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TWOStars X-Treme TV 50 Feb. 2


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The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and storylines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects.


'Carve me an Edge' by Fake Ideal starts to play as the XTV opening video plays. Images are displayed throughout the NEW title sequence:


Banner and Dante both dropping from the cage

The return of Barry Gower

TLA walking away from The Judge

S.E.X. unveiling Michael Cole

Michael Howell accepting Tea from Niles

The Incredible Holt plexing Evil Gringo

The New Blood destroying Twiggie

Deadman running into yet another Main Event

PMA leaving town

The Violence Bearer retaining the US title

Scott Andrews returning

Darkstar with the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder

Redman and The Judge putting two jobbers through tables

Sickness in a dress

Eagles bribing a jobber to lay down for him

Twiggie hitting the Twiggaludo Frosion

Gringo standing Victorious after winning the rumble.

The cheesy grin of Darkstar, caption photo




The arena explodes into action with a wave of pyrotechnics. The camera spins around to show all kinds of signs


Holt isn't Hardcore

Dante Bites



Styles-Welcome ladies and gentleman to the sold out Corel Center here in beautiful Quebec Ontario Canada.


Heyman-We have got quite a card for you hear tonight. We'll see the reprocussions from the leader of the New Blood being announced and we'll also....


Styles-Not to interrupt you Paul, but we've got some sort of disturbance happening in the back. Can we get a camera back there?


As we cut to the camera in the back, we see footage of the Incredible Holt going down to his knees, with black seemingly whirling all about him. As the attacker finally slows down, we see its Dante, to which the crowd gives a huge pop. He keeps up his relentless assualt, before finally give a clubbing blow to the back of Holts head with a black kendo stick, and stopping. He faces the camera and speaks.


Dante-So this is your champion? This is the man with the title? This man who can't even defend himself, is this who want to represent you?


The crowd boo Holt, and Dante delivers another blow to his head.


Dante-Well I'm tired of being toyed with. So this is it. This is my declaration of intent. Or rather, my delcaration of war. First of all,this "New Blood" gang is done. I will end it tonight. They see fit to screw me in over in my match at Battle Royal? They want to play games? Fine, then games we shall play. Tonight it will be the CEO Micheal Howell, vs. myself, The Assassin.The crowd pops for this and once they quiet Dante speaks again.


D-Not just Howell vs. myself, but in a HARDCORE match.


This elicits another huge pop from the crowd.


D-I've also taken the liberty of making sure the New Blood is banned from ringside.


Secondly, I will not cease, I will not rest, and I will not stop, until I wear the World Heavyweight Championship belt. He pauses to deliver a kick to the gut of Holt. So once I take care of this scum that leads the New Bloods, I am getting that title. I don't care who I have to beat, or who I have to kill. Its a sure thing, just like a bullet in the head.


With this Dante walks off, leaving a battered Holt laying on the ground.


Styles-OH MY GOD!


Heyman-Well here's a look at whats coming up tonight...


cut to main event promo.

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back from M~ain Event promo.


In the New Blood changing room we see all the members sitting round a table watching Mivhael Howell III talking animatedly.


MH: Damn Gringo, It wasn't supposed to happen like that. We had him beaten to a pulp. And Dante, where the hell did he come back from. Well this isn't over, not by a country mile.


The omega male stands up and address's his fellow Blood members.


AW: One thing. This is not the end. We knew there was always a chance the rumble was not going to be the day of reckonging for TWO stars. We have planned for this eventuality. Don't lose focus now. Don't think we're not going to ascend to our righfull place.


Let the weak and pitfull scum think we're beaten. Let them think they have the upper hand. We know different. If they run around scream how we're upstart punks that's all the better for us. The more they underestimate us the more fun it will be when we destroy their illusions of grandure.


Lets start tonight. lets take these atrophied, blighted cankers and remove them from the body they are destroyinh with their arrogance. Remeber where e came from and how hard we fought to get here. Remeber we are the New Blood and we can drain the old humours from this bloated corpse of a company.


This is not the end. We will rise. We shall not fail.


The rest of the new Blood woop and clap, boyed by the words of their mysterious brother.


MH: Lets go address the peons, I've got something I want to say..


Fade to TwoStars on Tour promo....

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Lights go out in the arena and several high powered spot lights begin the scan the crowd, ring and entrance ramp. Music hits, huge pyro around stage/tron and the spotlights all jump to the entrance ramp focusing in on each wrestler. Dependant on how many members of New Blood are to be announced that number of spots illuminate them on the ramp. (Think Jericho's entrance where he suddenly seems to appear on stage after the count down/pyro, similar idea with the guys already being on stage before the spotlights pick them out as if they'd "appeared" instead of walking on)


Mixed between shots of New Blood stood at the entrance we see shots of their recent memorable moments, The Person putting some jobber through a table with the danger driver, Omega Male hitting the Nucler Winter on a bloodied jobber, Drake Rush hitting The Drake Breaker for an easy pin, Red Scorpion trash talking some jobber and laying him out with one punch. Mixed with these shots there is a silhouette of Michael Howell, no longer a question mark, but a full blown portrait.


When all members have been shown the members of New Blood make their way to the ring, dependant on each character the style the come down is still their own.***


Styles – Oh my…well there is the force that, last night at the Royal Rumble, very nearly made it as the final five. They were a near unstoppable force, only falling due to the luck of the draw and the TWOStars locker room uniting against them. But my god, what a force of nature these men proved to be!! It was also last night, that Michael Howell III finally revealed himself as the man behind the New Blood! Despite all of the rumors, all of the speculation, and Drake Rush name-dropping Acid Christ, it was indeed Michael Howell III!


Heyman – It was indeed a scary moment last night. All five men were in the ring, asserting their dominance. And the fact that Drake Rush purposely laid down, a fact made clear only now that we know Howell is their leader, is a frightening concept indeed Joey. They aren’t afraid to put themselves on the line. They aren’t afraid to let themselves be beaten for the common good of the group. They aren’t afraid to be the suicide bombers, and THAT, Joey, is part of what makes them so dangerous, not to mention the overwhelming athleticism of all five men!


Michael Howell walks down the ramp, the New Blood in a “flying-v” formation behind him. All of their faces are contorted into angry scowls. Directly behind him are Drake Rush, and Ashton “The Man” Butcher. Bringing up the rear are the two larger men, Arron Winter and Red Scorpion, who act as the enforcers by snatching signs out of the hands of the fans. They do merely grab signs degrading to them. They take ALL of the signs on the entrance ramp.


Styles – Oh come on! That’s uncalled for! They’re stealing the signs from the fans.


Heyman – Heh, okay then. You go down there and stand up to them if you’re so brave.

The five men slowly walk down the ramp, with Drake Rush and Michael Howell III shout harangues at the audience as if they were spreading propaganda. Finally, the mass of people make it in front of the ring apron, immediately straightening out in a line. The five stars walk down to the apron.


Rush and Butcher leap up onto the canvas and zealously obey their leader, holding the ropes open for him. The CEO leaps onto the apron…gives a look right to Rush and a look left to “The Man”….and then gets into the ring. The big men follow, looking menacingly at the audience.

Getting into the ring, Howell immediately goes across the mat, and demandingly yells for a microphone. Seeing the muscle behind him, the ring techies are that much more motivated to move faster and give him the mic. The CEO rudely accepts the mechanical voice as the New Blood crowds around him in a circle.


First the CEO passes the mic to Rush….Rush makes a denying motion with his hand and passes it to Butcher. Butcher shakes his head no, and passes it to the Omega Male…Omega Male wistfully looks at the microphone….then slowly shakes his head and passes it back to the CEO. The voting being unanimous…Howell addresses the group with the consent of his guard.


MHIII – I still can’t believe that you people….NEVER SAW IT COMING.


He yells the last line forcefully and insultingly, provoking a flood of boos from the crowd.


MHIII – Oh don’t give me that crap. I mean…you just…DIDN’T see it coming?!! How could you not? A…a…a child! A child could have seen it coming!! It was that damn obvious, but you people could not!


Again he yells the last line with great strength, provoking cat calls and negative shouting. His dialogue is similar to all of the times in his promos when he temporarily lost his cool and yelled at reporters…only this time there is no temporary rage. He spitefully spits the anger with every syllable.


MHIII – Honestly, use your brains, if the TWOStars programming hasn’t turned it into mush yet. Who had the most to gain, huh? Who knew these men better than anyone? Think about it! I was the Number One Contender for the TWOStars World Heavyweight Title because of the New Blood! I went through the Fill Academy of Wrestling with the New Blood! I was the only one with the financial backing around here to support the New Blood! I was on top of this company thanks to the New Blood! I…am…New Blood!


Drake Rush gives his leader a golf clap, as Red Scorpion nods approvingly, still with numerous signs under his arm.


MHIII – See, Scorpion, Drake, Omega Male, Ashton, and myself…we’ve seen the crap that goes on behind the façade that is TWOStars. We’ve seen the truth. We saw the cheesy corn-fed smiles of the pen pushers and the wrestlers comfortably sitting on an undeserved and fat contract. And we aren’t having any of that ****!!! So we made a promise then and there. We made a promise that we weren’t going to let any smarmy TWO son-of-a-bitch keep us down. We made a promise that we would stay together, and get to the top of this business, no matter who we had to step on. And in case any of you forgot….business is what I do BEST!


The crowd boos at his cheesy catchphrase just as they have been accustomed to…but this time Howell cuts them off at the pass.


MHIII – Oh yeah…that’s right. Boo me!! Point fingers at the bad guy, yell at the bad guy!!! Well I’ve had it!! I came here to bring a little culture…to spread a little achieving spirit...but you all reject me!! You renounce me! You boo me as if I were the only man on earth below you! And then what? I get cheated out of my number one contender-ship by the powers that be by being forced into a match with Banner that I had no idea about!!! Well I’m not going to come out here to entertain you anymore! The CEO is not going to just waltz out here for you goddamn amusement! If you don’t give a **** about me…then I don’t give a **** about you!


