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WRESTLINGRADIO: Sunday Feb 19th, LIVE at 7pm

Dead Crow

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As an added bonus' date=' although it might not be possible this week, we will have not one, but FIVE prizes to give away on the show. Ok, it's five copies of the same thing, but still :)[/quote']


A prize is a prize:D


I'm all Skyped up now, so if the powers that be let me, I may call into the show.

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Official Preview:



This Sunday, be sure to check out Wrestling Radio Live, the UK-based internet show that comes to you live every Sunday from 7-9pm.


Amongst the usual WWE and TNA discussion, we will be talking to Sanjay Bagga from LDN Wrestling about todays UK scene. From LDN to WZW to 1PW, Sanjay will discuss his feelings (as well as the hard, solid facts) on anything British, including his REAL feelings on the FWA (and they are not to be missed).


To check out the show, head over to http://www.wrestlingradio.co.uk and click the "Listen" button.


That's Wrestling Radio Live, this Sunday at 7pm UK time.

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