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Soccer AM


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Since about 1994, Soccer AM has been amusing million on a Saturday morning. I'm a big fan of the show, and I have been for the past five or six years. A few yars back they said it would be ending because Helen Chamberlain didn't want to do the show any more, so that was either complete rubbish, or they just gave her a lot of money...I'll go with otpion two.


Soccer AM is full of great people, and great "skits" if you will, but I do miss "Save Chip". I know it was fake, but did they ever give a conclusion to the story? The story was that he was married and his wife wouldn't allow him to watch football. Did they ever give an end to the stroy or did they just forget about it?


Anyway, the two best characters in my opinion are Rocket and Tubes. Two very funny people, however small they may be, and much like "colourful" characters in The Simpsons, add to the show and it wouldn't be as popular without them. However, this morning I got annoyed when one of their guests on the sofa got a bit annoyed when Tubes made fun of his haircut, and the guy, perhaps jokingly, made a rhyme saying that Rocket should have Tubes job. That is actually pretty offencive, a joke or not.



Anyway, in my opinion there is no better way to soend the early hours of a Saturday morining than watching Soccer AM.


Your thoughts?

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You take things waaaay too seriously :)


Agreed. I did watch the show though back when i had SKY television. It was quite funny. Though i never liked the skit where the Tim would chat with those two idiots by the sliding doors. That was so not funny. Does anyone know how old he is, Tim Lovejoy? When you start FM 2005 it says he's 34. That can't be right can it?

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Soccer AM is a peculiar show indeed. 3 hours of exactly the same stuff each week. The same format, the same things happening at the same time each week.


Goals, followed by banter, followed by guests, followed by the soccerette/skit/catwalk bit, followed by the carpark bit. All this interspersed with Barry, Platoon, Showboat, Crossbar Challenge, Gravy, Topless Weather, "Easy! Easy!" and other favourites.


But it is funny, and Lovejoy is a legend.


Despite having a cheap set, and pretty much the same stuff each week, what makes it compulsive viewing is that it's live TV. Anything can happen and often does.


If Soccer AM was pre-recorded then it would have died its death a long time ago.


Personally, I find "Barry", Showboat and the sliding doors skit with the lame jokes the best bits, plus when the celebs try to kick the ball at the target.



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