Styles – What powers the be is he talking about? Who exactly is he blaming? Who are they all angry at?


Heyman – Good questions all….but I REALLY don’t wanna ask em.


Howell gives one last scowl toward the audience…and then quietly passes the mike to Drake Rush.


Rush – We aren’t going to hide behind secret leaders. We’re sick of waiting! The Royal Rumble was a goddamn fluke!! The only reason we drew earlier spots is because the powers-that-be PLANNED on those smarmy ass-clowns Gower, Dante, and Gringo coming in and uniting. It was a pre-meditated effort…just ANOTHER way that the management and you ungrateful people try to keep us down!! Well guess what?? You WON’T. No matter what stunt you pull out of your asses, the New Blood is going to come out on top. Tonight, I am going to walk out the new TWOStars Television Champion….Michael Howell III, who DOESN’T NEED our help in dismantling that arrogant harlequin Dante, is going to walk out the winner after brutalizing the Eternal Wannabe…and ….


Before he can finish his sentence, The Omega Male snatches the mike from his hand…but none of the members fight it. They know that he is the most cryptic and poetic of the lot, and allow him to say his piece…taking a slow deep breath, Arron Winter begins. He still has a large stack of signs under his arm.


Styles – Oh well…that’s odd.


Heyman – Winter just kinda took it…


Omega Male- …and tonight…my brother Butcher and I…we will bring godlike punishment upon the slug that calls himself a demon TLA…and the man who claims to stand for the greater good, but is only interested in his own hedonism…Twiggie. There will be no more mercy…no more secrecy…no more cowering. We all stand before you…our hearts revealed…and our swords ready. It all ends…with us. The New Blood shall draw blood…the blood of the TWOStars...a new day is dawning…and the streets shall run red with our glory…


With that, Red Scorpion and Winter dump their signs into one massive pile.


Styles – What the hell is this?


Heyman – I dunno…can’t be any god.


Reaching into his tights, Drake Rush pulls out a tiny gadget…a lighter!!


Styles – Oh come on don’t do this!!


Getting the cardboard together in a neater stack, Drake bends over…and lights the signs, hopes, dreams, and wishes of the fans ablaze in the center of the ring.


MHIII – That fire…that fire shall symbolize the end of one era and the beginning of another! That fire is how much we care about the hopes of the so-called fans. Tonight…the infusion of the New Blood begins!!!


Stricken by Disturbed blares out over the speakers, as the members begin to take their leave…leaving the signs burning.


Styles – Wow…a disturbing and dangerous message given by violently ambitions men…and all of their members are represented on the card tonight!! Imagine what the hell could happen if Rush does become the new TV Champion??


Heyman – I don’t know Joey…I don’t know! Its going to be an interesting night…don’t go away!


Cut to Commercials.

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Back from back to back Morphoplex, and Stacker 2 commercials.


The lights in the arena go out. A handful of small children scream in the dark, before Stricken by Disturbed offends the ears of the fans in attendance. Several high powered spot lights begin scanning the crowd, ring, and entrance ramp. The music cues a huge pyro to explode around the stage and the TWOtron. On time with the music the spotlights all jump to the entrance ramp focusing in on both Ashton Butcher and Arron Winter. Aston poised cockily on the stage, while Arron’s cold piercing eyes stare of into the distance. The New Blood members break their poses and stride down the ramp with a smirk on the face of The Man, and a face which seems not to emote upon Frostbite.


Tony Chimmel: Ladies and gentleman, this is a tag match and is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Number one contendership of the tag team team titles!!. Making their way to the ring… representing the New Blood is the team of Arron Winter, and “The Man” Assshhhtonnnnn Butcher!!


The New Blood’s two “A” men enter the ring, and soak in the fans boos as if they were cheering them to no end. Much to the fan’s pleasure the awful repetitive noises of Disturbed’s music fade away, and they are replaced by the funktastic bass rhythms of Phish’s very own Mike Gordon. Green lights of various shades flash randomly on, about, and around the entrance. The green of The Masked Hypnotizer slowly rises from the left side of the entrance stage. After he has made his ascendance Loneliness Itself raises his arms, while in unison green towers of fire rise all along the edge of the stage. Revenge Itself powerfully drops its arms and a light green pyro fires at the right side of the stage. Twig doesn’t fly out of the explosion like he’s some kind of Rey Mysterio Jr., but instead walks from behind the curtain with his arms crossed as if he’s an angry teenager. He gives TLA a look which seems to say “so what?” and the two walk down the ramp, Twig a few steps behind the Green Giant.


TC: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 446 pounds, the team of the Lonely Avengerrrrr and Twiggieeeeeeeeeee!!!


Styles: Wow, there’s som much on the line, can the fragile alliance between Twig and the Avenger hold together to get them through this match?


Heyman: These men are professionals! There’s no way Twig and TLA aren’t walking out of here the number 1 contenders.


Twig: That’s Twiggie and the Lonely Avenger, dumbass!


Twiggith shouts at the chubby announcer while climbing up the apron to stand in his designated corner, as the Punishing Horror stomps up the ring steps and steps over the ropes. Ashton steps out of the ring while the Lonely Avenger and Arron Winter stare coldly into the eyes of one another. When the bell rings neither man moves, but after a few moments they slowly circle the squared circle. Their eyes remain fixated upon the others. They close in and tie up, collar and elbow.


Heyman: It appears as if this one’s shaping up to be a psychological battle.


The Punishing Horror breaks the knot and whips Arron into the ropes. The Omega Male comes back to meet a boot to the face.


Styles: The big boot, taking down Mr. Winter.


The Masked Hypnotizer brings Arron back up to his feet and whips him into the corner. Revenge Itself charges the man with white hair and slams into his gut with a powerful spear, and another.


Styles: Two spears followed by back handspring!


Heyman: Quite impressive for someone who’s six foot four, eh?


Styles: It is indeed.


The Soul Behind the Mask comes in for a third and final spear.


Styles: The Lonely Avenger showboating just a little too much!


Arron Winter powers out of the corner and takes TLA to the mat with a strong lariat. Arron makes a b-line for his teammate and tags him in. Arron quickly leans the Lonely Avenger against the ropes as the ref counts the time he has left in the ring. The New Blood trade chops to TLA’s chest, until the time comes when Arron must part. The two trade teary goodbyes but Ashton wastes little time suplexing the green monolith of a man to the mat and cinching in a Boston Crab. The PETA Punisher looks on with indifference as TLA claws at the mat.


Styles: I can’t decide whether it’s surprising or not that Twig’s not helping him out.


Heyman(sarcastically): Joey, I’m shocked and appalled! Twiggie isn’t the legal man. It would be wrong for him to step into the ring.


Styles: Mmm hmm, because that’s stopped the “Hardcore Champion” so many times in the past.


The Masked Truth has dragged himself mere inches away from the ropes. He reaches out, but the ever-present mind of the New Blood member drags the masked man back to the center of the ring. Butcher switches to a half-crab and motions with the other hand for Frostbite to go up top.


Styles: The Omega Male, climbing the turnbuckles… and away he goes!!


The frostbitten elbow connects with the masked spine, as the omega leg drops across the mask itself. The force of his New Blood teammate crashing down upon Mr. Avenger causes The Man to drop the final leg of his opponent. Twiggie rolls his eyes and complains to the nearby fans about how poorly TLA is faring. The ref shoo’s Winter out of the ring. The Butcher Man grabs the mask of the masked man, but gets a thumb to his eye for his troubles. The Punishing Horror leaps towards his corner and his hand shoots out, easily within arm’s reach of Twiggith M’Gee. The dirty hippy however is forced to turn his head.


Styles: What’s he doing!?


Twig: Ah… Ah… Ahh… Ahhchoo!!


Heyman: I think he’s coming down with a cold.


The Lonely Avenger falls ungracefully to the mat, where Ashton closes in with his renewed vision, and stomps at the strained back of the Masked Hypnotizer. Twig wipes his nose and drops off the apron. He sneezes again and begins to head towards the back.


Styles: What!? Where’s he going?


Heyman: He’s probably after a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Looks like he’s coming down with a cold… You can’t be too careful when it comes to your health, ya know.


Styles: Oh… spare me.


The camera cuts back to the ring and the Lonely Avenger looks even more lonely than usual strapped into a sharpshooter.


Styles: The New Blood continuing to work on TLA’s back. I can’t see this match lasting much longer.


Heyman: You need to give TLA a bit more credit!


No sooner do these words leave Paul’s lips does the masked hypnotizing hand vigorously slap the mat. The bell rings and Mr. Chimmel is quick on the mic.


TC: Your winners, and the number one contenders for the tag team championship … “The Omega Male” Arron Winter, and “The Man” Ashton Butcher!


Fade to two monkeys flinging poop at eachother.

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Coming back from commercials we cut to the backstage area where we see the Royal Rumble winner the Evil Gringo about to be interviewed by Todd Grisham. The crowd can be heard chanting 'GRINGO, GRINGO' as the Mexican Sensation can be seen with a big smile on his face...


The cheers die out and finally Grisham is ready to talk...


TG: First of all Gringo I'd just like to congratulations on winning last nights Royal Rumble from number one!


EG: Thanks ese, but as great as that was there is one thing annoying me homes...


TG: You are refering of course to the tag titles?


EG: You damn right Grish! We take those poor chico's, the Dingo Alliance and ese we beat them, uno, dos, tres... But once more that allegro chico Darkstar has to stick his nose in the business of the NGA...


TG: But of course you have a chance for revenge tonight as once more you collide with the Dark Alliance and the owner of this promotion Darkstar in that very ring...


EG: Yeah in a damn handicap match! Think of the people in this promotion who could add to that match ese, Gower, Banner the list goes on... But now, that chico wants to play rough! Well homes I took out Darkstar and so has Black Dragon, I can take the Dingo's anytime I wish so ese tonight is going to be poetic justice...


