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Grand Theft Auto


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I was just listening to the GTA Vice City Soundtrack and it got me thinking....


Whats your favourite GTA ever?




If you could mix and match them, what parts would you have from each (if any) game?


I can't personally comment on the older PC or Playstation games, as i never really played these expect a few odd times. But are ones on the PS2 are some of the greatest and best selling games ever.


My personal favourite is Vice City, Its cool 80's Miami/southern Floride setting had me gripped from the start. It had the best Soundtrack to a game ever, I actually went out and brought afew of the radio station (Flash, wave and Emotion) CDs from HMV. The storyline was gripping and very much like IMO Scarface the film (which I love :))


I like the way Rockstar always link the games with different characters; most of the main ones have been in 2 or all of the PS2 games. Rockstar always seem to go one better when bringing out GTA games, I personally didnt think they could better Vice City, but my god they did when they brought San Andreas out.


Anyway if I could Mix and Match, then I'd have...


The 1st part of the game set in the Vice City setting, then some how you end up in jail and come out in the late 90's GTA 3 setting (not playing the years in jail) I'd also have;


The amazing Vice City soundtrack,

San Andreas gameplay and freedom within the game (Planes, swimming, owning assets etc)

San Andreas size maps; The Bigger the better :lol


So your thoughts?

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I started playing the series from the first one on my PC, but I only got up to GTA 3. I've played Vice City and San Andreas, but not as much as I played 3. There was one summer where my friends and I would somke a bowl make a froxen pizza, play GTA 3 and smoke some more pot... *sigh* those were the days. :)
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