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Ashley's Lingerie=Millions?


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-- Bidding for Ashley Massaro's New Year's Revolution lingerie, which is taking place on WWE's Auction website, has hit the million dollar mark. Unfortunately, it looks as if the bidding is artificial: with no competition, "carlos sanchez" raised the price from $3,300.00 to $1,000,005.50, only to fall $2.50 short of the top bid. What is also interesting is that "Cutediva123101," who is in the lead with $1,000,008.00, made her bid on 1/24, when the price was only $3,000.00 (sanchez made his bids on 1/28). -lordsofpain.net


The person probably doesnt have the money but if you go to the auction site it actually is 1,000,000.(not sure what that is in Euros so someone tell me.)

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They wouldn't be able to. I'm not sure what the process is with bidding on WWE Auctions or if there's a legal contract but I assume there's a chance the WWE would sue.


i REALLY doubt that.. that wouldn't look great for WWE..




it will go the the next highest bidder if the bid is fake

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