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* * * Official Smackdown Discussion Thread - 17th February 2006 * * *


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Last stop before No Way Out

February 17, 2006


The SmackDown Superstars make their final stop before No Way Out when Friday Night SmackDown emanates from Richmond, Virginia, this week.


Just two days before they battle for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out, Kurt Angle & Undertaker will team up to take on MNM & Mark Henry in a Handicap Match. Last week, the Olympic Gold Medalist saved the Deadman from an attack by the WWE Tag Team Champions and the World’s Strongest Man. Can they co-exist and come out on top, or will one or both men be wiped out before No Way Out?


Also, Gregory Helms will defend the Cruiserweight Championship against Kid Kash. Helms won the gold at the Royal Rumble in an Open Inviational Match; Kash, however, was not involved in the decision, as Helms pinned Funaki to win the match. This week, Kash looks to regain the gold in a one-on-one rematch.


Last week, Rey Mysterio attacked Randy Orton, dropkicking his head into the steel ringpost after the Legend Killer made more inappropriate comments about Eddie Guerrero. Will Mysterio & Orton continue to be at each other’s throats just two days before they clash at No Way Out?


Plus, will General Manager Theodore Long have any more announcements about No Way Out?

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Full WWE Velocity and Smackdown Taping Results (SPOILERS)

Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.15.2006


All of the action from the Smackdown Brand!




Gymini beat 2 jobbers


Paul London and Brian Kendrick def The Dicks


Tatanka beat a no name


Mascrarita Sagrada beat Octagon


Super Crazy beat Nunzio




Rey Mysterio beat Sylvain. After the match Orton comes out and just says Rey will never main event a

Wrestlemania and wont beat him at NWO.


Greg Helms beat Scotty 2 Hotty. After the match Helms claims he can beat all the cruiserweights, so Nunzio, Funaki, Mexicools, and Hotty jump Helms. It is announced that Helms will face all the Cruiserweights at No Way Out.


JBL and Finlay beat Benoit and Lashley after Booker nailed Benoit with a chair.


Matt Hardy beat Simon Dean. It is announced that Hardy and a mystery partner vs MNM at No Way Out.


Kurt Angle and Undertaker Beat MNM and Mark Henry. After the match, Taker gives Henry a Tombstone.


Credit: Wrestlingobserver.com

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I was going to say no doubt it is Animal as the mystery partner, as I can see it as their way of aligning Matt Hardy with MNM, with MNM and Hardy screwing Animal. It could even be a lead in towards the Hall of Fame with it being linked to MNM saying they are better team then the Road Warriors etc as a build towards the Road Warriors being inducted (thinking back to the Hawk quotes from MNM which would seem to fit the WWE's mindset at current), and with Hardy being in/aligned with the group gives him something to do.
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I'm all for whatever happens, as long as it gives Hardy the push he truely deserves, jobbing to JBL is bullplop. And while they are at it, just renew the Edge - Hardy fued again, there has been nothing even close to that since they stupidly demoted Matt to Smackdown.
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just renew the Edge - Hardy fued again' date=' there has been nothing even close to that since they stupidly demoted Matt to Smackdown.[/quote']


gosh no.. WWE messed up that feud big time.. they turned it from a serious money making feud into a filler feud with a good cage match at the end.. i wouldn't want to see them mess it up again

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Road Warrior Animal is expected to be Matt Hardy's partner against MNM in a title match on Sunday's PPV.



From the Observer.


So there you have it :



A heel joins a face to take on a heel team with the sole purpose of the match is to turn the face heel.



Where are the Bookers? Drunk as usual obviously.

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