TG: And of course the road to Wrestlenova has started tonight and you are of course at the moment guarnteed a title match, which at the moment of course means you facing off one on one with the Incredible Holt for the first time...


EG: Oh yes ese, even since Summerslam he has avoided me, taking on Dante and Banner and adding Gower into my matches that I EARNED! But Wrestlenova is a different story homes, it will be we against the champion whoever that is one on one and ese you will see and believe one thing after that night...


TG: Whats that Gringo?


EG: That I am the next world champion ese... That I am the FEAR in the darkness and that Holt lying prone in the ring with me raising the title above his carcass is ALL THE FUTURE HOLDS! Now homes I gotta go check on Dragon and Mamacita cos we roll tonight NGA style!


Gringo walks out of shot and Grisham stares after him as we cut to...

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back from the TWOStars Shopzone commerical for the upcoming DVD release "A Boy and His Blunt" The official T'wiggeth MGee story.


Dante is seen pacing his darkened hall, and into the shot comes Grisham, obviously out of breath from running from one interview to another. He sees Dante and goes to get another interview. Dante grabs teh microphone from the out of breath interviewer.


Dante-So, Howell wants to bitch about managerial conspiracies? He wants to complain about myself, Gringo, and Gower being planted in the rumble. I won't even bother to point out the obvious flaws in that arguemant. Howell, you're just lucky Darkstar took away half my arsenal for the hardcore match. Unfortunatley, he didn't say no to the match. I am going to inflict more pain and suffering upon you then you have ever felt in your wretched miserable life. You know what, bring your little jolly gang, with your jolly pirate nicknames. I'll take care of them too. This is your mistake you think you've got it, you think you know me, you want to bring me down? I AM IN MY FINEST HOUR!




Dante-Shut up Todd.


The still recovering interviewer, not wanting to anger the Assassin, wisely closes his mouth.


Dante-You can't play mind games with me, because I already have played them all. Fear is something that I have not known for years. I don't care what you try and do to me Howell, you can drive a stake through my f****** heart, and I'll come back. So tonight. I end you. I will take down the leader of the "New Blood". I will expose you for the coward you are. You're right Howell, you won't need help in this match. You'll need a damned Coroner, because I'm going to bleed you dry.


With this Dante throws the mic back to Tood and walks off.

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Cut to a distant corner of the hallways of the arena. Todd Grisham comes bolting on screen, he stumbles, and falls into Twiggie, walking paranoid through the backstage area.


Twig: Jeeeesie Chrizzie, Grish! What the hell’s the matter with you!?


Todd: Oh… *pant* …Twig… *gasp* …I was just… *pant* …tag partn… *pant* …Lonely ‘Venger… *wheeze* …left him… *gasp* …New Blood?


A puzzled look crosses the PETA Punisher’s face, and he looks about, slightly confused.


Twig: … … Are you asking me about the tag match I just had?


Breathing heavily and swallowing Todd manages only to nod his head.


Twig: Well if you were paying attention… I had a bit of a sneezing attack. And I feared I may be coming down with an illness. Luckily I popped backstage quick enough to make myself a tofu-based herb infused protein shake. That stopped the cold dead in its tracks, and as you can see…


The Colorado Troubadour takes a deep healthy breath.


Twig: …I’m much better now.


Grish: *pant* Oh, I see, but… *heave* at Battle Royale… *pant* you and TLA… *gasp* started fighting… *pant*


Twig: Whoa. Take it easy there man, you’re not the only reporter around here, why are you doing all the work?


Grish: Sunaki *pant* Steve *gasp* Gene *sigh* and Josh *heave* are all late. *pant* But, about my *wheeze* question?


Twiggith is clearly annoyed that he was unable to dodge the inquiry into his partnership.


Twig: You wanna know what’s up with me and that dirty lying, c*beep*k gobbling, douche bag? …Damn, that man could de-litter a park in 20 minutes, I’ve seen him lift four completely full recycling bins clear over his head. And you should see him fighting off the riot squad at the protests! But I’ll admit… my reasons weren’t entirely recyclable. It’s true with that monolith by my side all them uppity n00bz were a bit easier to deal with, but that’s not why I allied myself with him!!! He told me he saw the fires of the “green hell” burning within my soul… But it was all lies! Lies! Lies!!


T. Wiggin’s storms off muttering under his breath.


Twig: Friggin' ... piece-a ... no-good ...


Todd is becoming visually light-headed from all the heavy breathing… or maybe it’s just Twig’s fumes.


Todd: Joey… Paulie… back to yo-


Todd’s eyes roll to the back of his head as he falls face forward out of shot. Fade to TWOstars shopzone ad, now featuring Dante’s first work of literature The Divine Comedy.

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We go backstage where Gringo, Black Dragon & Becki Moss are in the locker room


BD: Congratulations on winning the Royal Rumble last night, you were awesome


EG: Thanks ese, but thats not all that happend at Battle Royal was it?


BD: Oh no that ******* Darkstar screwed us out the Tag Team titles


BM: Yeah you guys kicked The Dark Alliance's ass


EG: We did, and tonight in that handicap match we get revenge


BD: Yes last night I had the tag belts in the my hand and they where taken away from me, you know Black Dragon doesn't forget and Black Dragon damn sure doesn't forgive


EG: I know he doesn't you know I've been TWO World Heavyweight Champion but I never reached the top of the tag team ladder and last night I was screwed, so lets go out there tonight and kick their asses


BD: I agree with that big guy lets do this thing


We cut to......................

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We come back from a ''Road to Wrestle Nova'' commercial.


The arena lights go black and the whole arena is in dark. Two lighting bolts hit the entrance ramp and the guitar riff from ''Control'' by Puddle of Mudd starts to play.


Heyman: Ohh baby, ladies and gentlemen get ready for the TV title match of Arkham vs Drake Rush, it's gonna be one hell of a bout.


Drake pops out from behind the curtain to a massive chore of boos from the live crowd in the Core Centre.


Heyman: Man, do these people love Drake or what.


Styles: Righhhttttt........


Chimmel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it's for the TWOstars Television Championship. Introducing first, the challenger weighin in at 220 lbs from San Juan, Puerto Rico he is ''The Messiah'' Draaaaake Ruuuuushh.


The Messiah makes his way down the ramp, while at it he grabs a Canadian flag that a chubby kid was holding at ringside and puts it inside his tights in front of his crotch with a smirk on his face, massive boos can be heard from his action.


Styles: Ohh come on, Rush show some godamn respect.


He continues and slides to the ring. Drake takes the flag out of his crotch and lays it the middle of the ring and start humping it ala HBK in Survivor Series 97'.


Styles: I think im gonna puke, this is just disrespectful in so many ways that it's not even funny.


Heyman: You crazy Joey, this is hilarious. And look at the anger in the fans faces, hahaha I love it.


The Messiah stops humping the flag and throws it into the crowd with a smile on his face, he then gets on the turnbuckle and raises his arms to form an X and a hude set of pyro goes off in the arena.


"Insane in the Brain" by Cypres Hill starts to play in the Corel Centre. Arkham with Dr.HandSolo in his right hand steps through the curtains to a HUGE set of cheers from the crowd.


Styles: It's Arkham, but I don't see Cole or Keith with him.


Heyman: Thank God. Besides that's the smartest decision this dumbnut could ever make, well even if he didn't do it intentionally. And besides I don't even wanna know why those two queers didn't show up tonight.


Chimmel: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Dr.HandSolo from The local insane asylum, weighin in at 320lbs he is the reigning Television Champion, Arkhaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm.


The Insane One continues his way to the ring, when he gets to ringside he goes to the ringside crowd and steps on top of the barrier but almost falls, but the fans seating in ringside grab his feet so that he doesn't fall. He then raises his arms to a huge cheer from the crowd and a set of camera flashes. He then gets down from the barrier and enters the ring.


Heyman: You know what Joey, last night I was watching the remake of ''The Longest Yard'' and I swear I saw Arkham in it. I mean Bob Sapps character and Arkham are identical, well except for the fact that one is black and the other is pale as snow but they're dumb as shite.


The Insane One places Dr.HandSolo on the top ring post and enters the ring via over the top rope.


Styles: And The Messiah wasting no time here as he pummels Arkham with left and rights, he didn't even let Arkham enter the ring properly.


Heyman: I like what I see, Rush wasting no time to get on the atack, great tactic by the youngster, show no fear.


The Insane One finally enters the ring but Rush is right there with hard uppercuts, he leads Arkham to the turnbuckle and starts delivering some stiff chops to Arkhams chest.


Drake: Whoooooooooooooooooooo.


Styles: The Messiah mocking one of the greats and the crowd let's him know how they feel with a chore of boos.


Rush is about to deliver the 4th chest chop but as soon as he does Arkham grabs him by the throat and puts him against the turnbuckle instead. The Insane One delivers a HUMONGOUS chest chop to Drake, from the impact Rush falls to the mat.


Styles: Ohh My Good, that had to hurt.


Arkham starts to imitate Ric Flair with the Strut Walk to a big laugh from the crowd. He then follows to grab The Messiah by the hair and lift him up to a vertical position, Arkham lifts Drake and puts him in a bearhug but only to be eye poked by Rush inmediately. Rush then grabs The Insane One and Irish whips him to the ropes but Arkham reverses it and sends Drake flying to the ropes, he bounces back and Arkham lifts him up into a Gorilla Press position and drops him into a Diamon Cutter.


Styles: What a move by Arkham, Paul I never knew Arkham has that kind of move in his arsenal.


Heyman: And I bet he didn't knew it either.


The Insane One jumps on top of Rush to deliver a Big Slash.


Styles: I hope Rush didn't eat anything prior to the match cause if he did he will be puking it out shortly thanks to Arkham.


Heyman: Joey, you should know better than that. Haven't you seen the lean six pack that Rush has, that Big Splash didn't affect him at all.


