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You Have A Kid. You Need Some Entertainment For Their Birthday Party...


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Why not hire a Saddam Hussein lookalike to "entertain" the kiddiewinks:




No? How would they like to meet every 10 year old's hero... WILL-YAM 'AGUE...




Need some mid-party entertainment? This guy seems to think he can, you know..."rock"....




Finally, how to deal with the tricky problem of getting everyone to leave at the end of the night - I bet this "nice" fella has a few ideas.....




You just can't tell them apart from the real thing....as long as you are blind of course. Anyways we've probably had the thread before but I thought I'd do it anyways, lookalikes. Useless, good, forum members, post them.

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Im sorry but he doesn't look anything like Pierce Brosnan! What bloody idiot told him he did?



This dudes probably my favourite though :



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And another thing...




It's our friend HSM morphing into Nicholas Lyndhurst. Or is that the other way around? :devil


(I know it's an old one but it seemed a shame to let it go to waste)

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