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Top 20 WWF/E Workers of all Time


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Based purely on thier WWE/F worklwho are your top 20 WWf/E workers of all time?



1st - HBK


What can be said about HBK that hasn't been said already. The guy simply has it all. HBK was first brought to my attention during The Rockers run and even then stood out as a potential star of the future. The Heel turn remains one of my favourite moments of WWF TV and from that moment HBK skyrocketed. The match with Janetty at the Rumble was superb and then it was onwards and upwards. The DX days were probably my favourite simply because HBK was heel and I much prefer it that way. His recent run sicne 2002 has been very entertaining.


In terms of ring work there are few in the WWE, or even the world like him. Yes at times he oversells but that is just one minor flaw. His sense of timing and pacing in the ring is perfect and he is one of those guys that can drag a good match out of anybody. True, he is getting a little stale now in WWE apart from on the big occasion but his run with Hogan showed he can still be the best Heel in the company.


The reason I have chosen HBK to lead my list is because throughout the years he has entertained me more

than anyone else and given so many great matches and so many memorable moments that no-one else comes close



2nd - Bret Hart


For being a master technican and in terms of ring psychology Bret is one of the best. He was superb throughout his career but for me, it was when he got the IC title in 1991 from Perfect that he really went onto to another level. One thing I always could expect from Bret on the big occasion was a great match and he very rarely dissapointed. It is true that he was on top at a bad time for the company when the spiral downwards was starting but in terms of being a great wrestler that matters very little. If it was based purely on ring work Bret would be my number 1 choice but HBK was the more complete package.


3rd - Mr.Perfect


The greatest worker never to be given a WWF title run. Like HBk Henning had it all. His strength for me was in his selling which was second to none. He sold superbly without going overboard as HBK sometimes does. His in-ring work cannot be faulted and during his run in the WWF he had classic fueds with the likes of Rude and Hart that produced great matches. Again, I think he worked best as heel and his time with Heenan was his strongest run.


4th - Ted Dibiase


Ted had been a great worker all over the world long before he stepped foot in a WWF ring but as soon as he donned that Million-Dollar Man gimmick and began cutting promos and being written into fantastic storylines he became one of the world's best. Whats stands out more than anything is how good he was in the ring. I never felt he showed his full abilities in WWF in terms of working great matches but he gave us a fair few and was consisitently a top performer. I have said this a lot but it is so true of the old-school guys, his psyhcology was flawless and his selling was perfect. It's a shame Ted never got the big run on his own and if so he may have been higher. Money Inc remain one of my favourite tag teams and worked so well in terms of ring work and just the gimmicks that were brought together


5th - Randy Savage


As a youngster I was all for "Macho Madness" and even now as an adult I rank Savage as one of the best ever. He had just about everything and this is what pushed him to the top. His greatest match for me remains the Steamboat classic at Mania 3 but throughout his time in WWF he gave a string of quality matches. The way he carried the Warrior to two classics is testmanet to his ability. Im not sure if I preffered him heel or face but either way he always lit up the card. The way he zipped around the ring and flew of the top rope to the outside was rare in those days. An all round great worker


6th - Steve Austin


The guy who lead a revolution in the business. Austin came into the WWF and as we all know was a very popular heel. He didnt really shine in terms of ring work until he worked with Owen Hart for me and after that gave us so many classic matches with guys from Bret to the Rock to Taker to HHH. He was just perfect to play the gimmick he was given and adapted his ring style to suit the gimmick perfectly.


7th - Hulk Hogan


Yet again, the guy who revolutionized the business. Hogan was another guy who nearly had it all and his only downside was really his ringwork but when the guy is that popualr it seems daft to criticse him. After all, in Japan he has so many more moves and works consierably better matches than he did in WWF. Theres not much to say about Hogan that has'nt been said a thousand times already. For me when he represents and era and represents a company. At what he did, he was the best at it. He sold so well and this in turn made his perfectly times comebacks even more exiciting.


8th - Ricky Steamboat


If this was a list of greatest workers of all time Ricky would be top 5 easily but his time in the WWF was far far far from being his best times in the business. The match that always stands out is the Mania 3 classic with Savage but during his run Steamboat had great feuds and matches with Rude, Honky and Roberts. In only under 4 years in the company he impressed everyone. One of the best workers of all time who enevr really shone as brightly as he did elsewhere in the WWF.