Styles: Then why is he gasping for air?


Heyman: He's not, he's just clearing his throat from this filthy air right here in Canada.


The Insane One goes for the cover.









Arkham grabs Rush and lifts him into a vertical position, he then kicks him in the gut and Irish Whips him into the turnbuckle. Arkham then proceeds to imitate the Godfather and does the Ho Train taunt and follows it with a big splash on Drake Rush, Drake falls once again to the mat.


Styles: The Insane One in total control of this match, he's just to big for The Messiah handle.


Heyman: Nonsense you fool, this match isn't over yet and I can assure you that Drake will leave this stupid city as the New TV Champ.


Just as Heyman finishes speaking we can see Scott Andrews making his way to the ring via the rampway to a chorus of boos from the crowd.


Styles: What's he doing here.


Heyman: Well after Eagles no showed to their match I think that Andrews wants to get his hands dirty tonight, after all he is a TWO Superstar. And who could blame the pathetic looser that is Eagles, he got his ass whooped last night by VVV, so my guess is thats why he no showed tonight in his match against Andrews.


Arkham turns to the rampway direction and doesn't seem to happy that Scott Andrews is ringside. ''Shotgun'' aproaches the ring and says something to Arkham, Arkham goes in that direction but the referee stops him so that he can't go to the outside.


Styles: Arkham look behind you!!!!!


Arkham turns around, sees Rush and he attemps a clotheline but Rush ducks it and........... WHAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!


Heyman: Did you see that Joey, Drake just send Arkham to Coo Coo land with ''The KO'' (http://www.wrestlingencyclopedia.com/Moves2/jumpingheelkick.wmv)


Styles: But The Insane One didn't go down, he's wobly but he's not down.


The Messiah jumps from the ring over the top rope to the outside apron, then jumps on the 3rd rope and sprinboards himself to launch a flying forearm smash to the head of Arkham ala AJ Styles.


Heyman: Down goes Arkham, Down goes Arkham!!!! I told you Joey, it was only a matter of time before Rush turned this match around.


Drake gets up from the mat with excitement and yells.


Drake: Yeah, take some of that !!!!!!!!!!


Rush gets on top of the Insane One and starts delivering rights and lefts to Arkhams temple. The referee tells Rush to stop using his fists but he doesn't listen. Nick Patrick starts the 5 count.













Drake stops hitting Arkham but only to spit in his face. And the live crowd lets him know how they feel about what he did to their favourite with tons of boos.


Styles: Come on, that was totally unnecesary. Rush just wants to humiliate Arkham.


Heyman: You're damn right, he wants to humiliate him and take his precious TV title.


The Insane One is slowly getting up to his feet but Drake bounces of the ropes and delivers a Bakatare Sliding Kick (http://www.wrestlingencyclopedia.com/Moves2/Bakatare%20Sliding%20Kick.wmv) to the head of Arkham.


Heyman: If the Spinning Wheel Kick and flying ForeArm smash weren't enough to get the job done then the Bakatare Sliding Kick must have done the job.


The King of Kings goes for the cover.









Styles: Arkham kicked out, Drake Rush can't believe it. Just look at him, he put his hands on top of his head from disbelief.


Heyman: Rush goes for the cover again.






Styles: Kickout again by The Insane One. Paul, Rush must know by know that Arkham won't loose his TV title that easy.


The Messiah gets up and starts to kick Arkham as hard as he can but The Insane One seems to be ''Hulking Up''.


Heyman: Ohh come on, don't tell he's gonna......


Arkham starts to shake his head and get up from the mat ala Hulk Hogan but Drake continues to kick and punch him but the kicks seem to have no effect on the big man.

Arkham is now fully up to a vertical base, Rush continues to throw punches at him but Arkham keeps receiving them and shaking his head ala Hogan.




Styles: Yes, he did it!!!! Arkham ''Hulked Up'' and the crowd loves it.


Heyman: You have to be kidding me.


Rush throws a right punch but the Insane One blocks it and fires a right punch of his own, they repeat this like four times. After that Arkham grabs the King of Kings and Irish Whips him to the ropes, Drake bounces back to be hit by a Big Boot. Arkham lifts The Messiah to a vertical base and Irish Whips him again to the ropes, Rush comes back and Arkham delivers a SideWalk Slam on him.


Styles: That has to be it. The Insane One goes for the cover.










Heyman: He kicked out, my mans not going down like that.


Styles: Your' man?


Heyman: Ohh shut up Joey, everyone knows that the only homo person in the announcing team is you.


Arkham once again raises the King of Kings to a vertical base but when Drake gets up he delivers a dropkick to The Insane One and Arkham steps back a few steps right by the ropes. The Messiah runs towards Arkham but only to be catapulted over the top rope......


Heyman: Whoaa that was close, Drake managed to hang on to the ropes using his left hand and he's standing on the apron.


Rush gives Arkham a right hand and hooks him up in a Suplex position.


Styles: Rush can't suplex The Insane One to the outside, Arkham nearly outweighs Rush by 100 lbs.


Drake tries to suplex Arkham to the outside but to no avail. The Insane One outpowers the King of Kings and lifts him up completely to a vertical suplex position.


''Shotgun'' is on the outside floor and trips Arkhams leg, Arkham falls and The Messiah lands on top of him, Scott Andrews continues to hold Arkhams legs but he lowers himself so that the referee Nick Patrick doesn't see him.

Styles: What's this, Scott Andrews tripped the leg of Arkham.


Heyman: HAHAHA Arkham fell and Drake landed right on top of him.


Styles: Scot Andrews is still holding Arkhams feet from the outside, but the referee doesn't see it and he goes for the count. Damnit!!!!!




Styles: Come on not like this, Shotgun is clearly helping The Messiah cheat.







Heyman: He's gonna do it baby.


Styles: Not like this, not like this!!!!!!!






Ding X3.


The guitar riff from ''Control'' by Puddle of Mudd starts to play in the areba. Drake gets up and quickly yells at Nick Patrick.


Drake: Get me my f***ing belt over here right now.


Heyman: Yesssss, he did it, the Kinf of Kings beat that moron Arkham. Finally we have a worthy TV Champ. This night can't get any better than this.


Styles: Andrews just screwed Arkham. This is sickening, and the referee didn't saw a damn thing.


Nick Patrick obeys Rush and quickly goes to find the TV Title and brings it over Drake. Meanwhile The Insane One is confused and doesn't know what's happening, after Nick Patrick gives The Messiah the TV Title he goes over to Arkham and tries to explain him that he lost and is no longer the TV Champ, Arkham seems more confused than ever.


Chimmel: Here is you'r winner and NEWWWWWWWWWW Television Champion, The Messiah Draaakee Ruuushhhh.




Drake tells Nick Patrick to put the TV Title around his waist, as Nick Patrick is doing that Rush gives the middle finger to the fans in the arena to a chore of boos. He then gets on the turnbuckle to show off his newly won title and says to the fans to suck it.


Styles: Arkham behind you !!!!!!


Scott Andrews nails the Insane One with a chair to the back, drops the chair and starts to beat him.


Heyman: HAHAHa Andrews keeps screwing Arkham.


We see a replay of Scott Andrews going to the announcers table and getting a chair while Rush was celebrating and Arkham was getting up from the mat. He then entered the ring and layed Arkham from behind with the chair.


Styles: Come on, this isn't fair. Arkham was just victim of a cowardly atack. Shotgun I hope you rot in hell.


Scott Andrews keeps beating Arkham to a bloody pulp until Keith Jaxx runs down the ramp to a HUGE pop from the crowd. Shotgun sees Jaxx and quickly bails the ring and jumps the ringside barrier and leaves through the crowd. Jaxx is now in the ring attending his fallen friend.


Styles: Yeah Andrews leaves now, what a coward. The only he could get the upperhand on Arkham was assaulting him from behind, but luckily Keith Jaxx came to the help of his friend and Andrews leaves like the coward he is.


Heyman: HAHA, who could have thought it, Arkham a bloody mess defenseles in the ring thanks to Andrews.


We cut to a ad of the new DVD ''Before they were TWOStars''

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The Titrantron cuts away to a basement, where a dishevled Fabio Rossi is slumped in a corner. He slowly rises to face the camera and begins to speak ...


Rossi: Welcome back to my personal terror dome. Does it look familiar? You may remember that this was the place where two weeks ago, I pledged to win the Royal Rumble. I promised to force you to respect me by triumphing at Battle Royale and going on to defeat the champion at Wrestlenova. Everything was set in place for my destiny, for my family's moment of glory!


The Wolverine paces around the basement excitedly.


Rossi: Unfortunately, the powers-that-be in TWOStars are slightly more intelligent than you people. They recognise the considerable talent of the next big thing in this industry ... me. However, in their infinite wisdom they have decided that they do not want Fabio Rossi to play a prominent part on their roster.


Rossi laughs humourlessly.


Rossi: Well, I can't say that I blame them really. Who in their right mind would want to see their entire roster decimated? They saw what I did to that jabroni on my first night ... and they were frightened. Scared that I would put their marquee superstars on the shelf. Terrified that I would destroy every wrestler put in front of me as I became their champion. And that is where the conspiracy comes in.


The Italian now has a mad glint in his eye as he continues ranting.


Rossi: Last week, I had an opportunity to acquire the Television Championship. It was not integral to my plans but I believed that it could serve as a starting point in my quest for my family to be revered as they should always have been. So, I prepared to take on a freak who had less brainpower than George W. Bush ... and believe me, that's quite an astonishing feat. Anyway, the powers-that-be sent out two fruits to throw me off my gameplan. Despite this cunning plan of theirs, I managed to outsmart Jaxx and Cole and was on the verge of victory ... but those in charge had another ace up their sleeve. They persuaded Scott Andrews to come out and cost me the title. This scheme lacked subtlety but it unquestionably worked. I have no doubt that he was instructed to hit me with the chair and not Arkham ... but in the heat of the moment he remembered his hate for his bitter rival and forgot all about it. I felt sorry for the deranged lunatic and gave him a free pass because I know that he cost me the championship just because he was told to. If any more proof was needed, one just needs to look at the TV title match tonight. Now, I've nothing against Drake Rush and I'm sure that he'll be a worthy champion but could he have triumphed in the circumstances that I faced? Where were S.E.X tonight? Why did Andrews help Drake and not cost him the title? Because the management do not have the same hatred for him as they do for me.


