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TWO Wrestling Survivor: V - Round One


Least favourites?  

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I would love Russo to get very far. Everybody hates him, but to an extent he saved the buisness, by saving WWF, at a time, where the product was extremely bad. He brought so many great characters to our screens, and fresh angles. I'm not a huge fan of the Attitude Era at all, but it brought in millions of new fans.


And before anyone says he killed WCW, he didn't. With all the backstage happenings, and the position the product already was at prior to him takign over, Jesus couldn't of saved the company. Sure, he tried shock tactis to try and help it, but it was doomed well before he took over.


Having said that, I hope Vader wins. Best big man ever really, and during his prime, or proabbly 1992-1993, he was the best wrestler in North America - If not the World. He deserves a lot of credit, and should win.

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Only ones I didn't vote for?




Val Venis

and Vordell Walker...


I haven't seen enough of the Villano's and Verne Gagne to actually say I'd like to keep them in.


But those four up top far out reach the others for talent and Vordell can be a top guy one day on the indies if not is some role with the WWE. Vader is IMO the best big man ever, Val one of the most underated performers in the WWE today and a man who uses his puro knowledge well (Venis Fly Trap = Nagata Lock, Blue Thunder Bomb etc) and then Victoria is one of the best womens performers anywhere outside of Japan who doesn't for some reason get used at all these days...

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323 votes, 20 wrestlers, an average of 16.15. Those with 16 or more are EEEE-Liminated, which is:


Van Hammer

Verne Gagne

Vic Frimes

Vicki Williams

Victor Jovica

Villano III

Villano IV

Villano V

Vinnie Vegas

Vito Thomaselli

Vordell Walker

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