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Future Guests On WR

Dead Crow

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Wrestling Radio is proud to announce that Sanjay Bagga, LDN promoter, WrestleStuff owner and all-round good guy will be joining us on the show again, next Sunday (Feb 19th). Any questions or queries concerning UK wrestling, LDN or Mae Young should be posted in the chatroom or e-mailed to wrestlingradio@wrestlingradio.co.uk


Also, UK wrestling star Ashe, who has worked all over the UK and is co-trainer of the LDN training school will be with us within the next few weeks for an interview. Ashe is well-travelled and has a sense of humour to go with his knowledge and experience, so be sure to check that out.


From wrestling worker to wrestling writer, John Lister is a UK wrestling journalist who has written for Powerslam magazine with two books currently available ('Slamthology' and 'Turning The Tables: The Story Of ECW'). Hopefully, we will be able to have Mr. Lister on the show with us to talk about said books and his time on the road in the near future.



Stay tuned for more guests from around the UK, coming soon to wrestlingradio.co.uk :)

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