Rossi bangs the wall in frustration as he continues his story.


Rossi: And then we came to Battle Royale, where I said that I would set up my destiny at Wrestlenova. I arrived at the arena with a brilliant strategy in mind, one that would ensure my victory. I walked into Darkstar's office to draw my entry number ... but noticed that there were no balls remaining. The owner then proceeded to tell me that I would not be needed in this Royal Rumble and to take the night off. My protests proved to be futile, as Darkstar appeared not to be listening to me. It is painfully obvious to me that he did not want me to headline Wrestlenova. This sort of discrimination as exactly what I'm talking about! Do you have any idea how humiliated I felt as I saw Michael Cole and Becki Moss entered into the Rumble ahead of me? I had to watch the Evil Gringo win from number one, knowing that I could have single-handedly taken him out ... if those in charge had let me enter the damn thing!


The self-proclaimed Next Big Thing lets out a cry of anger.


Rossi: And tonight is no different! They have left me off the card, with no match. I'm not even featured in the freakin' opening video! They do not want to see me even wrestle, nevermind main eventing their biggest pay-per-view of the year. When they do bring me back, I am certain that they will place me in the most difficult matches imaginable. And I respond to them, and indeed the whole locker room, as thus. Bring it on! I don't care whether I have to fight Howell, Gringo, Holt or all of them at once! Hell, I don't even care if you bring Acid Christ out of retirement! Because I promise you this, any superstar that enters a ring with me will never, ever be the same again.


Rossi becomes lost in thought as the screen fades out.


We cut to a promo recapping Battle Royale.

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We come back from adverts


We see Drake Rush entering the New Blood lockeroom with his newly won TV Title around his waist. As soon as he enters he's received with high 5's from Arron Winter, Ashton Winter, Red Scorpion and MH III. The Messiah unbuckles the TV Title from his waist and lifts it up in the air with his right hand.


Drake: This my brothers, symbolizes the begining of a New Era in Professional Wrestling!!!!!. I defeated that good for nothing moron Arkham and took the TV Tile back to it's righful owner, ME!!! I put the fans out of their misery, now they won't have to laugh at their TV Champion and feel sorry for him, NOW they will look up to him and fear him, because nowone and I repeat NOWONE is taking this title away from me. Not even GOD HIMSELF will be able to take this *Drake points to the TV Title with his left hand* away from the real Messiah, ME. Our next goal will be bringing the Tag Team Belts to the NEW BLOOD and tonight we took a giant leap in that direction thanks to Arron and Ashton becoming the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Then when all is right and we have destroyed every single TWO Superstar, Michael will get what he is trully deserving of, whats long overdue, and that is his WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.


Are you guys with me!!!!!!!!


New Blood: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We cut to a advert of the ''Royal Rumble encore presention on PPV this Saturday''.

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We return from an advert about how to improve your sex life using only the power of your mind, and an oddly shaped cucumber and how this cucumber is YOURS for only £29.99, available now, from no good retailers, just the bad ones, that sell porn on the top, middle and bottom shelves. As we return we find an incredibly red faced Todd Grisham standing around the backstage area.


TG(mumbling): I am NOT being paid enough for this.


Todd Grisham promptly collapses and Josh Mathews walks into the picture.


Josh: Yo Todd, what's up man? HIGH FIVE!


Todd groans, shuts his eyes, while repeatedly saying "I hate Josh Mathews" under his breath.


Josh: Errr... alright then.


Cameraman: We're on the air you know.


Josh: Errr... alright then.


The cameraman groans, giving an all time high for groanings in a segment on this night. Oddly enough, the most groaning during a match was when everyone in the crowd groaned as soon as Chris Eagle's music hit. We hear the brief rustling of paper and then we see Josh again, standing directly in front of the camera.


Josh: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have no idea why I'm standing here, the piece of paper in my hand just reads "For a fun and sexy time call Josh on"... HEY!


Suddenly, in the background, we see a man in a suit walk by with a bunch of junk in a box heading towards an empty room close to Josh. He grabs a plaque out of the box, drops the box, grabs a screwdriver and screws it onto the door. THIS IS SPECIFIC COMMENTARY. I could do paint drying conferences you know. He slams picks up the box, slams the door behind him. The camera zooms in to show the plaque reads "Network Advisor".


Josh: Errr... alright then.


Josh knocks the door, but gets no response.


Josh: Errr... alright then.


Cut the something else, possibly a random Japanese fact. They do appear randomly you know.

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We come back from that Network approved Japanese fact to ringside and the commentatory team of Joey Styles and Paul E. Heyman...


JS: And now for yet another huge match up on this weeks XTV…


PH: You mean its time for the Dark Alliance and Darkstar to finish the NGA once and for all…


JS: I know Gringo’s necks still gotta be in a mess after pulling double duty on Sunday…


PH: And Black Dragon’s ribs can’t be feeling pretty after the DA dropped the Anvil on him either…


All of a sudden ‘Blackened’ by Metallica hits the arena speakers and the New Gringo Army of Black Dragon and Evil Gringo emerge from the back to massive cheers from the crowd…


PH: Shame that his music isn’t for whom the bell tolls… that will probably be more apt for these suckers right about now…


JS: Never underestimate the quest for revenge Paul, you know these guys have gotta be dying to put a hurting on the DA and Darkstar after being screwed over at the Rumble…


TC: Representing the N.G.A… Weighing in at a combined four hundred pounds… Black Dragon and the Evil Gringoooo…


Gringo and Dragon make walk down the aisle slapping the hands of fans as they go, keen to interact with their loving fans but there is a look of steely determination on their faces that underline the mission ahead of them tonight…


PH: For the last time Joey they where screwed! They pinned the illegal man and then got their asses handed to them!


JS: Sure Paulie whatever you say…


The NGA climb into the ring and ascend opposite turnbuckles and salute the crowd who cheer on their heroes…


JS: And now we await the coming of the jackasses…


PH: Their already in the ring…


JS: Shut up Paulie you know who I mean…


"Climbing Up The Walls" by Radiohead and the crowd boos as the trio of Darkstar, Boyo and The Sickness and start to make their way to the ring…


JS: I know Michael Cole always called Boyo the biggest jack-ass of them all, well I’m starting to see what he meant…


Boyo wearing his usual mint green trunks with white boots, and a white sweat band around his forehead is first walking ahead of Sickness, with a smirk on his face… Darkstar is behind with the insane Sickness who is chewing on his arm in a bored fashion as he walks to the ring…


TC: And their opponents, the TWOStars Tag Team Champions, Boyo and Sickness, The Dark Alliance and the owner of TWOStars… Darkstar!


Boyo waits at the bottom of the ramp and awaits the arrival of Sickness and the TWOStars owner to even up his chances but the trio are taken by surprise however as…


JS: OH MY GOD! Gringo with the Spanish Fly! Dragon with the Tornado Plancha! The NGA are in a hurry tonight!


Boyo and Sickness are down in a heap on top of each other and Darkstar is left easy pickings… But Gringo and Dragon aren’t interested much to the owner’s relief… They want Boyo and lift the rather stunned Welshman off the ringside mats and Gringo lifts his prone body in a shinbreaker…


PH: Oh god no… surely that’s a DQ?!?!


JS: Boyo just had his knee rammed hard into the steel post by Gringo and the crowd are going crazy for it!


Gringo then drapes the tag champion’s leg over the guardrail before stomping it into the barrier some more before hopping onto the apron and…


JS: The Royal Rumble winner just dropkicked the knee right into the security barrier Boyo is down on the floor in serious pain!


Gringo rolls in Boyo as Dragon gets up on his part of the apron and Sickness and Darkstar take their positions on their side… Gringo tags in Dragon who is back on ‘the Jackass’ straight away as the Welshman tries to find solace in the ropes… But that backfires as BD uses those very same ropes to snap at Boyo’s leg with a modified Dragon Screw! Boyo collapses to the floor and the crowd begin to cheer ‘NGA, NGA’…


PH: This is just immoral! The referee is doing nothing to stop this mugging!


JS: Their just working over his leg Paulie! Honestly if you brown nose the tag champs and the boss anymore your nose is just gonna be stuck up their asses forever!


Dragon then explodes with a running elbow on Sickness knocking him off the apron and then ducks a clothesline attempt delivering a dropkick to the owner’s knees sending him from the apron… Boyo is back in and limping, his left knee causing him some considerable pain. Dragon catches him with a single leg and follows up by dropping an elbow to the leg and taking it into a leg vice on the injured limb, still torquing at the ankle for extra pain and impact on the joints.


JS: Seems the NGA have set game plan…


PH: Yeah, injuring a fellow professional likes cowards…


Boyo tries to fight him off by looking for a sleeper but Dragon quickly releases and stomps on the limb some more to keep him grounded. He drags the DA member into the middle of the ring and looks for the Mexican Surfboard but Boyo, no matter how hard BD tries, will not feed him the arms…


PH Hah! Boyo is too smart to fall for that…


JS: It doesn’t matter! Dragon just jumped into the air and stomped on both of the tag champs hamstrings!


Dragon is quick into the cover…










Dragon backs the Welshman into his corner and wraps the leg around the ropes and wrenches until referee Chad Patton get in his face and mostions for a break... BD responds and shapes for a clean one but instead unleashes a barrage of reverse elbows into the face of the Boyo and sends the Welshman slouching down in the corner as the NGA are firmly in charge...


