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Does the Main Event spot spoil the Rumble?


Is the Rumble spoiled by the WM spot?  

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  1. 1. Is the Rumble spoiled by the WM spot?

    • Yes, it'd be much more open if it wasn't there
    • No, it means there's more resting on it
    • Doesn't make a difference

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To be fair, I'm not entirely sure who's gonna win the Rumble this year.


Logic says HHH, but WWE seem to like straying away from logic.


So to be fair, for me this Rumble is a bit more open than usual.


Although arguably thats not a good thing, more a sign that they don't plan long term, or if they do and that goes wrong, they haven't got much of a plan B.

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I think this year with Batista vacating the World heavyweight title it would have been really interesting to just hang on a few weeks and have made the winner of the Rumble champ, like in 92 with Flair. Would have made the match a hell of a lot more entertaining than it will be anyway.
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I agree with Jung. I think this year's Rumble is a lot more open than most people think. HHH and Show are still feuding, Orton/Booker/Benoit/Jordan all intertwined at the moment, Cena/Edge and Angle/Henry all fighting for the titles and not in the Rumble itself, not to mention JBL who's not in the Rumble either. This could be WWE's opportunity to push someone like Shelton Benjamin, RVD or even Matt Hardy into the main event while waiting for the big players that are injured to come back. Edited by Gooneronastick
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I agree with a lot of what has been said so far, but I think there is an obvious fix to the problem...


Just have someone unexpected win it one year-- problem solved.


If, for instance, Carlito won it this year, no-one would be able to rationally say 'only 3 or 4 guys can possibly win' again. Certainly not for about 5+ years anyway...


I actually think someone like Carlito SHOULD win infact- because neither Orton nor HHH will gain a damn thing from winning the rumble. Yes, they would land a main-event title match at Mania, but they can be in that position WITHOUT winning the rumble remember(!)... Whatever happened to creative writing etc?!


Plus, there are 2 heavyweight belts anyway, so if someone like Carlito were to win the rumble, it wouldn't mean that Wrestlemania would have to be put on his shoulders- because he could just decide to go for the Smackdown title for some reason or other (again, creative writing?!)...


As things stand though, yes, the Rumble is more predictable because of the Wrestlemania slot being the prize, but it's only a problem because the creative team aren't smart enough to work around it...

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The thing is, WM is the biggest event of the year, so therefore the title match is that show's biggest match of the year, so putting someone like Carlito in it wouldn't be right when there's 10 bigger stars who could be in.


What I think should be a compromise though is that the winner should get a title shot, but not at WM, because the top guys should be in the match at WM, and that pretty much means only a few guys could win. They're not going to put someone like Masters, or probably even RVD or Kane in the WM main event, and they're top guys.


If the title shot was at NWO, people like Benjamin, RVD, Kane, Masters, Lashley, Carlito etc could easily win the Rumble, but at the moment, only RVD and Kane have even a minimal chance.



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