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Thursday Night RAW

February 16, 2006


There’s already a blockbuster lineup of matches announced for a special Thursday Night RAW (9/8 CT; USA).


The Rated-R Superstar will attempt to regain the WWE Championship in a match officiated by John Cena’s hand-picked referee: Mick Foley. Edge earned the rematch thanks to a controversial disqualification victory involving Lita. Can Edge seize the moment and become a two-time world champion, or will Foley be raising Cena’s hand in victory? We’ll find out on Thursday night.


In semifinals of the Road to WrestleMania Tournament, Triple H battles familiar rival Big Show, and Chris Masters takes on Rob Van Dam.


Triple H and Big Show have squared off at New Year’s Revolution and during the Royal Rumble Match, but the stakes will be high on RAW with a spot in the finals on the line. In the recent past, the Cerebral Assassin has pulled out all the stops to neutralize the size and strength of the largest athlete in the world. Will “The Game” find a way to win again, or will Big Show get some sweet revenge and advance in the Tournament?


“The Masterpiece” has never experienced the pageantry of WrestleMania, but the rising star is only two wins away from having his WrestleMania debut come in the main event for the WWE Championship. Meanwhile, RVD has patiently rehabbed an injury, itching to get back to action and into the championship hunt. Will the “Whole Dam Show” overwhelm Masters, or will he find himself trapped in the Master Lock like so many others? Watch RAW on Thursday night to find out who’s going to the finals of the Road to WrestleMania Tournament.


In addition, one of the greatest Superstars in WWE history will have his career come to a screeching halt during a “Mandatory Shawn Michaels Retirement Party” ordered by Mr. McMahon. HBK isn’t likely to be in a partying mood and anything could happen.

Raw will still air LIVE in the UK at its normal Tuesday morning 2am time :xyx

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Even though it doesn't relate to this week's RAW, persay, here is a bit of 'news' for the RAW brand:


Credit: SEScoops


After not being on television for several months, Danny Basham is now back on the raod with the WWE. There is no word as to why he wasn’t on television. Danny Basham has only made one television appearance on Heat in September after being trade from SmackDown! to RAW in late June. When he in fact made his appearance he had a new gothic look. However, since September he hasn’t been seen since now and has been wrestling random members of the Spirit Squad at Raw house shows.


Well, that reveals 2 things- 1) Danny may be returning soon & 2) WWE are actually having the Spirit Squad wrestle? I thought they was just a gimmick.



RAW should be good (it'd be better if I could see it live; damn dog show). RVD & Triple H will surely advance. HBK's retirement party should be good, I'm just curious exactly how it'll go down. HBK no-showed a recent event and reiterated that he'd screw Bret if he could all over again, I just wonder if they are going to "pull a J.R." and retire him on TV and have him stay away until around the time of WrestleMania (not saying that J.R. is coming back around WM).

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Think there'll be any smart or hidden remarks about Christian (cages) NWA title win last night,surely vince will throw a comment in somewhere IMO




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Think there'll be any smart or hidden remarks about Christian (cages) NWA title win last night' date='surely vince will throw a comment in somewhere IMO



TNA Spoilers below



oh yeh what would he say "hey i heard Christian Cage won the NWA title last night at against all odds, opps i just gave TNA publicity, oh well lets talk about Christian Cages win....."




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I'm actually staying up late to watch RAW this morning hope it is going to be worth the while. I think it should be. I'm especially looking forward to the Main Event with Mick Foley as special guest referee in the match between Cena and Edge anything could happen.


I wonder how Shawn's mandatory retirement party will go down, which way they'll do it, I think Shawn will probably now disappear after tonight until about two or three weeks before Wrestlemania, then hopefully take on Mr Mcmahon.


The Road To Wrestlemania tournie picking up pace at the semi stage I think it's a given that RVD will advance as they were hyping up RVD's return i'm sure they're probably now going to give him a push. Don't think he'll win the tournie though.


I think we will also see more inter-action between Mickie James and Trish after last week with Trish introducing her boyfriend to Mickie there is bound to be some heat between the two. So i would expect a match between Mickie James and ... not Trish but another Diva possibly Victoria or Ashlee again.


But we'll have to wait and see what goes down......

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