PH: You see! Cheats! Dirty Mexican cheats!


JS: Just one thing Paulie…


PH: What!


JS: Black Dragon isn’t Mexican!


Black Dragon tags in Gringo after placing Boyo on the top and The Mexican Sensation looks for a top rope Hurricanrana but ‘the Jackass’ fires back and pushes Gringo off the top where he lands on the mat like a cat and dropkicks the tag champions knee..


JS: What agility by the 2006 Royal Rumble winner there…


Gringo then makes matters worse for the Welshman by snapping off a step up avalanche dragon screw causing yet more knee problems for Boyo...


PH: Awww come on! He was in the ropes!


Gringo then spits at Darkstar who goes to rush into the ring and the referee has to stop as Black Dragon sneaks around the ring and yanks Sickness off the apron…


PH: Look at these dirty tactics! And people call the DA!


JS: Eye for eye, this is pay back for all the dirty moves that the DA put on them on Sunday…


Whilst the referee restrains Darkstar and Sickness Gringo drags the very much anguished Boyo into the middle of the ring and slaps on a figure four leglock and motions to the crowd like Keiji Muto...


JS: Figure four is on and Boyo is trapped! Will he tap?


Dragon comes into the ring to ward off any potential attempts at saving the fallen Welshman who is screaming in pain and trashing and fighting over the hold…


PH: Come on Boyo! It’s just a figure four! Ric Flair hasn’t won in ages with this pile of crap!


Boyo manages to roll Gringo over but ‘The Mexican Sensation’ is too fresh and takes advantage of the weakened leg strength of the tag champ to roll back again and wrench some more at his injured limb…


JS Wait a minute… Darkstar’s got a microphone…


DS: Right, this bull*BEEP* is over! Referee I ORDER you to get that dirty Mexican *BEEP* to release that hold as that superstar requires urgent medical attention… Failure to comply will result in the IMMEDIATE termination of your TWOStars contract! Do you hear me?!?!


Chad Patton is stuck in an uncomfortable situation and he calls for the break… Gringo just stares at him open mouthed but is quick to release as soon as he begins to administer a five count…


DS: Good… now as Boyo is unfit and this is meant and advertised as a 3 on 2 match up then I have choice but assigning a sub for this match… So ladies and gentleman I introduced the TWOStars WORLD HEAVYEIGHT CHAMPION… THE INCREDIBLE HOLT!


The opening rifts of “You don’t see the signs” hits the arena PA

The arena darkens, only illuminated by the green graphics on the tron until the World Heavyweight Champion, The Incredible Holt brushes the curtain to one side and makes his way out to the stage

He takes a couple of paces forward, the camera showing the caption – THE INCREDIBLE HOLT – TWOSTARS WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION before a waterfall of white pyro masks Holt and the ramp from view before the champ marches through.

JS: Jesus this is a screw job all over again!


PH: Oh and how is that so Joey?


JS: Because they legitimately worked over a superstar’s leg, looked had he had him beat and that cry baby of an owner couldn’t stand the fact that he was being outsmarted and beaten by the NGA…


PH: Well that’s just a matter of opinion…


Holt slides into the ring as two backstage workers help the noticeably limping Boyo to the back, Dragon and Gringo are both arguing with match official Chad Patton who is declaring that he really had no choice. Holt ever the opportunist takes advantage and jumps the NGA pair, dumping Gringo outside in the process where the wolves Darkstar and Sickness await…


PH: See the genius that Darkstar has? He makes a snap judgement like that and it changes the match around just like that!


Holt begins to throw the much smaller Dragon about as Gringo gets to his feet holding his neck, which is still sore from his battles at the Royal Rumble and aggravated by the spill he took out of the ring. Darkstar is barking orders at the monstrous Sickness who has grasped a steel chair and is measuring the staggered Mexican Sensation…




JS: Dear god! Steel chair right to the neck! And Chad Patton can’t do a thing without losing his job it seems, this stinks!


PH: Genius, I tell you Darkstar is a genius…


Gringo is down and out clutching his neck at ringside… Darkstar motions to Sickness to prep the Spanish announce table which the insane monster begins to… Meanwhile back in the ring Holt powers up the much smaller Dragon and drives him down with a HARD running Powerslam…


PH: Shades of the late, great Davey Boy Smith there with that MASSIVE Powerslam…


Holt is content with the cover though and simply scoops the Dragon off the mat, his temper seemingly blown due to Dante’s backstage attack earlier in the night. He sets up BD for a powerbomb…


JS: Look Dragon’s trying to counter it… oh crap…


PH: Squashed like a bug!


Holt blocked the attempted Hurricanrana from the luchadore and just powered the NGA member to the mat with another big move, this time a MASSIVE powerbomb that rocks the ring. Meanwhile Gringo is layed out on the table and Darkstar has him pinned down… Sickness hops onto the apron and then the top rope… He launches himself…





Crowd: Holy *BEEP*, Holy *BEEP*


Sickness is down holding his ribs and Gringo looks out of it leaving the TWOStars owner with a sly and sick smile on his face whilst in the ring Holt is very much in control of the limp and almost lifeless Black Dragon…


JS: Another damn mugging, god damn it!


Darkstar starts shouting instructions to the Silent Destroyer of the future and he places the Dragon on the top rope. He climbs up after the NGA member who is still seeing stars after the brutal powerbomb that he received moments before… Holt hoists him up….


PH: Yes! Move of the year right there!


JS: That SICK bas… My GOD, an IncreDDT from the TOP ROPE! This is over!


Holt puts one foot on the chest of the fallen Dragon as the referee is made to count down by Darkstar…










‘You Don’t See The Signs’ once more hits the PA system and Darkstar rushes into the ring as Sickness rolls in still favouring his ribs slightly… Darkstar once more has a mic in hand…


DS: Oh yes, ladies and gentleman let me introduce your winner and get used to these words… He is the TWOSTARS WORLD CHAMPION, THE INCREDIBLE HOLT! Oh yes, the winner and you know Gringo if you can hear me out there in the wreckage of that cheap table… Get used to this statistic, The Future made you and at anytime we wish we can break you…


JS: What an arrogant son of a…


PH: Shush! I’m listening to the most important man in wrestling today… Do you MIND!


DS: Oh and Gringo and you Dragon if you can hear me in that coma your in now… Never is a word you two will have to get used because due to your actions tonight you two will NEVER receive a shot at the tag belts EVER AGAIN!


JS: I can’t believe this…


PH: I know, dream come true isn’t it?


DS: And just one final little thing… Gringo you will NEVER be the champion so long as there is a breath in my body, a thought in my brain… Just like tonight, just like EVERY SINGLE DAMN NIGHT my mission, my goal… Is to make sure you NEVER make it to Wrestlemania ALIVE!


Break Stuff kicks in and Sickness kicks the limp body of Dragon out of the ring to the waiting referees as Holt and Darkstar just stare with great intensity at the fallen Gringo who still lies prone in the wreckage of the Spanish announce table as we fade out to commercials…

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Cuts to the back, to the Dark Alliance locker room. Boyo is still in his wrestling gear, laying on his back on a hospital bed, grimacing in pain. One of the TWOStars Medical Team are present.


Boyo: Well, what's the damage!?


Doc: There definitely is damage here, Boy-


Boyo: AHEM~Mister Boyo to you Mr Doc


Doc: Mr Boyo, there is severe swelling to your left knee, a lot of fluid has gone into your knee and your knee is very weak right now. You are not going to be able to walk on it tomorrow. No siree Bob.


Boyo: Will I still be able to make that stinkin' Mexican ghoul Mr Ping tap out!?


Doc: Not in this state you're not!


The crowd pop loudly at this as the doc looks uneasy.


Doc: Mr Boyo - there is no doubt that you're left knee has been damaged, but we do need to establish the extent of the damage. Is it broken? Is it ligament? Is it cartlidge? Is it just very painful? Mr Boyo, you need to get to a hospital right away.


Boyo: You do realise, Mr Doc, that this makes me very irate!?


Doc: I'm sure it does, Mr Boyo, but as your doctor I need to do what's best for your injury and not your ego. An ego can be repaired, a knee..? Possibly not.


Boyo: Oh, Mr Doc...


Doc: Mr Boyo - you're a tough man.


Boyo smirks.


Boyo: Yes. The toughest.


Doc: And I am sure you'll recover but I'm not sure when you'll recover. I'll have a much better idea once we've given you an X-ray and a scan.


Boyo: W-will I be back in time for WrassleNova?


Doc: ...


Boyo: Mr-Mr Doc..?


Doc: I can't say.


Boyo: ...


Doc: ...


Boyo: Mr Doc..?


Doc: Yes, Mr Boyo?


Boyo: In your medical opinion; will Mr Ping, that stinkin' pepper of a man, pay for this with his spine..?


Doc: Yeah big man, yeah he will. Now let's get you off to hospital, shall we?


Boyo: Ok.


The doc starts pushing Boyo's bed (which is on wheels) towards a waiting ambulance and gives a quick, worried glance at the camera.


Fades to>

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The backstage area where Josh Matthews is staring blankly at the camera, before suddenly coming alive.


JM: I am standing backstage with The Judge, and Sid I believe you wanted a moment of interview time?


The Judge: Yes, thank you Josh. I just felt the necessity to send a message to two people who have been the proverbial thorn in my side for the last month, and those are TLA and Twiggie.


JM: What kind of message, we saw at the Battle Royal that it was Twiggie who pinned TLA?


The Judge: That is correct Josh, last night TLA and Twiggie justice was served in the most ironic yet appropriate manner. I challenged those two to a match, brought about by cowardice, and a lack of honour. TLA and Twiggie may have been afraid of taking a beating from the New Blood, but dammit they were not going to escape the beating of their lives from The Judge and Jimmy Redman. But you see Josh, that’s where the truth lies, for you see for TLA and Twiggie, it seemed that the aforementioned lack of honour was the only thing they had in common and so quicker than I lasted in the rumble, they were at each others throats. And just as you said Josh, Twiggie beat TLA.


