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does anyone here watch OVW (is it on TWC) and hat do you think of it? I have seen a few shows and personally I think it's OK, and as CM Punk is in it now it may be even better match-wise? I also think a lot of the guys in OVW are also in better shape than most of the WWE roster, apart from Masters, Lashely (who was from OVW anyway)!! WOnder why that is the case?
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TWC did have a deal with OVW lined up, but WWE put a stop to that, because it features so many future, past and even present WWE wrestlers.


As for the OVW product, it's OK you know. Too many people will not watch a show, and then rant about how good it has been because of Paul Heyman. I will be fair and say, sometimes the episodes are high quality, but there has been a couple of shows lately, that I wouldn't be happy with, if it were RAW. It's highly overrated, but that's not to say it's bad at all.


The wrestling ranges from good to very bad. You only really get a decent match per show, which is usually dragged down by a future WWE meathead. The backstage promos/skits are probably the best thing about the show. They have some great talkers down there (A couple who are now lumbered with the diabolical Spirit Squad gimmick), which helps the whole show, espeically when thye have so few talented wrestlers.


It's probably better than RAW, SmackDown!, and iMPACT! the majority of the time, but that's not to say it's faultless, like a lot of people have made out. It's worth watching for sure.

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