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WWE Royal Rumble 2006 DVD


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Buy It:


UK: £14.99 @ Amazon UK

USA: $22.46 @ Amazon



  • Royal Rumble Match:
    Featuring 15 Superstars from RAW and 15 Superstars from Smackdown!
  • WWE Championship:
    Edge vs. John Cena
  • World Heavyweight Championship:
    Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry
  • The Boogeyman vs. JBL
  • Ashley Massaro v. Mickie James (with Trish Stratus as Special Guest Referee)
  • Cruiserweight Invitational:
    Kid Kash © v. Funaki v. Jaime Noble v. Paul London v. Nunzio v. Gregory Helms

DVD Extras:





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Just got this about 30 minutes ago as a late birthday present, and thought I should say something about the extras on it.


As with most of the DVDs as of late, it doesn't have all that many.


It has a very good video recap of the Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry match that lasts about 5 minutes, but I had seen it before. Didn't they play it on Smackdown of the Sunday Night Heat before the PPV? Either way, I've seen it before, and chances are you have to, so not much to it.


Then it has a short 20 second segment between RVD and Tatanka. It's just them introducing themselves, and ending with them going off to smoke a peace pipe. Nothing much to it, and nothing to write home about.


And now time for the best, and last, extra on the disc, simply titled: Past Royal Rumble Winners. It's just a video recapping how the past winners won. All of them, from Hacksaw Jim Duggan, all the way to Batista. It's a nice bit of nostalgia, and pretty cool if you haven't seen most of them, but again, not something that you're really missing.


As seems to be the status quo with all the WWE DVDs these days, none of the extras will make you want to go out and buy the DVD if you haven't already seen the event. If you were sitting on the fence about buying, and were waiting to find out what the extras are, I don't think this will help sway your decision.

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