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11% of the year gone...


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It's true:




So what have you achieved in the first 41 days of 2006?


My highlights: I've continued in my new job - doing pretty good by all accounts. I've started cycling to and from work - it's hard at the moment but it'll get fun by the summer! I've got a holiday planned in June.


So what have you done? And what do you plan for the final 89% of the year?

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11% gone already then huh?? hmmmmmmmmm so far i have :

Went to a concert and to a class rock club for my 20th Birthday few weeks ago

Been catching up alot in my media studies course finally ive pulled my finger out

Dumped a girl for being a total and utter b**ch to me

hopefully the 89% thats left will be alot more fulfilling.......

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So far, ive finished my probation in work, started learning to drive, stopped biting my nails, have had a job interview which went well, and am well on the way to paying off my current debts. So pretty well so far, just need to get out and socialise more, continue with the driving and move out of home!
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So far i think my 11% has envolded:


Still being single :'(

Stopping smoking and actually doing well at it now

Getting back into Metal and punk (after having a year listening to s**t)

Working harder on Cardio for Wrestling

Getting given three unconditonal offers for Unverstiy for next educational Year

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What have i done?


Seen Hearts basically through the league away on life tv

See many of my favourite wrestlers live at 1PW


What am i going to do?


Go to college so that i can then get into Uni

In between leaving school and going to college i want to get a six pack

Train to become a wrestler

Go to all the local wrestling shows in my area

By the 29th of December i want to have enough puro knowledge to challenge Gringo to a quiz ;-)

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I have drastically increased my schoo schedule from 2-4 hours a day for three days a week. To Classes Mon-Fri, and on three on those days I'm at school for 11 or more straight hours.


In TWOstars I've kicked off a feud with Dante that has a vast plethera of Hardcore potential.


...ummm... I took a shower last night too. :D

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Same crappy job.


Given a new wrestling challenge and fighting off every bitch wanting a piece of me because of it.


Noticed Nicole has blossomed from a girl to a lady.


Lost touch with real life.


Simon left us to fend for ourselves against the PC thugs.


Looking for a guy or gal as passionate about the UK scene as me, not for romantic, but literature reasons.



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Well... what a year so far. Not done much, but a lot of changes. A five kid house became a four kid house, and not happily either. Meh. Things have thankfully turned out for the better for us and the remaining kids, thankfully. As for the other one? Well, to be honest, I don't really care. She made her own decisions, her own choices, and her own mistakes. It's up to her what she does now.
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Wow, 11% + (by now) of the year gone, and nothing REALLY bad has happened...something always manages to happen, though, however, 2005 was pretty good as I got a good 11+ result, got into the school of my choice, no family deaths, no major family accidents...well, Celtic DID lose the league...but apart from that, it was good, so I hope to have a good year this year, too.
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