JM: So what happens now?


The Judge: What happens now? Now I finish what I started and that is to pronounce sentence on The Lonely Avenger. For you see Josh, he still stands accused of the charges I sought him for, but his punishment still awaits him. Twiggie may have humiliated you at Battle Royal, but that’s not enough, no, TLA you are going to suffer at the hands of The Judge himself. So watch your back TLA, the game is on and I am making up the rules as I go along. This isn’t going to have a happy ending for you, I am playing to win and just as it will be game over when I beat you TLA, it will be justice served when I find you Guilty as Charged!


The Judge turns and leaves the set.


Fade to....

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..the TWOStars Best of the Bloodiest Brawls DVD ad.


The ad is suddenly interrupted by black out.


The camera returns to the announce table.


Styles: Well....we apologise for that fans, we appear to be having some technic....


The camera suddenly cuts to the titan trons where The Lonely Avenger can be seen.


TLA: The Judge, you speak of Games, and you speak as if you are in control. I AM THE ONE WHO DETERMINES YOUR FATE. And this game doesnt end until I say so. Did you thnk you were going to gain the advantage? Judge, you are too predictable, for I have already struck the first blow. Drawn first blood as you will see. And the tragic thing about it is that you dont even know it yet. Or maybe you do? Look to those you hold closest and dearest, and you will find just how far I will go The Judge!!!!!


The screen fades to black as the camera once again returns to the announce table.


Heyman: What was that about? "Look to those you hold closest and dearest"


Styles: It seems The Lonely Avenger has something planned for The Judge, and you can bet it is not going to something The Judge will like.


Cut to ad break

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Back from yet another ad break. We can see Twiggith M'Gee still cursing and mumbling under his breath to himself, with recycling bin in tow.


Twig: YOU!


An unknown wrestler in a track jacket with matching spandex underwear and waxed legs turns both frightened and confused.


Jobber Jeff: Huh!?


Twig: You want a shot at glory? You want this!?


Twiggie points to the hardcore title hanging over the side of his bright green bin.


JJ: Well, uh... I mean... not really?


Twig: Too bad! I'm giving you a once in a lifetime offer! Right now in an unsanctioned hardcore match, I'm putting my belt on the line.


JJ: Oh, please God. No!


The Colorado Troubadour grabs his hardcore title and smashes it straight into the face of Jeffery the perpetual jobber.


Styles: Sweet baby Jesus, that's not right!


By some fantastic stroke of luck, Jeff isn't busted open. He is however dazed and knocked to the floor. From out of the green canister the PETA Punisher produces a long white flourescent light bulb. He rears back and destroys it in a shower of shards over the poor helpless man's back.


Fans: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


Jeff's track jacket is ripped and shredded, while he bleeds from under the nylon fabric. Another tubular light bulb is taken from the bin. Twig takes a firm hold of the bloodied man's hair and pulls him onto his knees directly infront of the camera. The Southwestern Socialist holds the flourescent light across Jeff's face, particularly his forehead. The Recycling One swings his hair back over his head, and then forward.


Heyman: Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme!!!!!


T. Wiggins' dreads shatter the flourescent bulb with his thick glass beads.


Crowd: This is F*(ked up! This is F*(ked up! This is F*(ked up!


Jobber Jeff flops forward and blood quickly pools, staining the dark, grey concrete. Twig is not done just yet and he returns to his infamous recycling bin and clumsily removes several more light tubes. He drops one and it clatters to the floor, but doesn't break. He leaves it and lays the rest on a folding table set flush against the wall. Jobber Jeff pushes himself up to his hands and knees.


Twig: And just what the F-bomb do you think you're doing!?


Styles: F-bomb?


Heyman: Twiggie dropped the F-bomb!


The Southwestern Socialist scoops up the fallen light bulb and chokes his victim up to his feet, and hooks his foot over the man's legs.


Styles: A White Russian Leg Sweep!! The Sandman would be proud!


As J.O.B. Squad Jeffey slams onto the blood-stained glass-ridden concrete the tube explodes in a cloud of white powder. TWOstars official and execs close in on the scene, but they're kept at bay by flying glass shrapnal.


TWOstars Senior Junior Actuary: Mr. Leon-




TWOstars Senior Junior Actuary: Twiggie, please... this isn't a sanctioned match... nor is it for a sanctioned title... just... just end it.


Twig: but I was gonna set that table topped with light tubes on fire and thorw him through it!!


Twig sits up, showing trickles of blood running down his back.


Jobber Jeff: Please... just pin me already!


Twig pouts like a four-year-old who's denied candy, before rolling over onto the tortured glass cushin of a man.


One of the officials near-by drops down and counts the fall








Heyman: He did it! He retained his Harcore title!!


Styles: Yeah... Jobber Jeff, didn't even want it in the first place... and he was literally begging to be pinned.


Twig cradles his championship like it's the Heavyweight gold.


Fade to VVV and Holt grunting back and forth continuously, in an attempt to sell you Stacker 2 fat burner.

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Back from the Stacker to fat commercial and fittingly enough we are in The Future's dressing room. Holt and VVV are sat on the plush leather couches as DS paces the room with Taz looking on


DS: You know, that was perfect tonight, but I don't quite think the message will have gotten through to our little Mexican friend and his midget mate


Taz: If it didn't get through they'd have to be stupid


DS: Well that's always been Pingu's issue here, too stupid for his own good. But just to get the message home I have a couple of plans. Firstly with Tom taking the week off I think next week he can put his agression into context as he takes on Gringo in his first week of Gauntlet matches. Of course if Gringo does manage to survive he'll have to overcome the submission specialist the week after


Taz grins at the thought of a return to the ring


DS: But just in case that isn't enough, chaps I have a job for you.


The TWOstars owner appeals to his two giants


DS: At Hell to Pay the New Gringo Army or whatever he wants to call it shall be in for the beating of their lives. Put simply it shall be the TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion and the United States Champion teaming up to take on Gringo and his buddy The Black Dragon.


The two behemoths grunt at each other, Taz starts to laugh nervously at the inner rage being built up


DS: There is no chance in hell that either Gringo or his little bitch will be making it to Wrestlenova, take that as read


Fade to Commercials

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Back from the commercials and we are backstage and we see DM getting into a Limo.


JM: Deadman! Deadman! Can I get a quick word?


DM: What is it Josh, having no match tonight means I can go out and attend to some required business.


JM: I just wanted to know what your reaction was to losing at Battle Royal to Gower.


DM: My Reaction? You saw my reaction when I eliminated that no good piece of crap from the Rumble match.


JM: Yes a lot of people thought that was very uncalled for.


DM: Uncalled for? No what was uncalled for was Gower taking the Extreme Revolution Championship and Destroying it. That Josh Matthews is what was uncalled for.


JM: Well...


DM: Well nothing you little tart. It is as simple is this Josh. Gower is just not good enough to be a Main Eventer little own Main Eventing Wrestleman.... sorry Wrestlenova.


JM: But with you being a 5 time Extreme Revolution Champion and him beating you twice in a row. Doesn't that mean he is better than you?


Deadman grabs Josh around the throat...


DM: Listen here you little....


Out of nowhere Deadman is taking down to the ground as the camera changes it's focus to the two men on the ground.


We see as the two men roll around that the attacker is Gower.


Gower: God damn son of a bitch I will ****ing kill you if it's the last thing I do.


Gower with the upper hand lays in a number of punches to the head of Deadman before security comes in and splits the two men up.


BG: Damn it let me at that son of a bitch, LET ME AT HIM!!!!!!


Fades to a Main Event Promo

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Heyman-Well now we’ve got our main event. And this one is going to be a blood bath.


Styles-That’s right Paul. We’ve got Dante vs. Michael Howell III. And we KNOW Dante is pissed about how things went down at Battle Royal. He’s gotten word from Management tonight that bans the New Blood from ringside. He also said he’s brought in a couple of his own favorite things for the match.


Heyman-And we all know how that freak loves blood.


Styles-OH COME OFF IT! You’ve no proof.


Heyman-Whatever man.


The fluorescent lights all go green, every Titan Tron screen has an image of money falling while cutting to pictures of the "10 Karat Slam" Sutterfly's 'Gun in Hand' plays. This gets large boos from the crowd, who obviously hate Howell.

Spend a lifetime

trying to understand.

Why you reason

with a gun in your hand.


Two spark showers start flowing on either side of the titan tron.

What was so bad?

What had he done

to make you return,

this time with a gun?


Niles comes out and rolls out a long red carpet going pretty far down the entrance ramp. Then Howell comes out onto the red carpet, hold a blow up doll.


Intimidation growing bigger.

What the hell made you pull the trigger?

Spend a lifetime

trying to understand.

Why you reason

with a gun in your hand.


Heyman-And here comes your winner Michael How….WHAT THE HELL?.


Styles-Well he did manage to beat Dante at the rumble. And you’ve got to wonder how Dante is doing after his match, and being in the rumble.


Styles looks up from his monitor and realizes what is happening.


Styles-Oh SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL… He’s carrying an inflatable se….We’re getting word from the back here…Apparently that’s his new escort and her name is…That can’t be right…Can I actually say that…Alright…Howell’s new escort is Busty Belinda.


Howell sets Busty Belinda on the ring apron and then climbs under the ropes.


