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Not Really Humour, But A Quiz For People To Try...


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I hardly got anywhere in this, my mate got up to level 17 and couldnt get pass that. Me and Big Craig attempted it last night in the Chat Room and got stuck on round four, (which apparantly has something to do with a brand of sunglasses I have been told). So impress your peers and get further if you can.

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Getting there... ;)


[edit] 15. :) (getting quicker!)


[edit] 16. :)


[edit] 17. (REALLY pleased at getting through 16 as quick as I did. Luck+lateral thinking)


[edit] 18. (17 was EASY)


[edit] 19 and it's time for me to go home. :)


Good luck all! :xyx

Dammit! Thought I had 18 done then. I was chuffed with myself for working it out and... it was wrong. :(

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