9th - HHH


The guy gets a heel of a lot of stick but forgettting his politcal and backstage actions he is one hell of a worker. He reminds me so much of workers of past years Race, Flair etc, partly because he stole of them, but mainly because he learnt of them. You can just tell he cares about his matches and making them the best they can be. I think he is one the best ever promo guys the company has ever had as well as one of the best heels. He stood out from the mid-card when he entered the WWF as the aristocratic toff and then escalted in the DX days. Then when he became the Game he seemed to elevate even more. His ring work is fabulous and its a joy to watch a modern day worker with such a great grasp pf psychology and timing and just knowing how to work a match - which sounds simple but so many guys jsut dont know how to these days. Superb Worker. Superb matches.


10th - The Rock


Mr. Charimsa. Probably the funniest and most entertaning (out of the ring) worker WWF has ever seen. In the ring he was pretty darn good too but is only 10th on my list because of his matches. Of course he has so many classic matches and great matches to name, but for me he was no where near as consitent as the guys above. At times he would have appalling main event matches and thats what keeps him back for me. Again like all great faces he sold so well and thus made his comebacks thrilling. His natural comic timing was perfect. I prefer Heel Rock to Face Rock as he works so much better in the ring as a heel than he does as a face.


11th - Kurt Angle


Mr. Intensity! Kurt is in this list purely for matches and matches alone. He is good at the other side otuside the ring but not top 20 material. I cannot remeber the last time Kurt angle had a terrible match. He has worked well with even Cena over the last few months and that is saying something. When he arrived in WWF he got "boring chants" as his style just didnt go down well with fans. But they quickly realised that this guy was something special and less than a year later he was champion. And it just seemed right. Often guys are pushed too much and dont seem worthy champions when they get to the top but Kurt did. Since then, despite injuires, he has been a joy to watch. He has took to Pro Wrestling so well. His commitment is also something to be admired as he fights through anything to entertain us fans. He also brings an intensity that very few workers can manage. The reason he is in my list is plain and simple.....great matches on a consistent basis.


12th - Tito Santana


Again, just like Angle, Tito is here based purely on his matches and his ring ability. Going back to 1983 to about 1985/6 Tito was one of the best in workers in America if not in the world. His feud with great Valentine remains one of my favourites of all time and the matches they had were superb. The cage match at the Garden in particualr was a corker. Strike Force combined two great workers together and I enjoyed this run too but then after a few years with no direction Tito was jobbed out. El Matador was nothing but a glorified Jobber and it was a sad way and a severe misuse of a great talent. Even when he was jobbing out though he put on some superb matches such as the Mania 8 match with HBK. A great worker who would have been higher had he been given a longer run in the mid-card/on top in WWF


13th - Owen Hart


The name Owen Hart always invokes a feeling of tragic sadness in me. But when you look back on Owen and how good he was there is nothing to do but smile and stand in awe of how good he was. All I can reall say is that once he got in the ring he was one another level. He was such a solid worker who knew how to work great matches and one of the few workers who could make anyone else look good. He didnt start to shine for me until the dropped the whole High Energy gimmick and ring attire and when he went heel he got over straight away and became a sensation. His promo work was good but again, like most of the other guys, he is in here for his ring work and the quality of his matches


14th - British Bulldog


Although in terms of favourite worker of all time I would rank DK well above Davey, in terms of WWF work Id place Davey highest. The Bulldogs were superb and worked some of the finest tage matches the WWF has ever seen and in fact Davey has always been a great tag worker as when his run with Owen was very enjoyable. The thing for me was that when in singles competiton they didnt do much with him at all. He has a calssic with the Hitman at Summerslam 92 which is one of the finest matches of all time but even that didn't serve as grounds to elevate him for a push up the card. He is in here then due mainly to his tag work which was awesome.


