more like a shoot.


But lets say HHH doesnt win the triple threat match next week to go on to Wrestlemania's main event who do you root for? Big Show or RVD?


Me? RVD!!! I feel this is his time to shine. HHH? Been there, done that too many times. Big Show? Nobody would lose any sleep nor get all fuzzy inside if he got the shot at the WWE title either.


So that leaves us with RVD. Even though RVD is still getting the rust off of his long lay-off this could be exactly what he needs to get back to being what us ECW faithfuls used to call him:THe WHOLE F'n show!


And dont be surprised if Vince McMahon ends up having a match against HBK with Bret Hart being the speical guest referee. Call it a hunch.:devil


This years mania truly has the making of a total dud! The only exciting part in the whole thing IMO is watching The Hitman finally get inducted into the WWE hall of Fame. Other than that what is truly worth spending 50 dollars for for this PPV? Nothing much.:oops

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