A graphic flashes up on the Titantron. First it is just undistinguishable blurs, but soon it turns into an actual picture. A storm is seen and heard in the background. Lightning hits and thunder cracks loudly. The camera goes through the graveyard as the storm continues. Eventually several small shapes are seen in the background. As the camera approaches them, it turns out to be identical tombstones, With names across them all. From left to right they read,



Omega Red

Draven Cage

Mickhail Mills

Chris Eagles

Jordi Warner

Evil Gringo

The Incredible Holt


Behind the graves is a figure perched on the top of a Mausoleum. In the lightning flashes, the figure is revealed to be Dante, trench coat billowing out behind him. Lightning strikes the mausoleum where Dante is perched and at the same time lightning strikes in the arena. The crowd jumps at this as the all to familiar pyro explodes. Bloodlines by Slayer is blaring through the arena as Dante walks from amidst the flames. The crowd again pops massively as Dante makes his way to the ring. He throws the guns again and "shoots" each turnbuckle, making pyro blast out in succession as each one is "hit".


Dante removes his trench coat, and sets it on the floor. He turns and puts a murderous glare upon Howell, who wears a cocky smirk.


Styles-There is NO love lost between these two.


Howell-Well Dante felt the need to interfere with Howells business.


Styles-Lets just pretend like you’re impartial here for a second. Well the ref is about to start this match here, and we’re underway.




Howell begins to circle the ring, in normal starting match fashion. Dante however, is having none of it. He stands and keep his murderous glare locked upon Howell, who is looking a bit unsure of himself. He advances and finally gets Dante to tie up. Dante comes out on top, and whips Howell to the ropes. He rebounds, and Dante meets him with a thunderous spine buster.


Styles-Dante showing some signs of Batista there.


Dante ducks outside and begins looking under the ring apron for something. Howell gets to his feet as Dante is throwing various implements of destruction into the ring. These include, chairs, a black kendo stick, a table, cookie sheets, trashcan and lid, stop sign, and two tables. As he turns to get back into the ring, Howell hit’s a baseball slide, and sends Dante hard into the guard rails. He picks up the trashcan lid from in the ring, and cracks Dante over the head with it. He then rolls Dante and trashcan lid back into the ring. He grabs Dante by the hair and pulls him to his feet. He grabs his larger adversaries neck, and lifts him into the air, taking him over in a vertical suplex, landing with his back across the stop sign. Dante lets out a yelp of pain, and Howell pick sup the trashcan lid, and starts to hammer away on Dante’s back.


Styles-That can’t be good for Dante, especially not after his recent back problems.


Heyman-You ever notice how Dante always get beat down in his matches?


Styles-Well he’s never had a squash match Paul, if that’s what you mean.


Dante tries to fend off the blows, and manages to role onto this stomach. The CEO lands a couple shots of Dante, before the Assassin finally catches hold of the trashcan lid and rips it away from Howell. He hits Howell and manages to stagger him enough to buy sometime. Dante gets to the ropes, and using them to support himself, manages to regain his feet. Howell, however, has managed to right himself, and just as Dante gets to his feet he’s met with a hammering clothesline, and the two combatants go tumbling back to the outside. Howell seizes the advantage, and goes to make a cover on Dante.
























Styles-NO! Long two count on Dante, but he managed to get his shoulder up.


Heyman-By some miracle.


Howell gets a pissed look on his face and starts to argue with the ref, but to no avail. He turns his attention to Dante again, and hits him with a couple kicks to the ribs, before lifting him to his feet. Howell attempts to whip Dante into the ring post, only to have it reversed. The CEO’s head collides with the steel of the ring post with enough force to shake the nearby Busty Belinda and sickening thud can be heard. Dante picks his trench coat up off the floor, and starts searching it for something…


Heyman-What the hell is he doing?


Styles-Looks like he’s trying to find something….


Dante reaches into a pocket and produces a small coffin shaped box. He opens it and pulls out a…


Styles-He’s got a dart. That doesn’t bode well for Howell.


Heyman-A DART? He can’t use that!


Styles-This is a hardcore match Heyman….


Dante throws the dart at Howell, who has just managed to regain his knees. It sails through the air and……






Heyman-HE KILLED HER! THAT *******!


Styles-It was just a blow up doll…




Styles-Can we see a replay of that?


A split screen is brought up, and in one picture we see Dante whip the dart at Howell. Howell drops flat to his stomach, and in the Belinda, who is leaning against the ring post. She explodes in a shower of plastic and air. In the opposite half of the screen, we see the CEO drop to his knees and mourn the loss of this new manager. As we converge back to on screen, Howell stands up with a look of murderous rage on his face. He turns and…






Dante holds up the chair, and The CEO’s blood is splayed across the front. He holds it up to the crowd, to a loud pop. Soon after, the cheers turn to boos.


Styles-What’s going on here?


Heyman-Apparently the New Blood have seen fit to interject in this match. Here come Rush, Winters, and Scorpion.


Styles-I thought they were banned from ringside.


Heyman-Well apparently, they don’t want to stay in back….WHAT THE HELL??


The lights in the arena cut out. A few faint screams can be heard throughout the arena. Suddenly, Dante’s voice can be heard booming over the loud speakers.


You son of a bitch. You couldn’t do it like a man and fight me yourself can you? Well you want this to be hardcore? YOU’VE GOT IT!! I told you I had some surprises in store. So without further ado…gentlemen…


The lights come back up and in the ring are Dante, Howell, the deflated remains of Busty Belinda, a camera man, and the ref, the only difference is…






Styles-Why not? On a related not, the new blood sure do look pissed.




Dante and Howell face off in the cage. Dante still has the blood stained chair from Howell, and Howell has picked up a cookie sheet. The camera man looks a bit panicked being caught inside the cage, but continues to film.


Dante takes a swing at Howell, and its ducked. Howell retaliates and nails Dante in the head with the cookie sheet. Dante drops to a knee, and Howell hits him again. The Assassin drops to the mat, and a small stream of blood drips down his forehead. Howell continues to beat Dante with the cookie sheet. After one final shot, he throws the blood stained, bent cookies sheet down, and poses to the crowd, which draws thunderous boos from the crowd. He turns back and bends down to lift up Dante, and gets a boot to the face for his effort. The Assassin is up and has the look of a man possessed about him.


Styles-Dante looks pissed….


Heyman-Well I bet Howell is too. After all, he did get his manager popped.


Dante grabs the kendo stick and assumes a fencing stance. Howell draws himself to his full height, and is met with a flurry of strikes from Dante. Dante delivers a backhand chop to the back of the CEO’s leg, and drops him to a knee. He then hit’s a backhand chop to the gut, doubling Howell over. Howell is kneeling and holding his stomach, and Dante grips the stick like an executioner and swings. A resounding CRACK!! Can be heard throughout the arena, and the kendo stick bows severely under the weight of the blow. Howell slumps to the floor, but is caught by Dante before he can fall. Dante puts the Kendo stick across his neck, and pulls him back up.


Styles-White Russian Leg sweep by Dante. Man that takes me back.


Heyman-Yeah, me too….On an unrelated not, the camera man has done a really good job of staying out of the way…


As if on cue, Dante whips Howell into the cameraman, and he runs straight into the camera lens.


Heyman-Now THAT is an extreme close up!


Styles-HA HA HA. Wow, that actually wasn’t to bad Paul.


Heyman-I really gave it 110% on that one.


Dante again lifts Howell, and this time takes him to the ring apron. He repeatedly rams the CEO’s head into the cage, and the blood starts pouring. Howell’s face is a crimson mask, and Dante has streaks from his own wounds.


Howell delivers some shots to the gut of Dante, and manages to get his face off the cage. He promptly grabs Dante and rams his head into the cage, opening his cuts a bit more.


Styles-I don’t think these guys are going to stop until one is dead. Thus far, we’ve had one pin attempt, and no escape attempts.


Heyman-Well these two really do hate each other.


Dante manages to turn and face Howell, and they begin to trade punches. Howell gets the upper hand, and rakes a hand across the eyes of Dante. The Eternal Opportunist hold his face and Howell begins to scale the cage. He almost gets to the top and…


Heyman-He’s going to do it!! He’s going to get out….


Styles-NO! Dante has a hold of his foot.


Dante is perched precariously on the ropes, and Howell tries to kick him off. He manages to give Dante a boot to the face, and the Assassin falls backwards, but manages to keep a hold of Howell’s foot, pulling him off the top of the cage with him. They both crumple to heap on the floor. The ref looks as if he wants to start a count out, but can’t. After a few seconds, Dante begins to stir. He regains his feet, sets up the table. The Assassin then pulls a groggy Howell up to his feet.


Styles-This doesn’t bode well for Howell….


Howell manages to take a badly off the mark swing, which Dante easily sidesteps. Dante hit’s a stiff kick to Howell’s gut and doubles him over. He hooks the his leg over Howell and delivers the Bloodwork.




Heyman-What is Dante doing?


Dante lifts Howell to his feet, but the CEO promptly collapses back to the mat. Dante again pulls him up, and this time holds him up, while putting a trashcan over the CEO’s head and body. The Eternal Opportunist then rolls Howell onto the table and goes to climb the turnbuckle.




Dante poses and is ready to leap but the crowd starts to chant, GO UP TOP! Dante, his face a bloody mess, shrugs, and obliges them. He climbs to the top of the cage. Howell begins to sit and move his legs a bit on the table. Dante leaps and…




A loud HOLY SH*T chant thunders through the building.






A replay is shown of Dante leaping off the top of the cage, and delivering a Killshot to the trashcan sporting Howell, taking them both through the table.


Back to live action, both men are in the ring, though neither of them are moving. A loud, LET’S GO DANTE! Chant is echoing throughout the arena. Dante raises an arm, and the crowd being to cheer. He slowly extracts himself from the rubble, and gets to his knees. As if hit with a sudden surge of adrenaline, the Assassin manages to get to his feet. He looks at Howell, and drops back down on top of the battered CEO. He hooks the legs and….









Styles-Its got to be over here…















Heyman-As much as I hate to agree with you Joey, I think you’re right.










The bell rings and Bloodlines begins to boom through the arena. Dante again climbs to the top of the cage, and sits there, but not before spitting a mouthful of blood.


Styles-Well that was one hell of a match, but in the end, Dante got it. We thank you for joining us tonight, and hope to see you next week. Goodnight.


End of show.

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