15th - Mick Foley


Talking of guys who have given it all for the business then Foley is a prime example. Some people call him a glorified stunt man, but anyone who knows anything about wrestling knows how good this guy is. Mankind in its original form was one of the best gimmicks of the 90's and got him over so well. His matches is those days were always top quality and he was so deserving of his push to the main event. The Taker feud satnds out above all else. Then the whole Dude/Jack/Mankind thing was bloody entertaining. The guywas alwasy great at promos and funyn as heel but the reason he is in here is simple...great matches


16th- Dynamite Kid


Another example of a guy who would be higher on my list of 'all time greats' as in terms of matches and ring work he never ever reached the heights in WWF he did elsehwere but his tag run was so superb, and the matches with Hart for Tv so great, that he deserves to be on this list.


17th - Ric Flair


Yet again, he would be higher elsewhere but his WWF days were not in anyway close to being his career best. He did work the best Rumble ever and a great match with Randy Savage but did little else in his original run. By the time he came back to WWE he was past his best but still having great matches. Im getting bored of saying this but Flair knows how to work matches, he understands pyschology and knows how to make guys look good. Justifibale praise of Ric Flar would take hours but suffice to ay for the purposes of this list his WWF run was good enough to earn him a place on my list


18th - Jake Roberts


Wasted Talent. Jake could have been the best ever but the overhwhelimg feeling I get is one of 'What could have been'. Master of the promo, Master of pyschology but unfortunately not master of himself. His feuds were alwasy so engaing and his character made them so. Wheter it was Rude, Honky, Martel or Andre Jake always managed to make his matches one of the most anitciapted on the card. His ring work was also superb but he never reached the hieghts he could of hence his low postion


19th - Greg Valentine


There was just something about Greg I adored. His rough tough no-nonesens ring style. His matches. They all add together to make what I consider to eb a great worker. His WWWF days (yes I meant 4 W's) were pretty good and he had a nice feud with Backlund but it is when he returned to the newly named WWF that I enjoyed him most. His matches with Tito for the IC title were always at least **** and many were *****. He formed good teams with Honky and Brutus but was never given much of a chance after his IC title feuds and slipped down the card and eventually went. Again this is another worker who would be higher on my all-time list maybe but his time in the WWF I enjoyed immsenely.



20th - Chris Benoit


Again, a guy in here purely for matches. So many great matches in his 6 years in the WWE with all sorts of opponents. He has not become stale despite having not changed his gimmick and has never bored me once like so many guys have. He is light-years ahead of most other WWE guys in terms of pyschology and working good matches and like Angle he brings and instensity to the ring. Superb talent, Superb Matches, Superb worker

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This is judged purely on what I'VE seen, not what I've read about.


1. Chris Benoit

2. Kurt Angle

3. Eddie Guerrero

4. Bret Hart

5. Chris Jericho

6. Rey Mysterio

7. Shawn Michaels

8. Steve Austin

9. Rob Van Dam

10. The Rock

11. Tajiri

12. William Regal

13. Chavo Guerrero

14. Triple H

15. Brock Lesnar

16. Edge

17. Matt Hardy

18. Christian

19. Paul London

20. Kane


Bare in mind I only started watching wrestling in 1996, then again from 2000 to present.

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1. Benoit

2. Foley

3. HBK

4. Eddie Guerrero

5. Chris Jericho

6. Kurt Angle

7. Austin

8. HHH

9. Bret Hart

10. The Rock

11. Hogan

12. Christian

13. Flair

14. RVD

15. Regal

16. Owen Hart

17. Dlo Brown

18. Brock Lesnar

19. Rey Mysterio

20. Test

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1. Bret Hart

2. Steve Austin

3. Shawn Michaels

4. Eddie Guerrero

5. Kurt Angle

6. Ric Flair

7. Mick Foley

8. Hulk Hogan

9. Undertaker

10. Chris Benoit

11. Ricky Steamboat

12. Chris Jericho

13. Dynamite Kid

14. Jimmy Snuka

15. Randy Savage

16. Jake The Snake Roberts

17. RVD

18. Rick Rude

19. Triple H

20. Rey Mysterio

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1. Bret Hart

2. Chris Benoit

3. Shawn Michaels

4. Steve Austin

5. HHH (Deserves to be top 5. Great psychology, great matches down the years)

6. Kurt Angle (Would be higher but he has a flaw: wrestles too frantically)

7. Brock Lesnar

8. Eddie Guerrero

9. Ric Flair (Would be higher but never really had a full main event run really)

10. Ricky Steamboat (Similar to Flair in that he was better in WCW)

11. Dynamite Kid

12. Ted DiBiase

13. Randy Savage

14. Owen Hart

15. The Rock

16. Rick Rude

17. Chris Jericho

18. William Regal

19. Curt Hennig

20. Greg Valentine

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1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

2. Triple H

3. The Rock

4. Shawn Michaels

5. Kurt Angle

6. Hulk Hogan

7. Bret Hart

8. Macho Man Randy Savage

9. Ted DiBiase

10. The Undertaker

11. Chris Benoit

12. Eddie Guerrero

13. Mick Foley & gimmicks

14. Mr Perfect

15. Chris Jericho

16. Rey Mysterio

17. Kane

18. Edge

19. British Bulldog

20. Randy Orton

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assuming we are just talking about wrestling ability...


1. shawn michaels

2. chris benoit

3. kurt angle

4. eddie guerrero

5. ricky steamboat

6. bret hart

7. dynamite kid

8. ric flair

9. mr. perfect

10. randy savage

11. owen hart

12. steve austin

13. rey misterio

14. triple h

15. chris jericho

16. brock lesnar

17. mick foley

18. the rock

19. ted dibease

20. pat patterson

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20.Bret Hart (haven't seen enough)

19.Owen Hart

18.Jeff Hardy


16.Ric Flair



13.Matt Hardy

12.Shelton Benjamin

11.Brock Lesnar

10.Randy Orton

9. Stone Cold

8. The Rock

7. HHH

6. Chris Jericho

5. Kurt Angle

4. Rey Mysterio

3. Chris Benoit

2. Eddie Gurrero

1. HBK


this list goes by what i've seen

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Here's my personal list, keep in mind I've only been watching since mid 2004.


1. Kurt Angle

2. Shawn Michaels

3. Triple H

4. Randy Orton

5. Chris Benoit

6. Rey Mysterio

7. Shelton Benjamin

8. Eddie Guererro

9. Rob Van Dam

10. Carlito

11. Matt Hardy

12. Ric Flair

13. Edge

14. Booker T

15. Paul London

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  • 1 month later...

this one is tough, Im not gonna put them in order cus it's too hard


Bret Hart

Owen Hart

Randy Savage

Tito Santana ( guy was soo underrated)

Chris Benoit

Eddie Guerrero

Jimmy Snuka

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Kurt Angle(one of my top workers)

Mick Foley


Rey Mysterio



Jake Roberts


Ricky Steamboat

Ric Flair

Mr Perfect

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Interesting you have RVD in there DT. I have rarely enjoyed his WWE work and much much prefer his time in ECW. That was when I really used to get excited about an RVD match and you knew when he came out he was going to entertain. Now he is just stale and sloppy.


I think he has lost his sparkle and seems content with mid-card mediocrity in the WWE probably because he knows they are never going to have enough faith in him to really push him. The fact is that he has gradually lost overness the last few years and the more he continues to do so the more he will fade away.


I actually cant remember a WWE match of his I would say was 5-stars

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Well thats fair enough. The guy has, or rather had, a real cult fanbase but this is definetly waning now. The crowd have been dead for him bar his initial return-pop


In all I just dont think his WWE work has been that great at all. He came into WWE and got over on reputation alone and when non-ECW WWE fans first saw him they were bound to impressed with his agility and high flying spots but the guy has never evolved. All the great worker evolve but WWE RVD has stayed exactly the same throughout

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1 Chris Benoit.

2 Bret Hart.

3 Shawn Michaels.

4 Eddie Guerrero.

5 Randy Savage.

6 Owen Hart.

7 Dynamite kid.

8 Kurt Angle.

9 Mick Foley.

10 Brock Lesnar.

11 Ricky Steamboat.

12 Mr Perfect.

13 Ted Dibiase.

14 Rick Rude.

15 Jake Roberts.

16 Roddy Piper.

17 The Rock.

18 Steve Austin.

19 Rick Martel.

20 The Undertaker.

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