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Triple X Wrestling in Coventry 4th February


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From the UKFF

Triple X Wrestling would like to remind everyone that they are holding a show at the Dog and Trumpet in Coventry City Centre on February 4th at 8pm.


Some of the matches on the night include


The internet's own 'Fanboy' Andy Krae taking on Chris Stone


SWA's Adam Shame against 6'5 monster Exodus


Also in action, Majik and 'The It Boy' Quentin Hyde-Styles teaming up to face 'The E Train' Edgar Stryfe and an unknown partner.


Also in the main event of the evening, a four way match between four of the uk's best high flyers pitting Devilman vs Imperial Dragon vs Falcon vs NWA-UK Junior Heavyweight champion, Zack Sabre Jr.


Entry on the night is a mere five pounds. Full lineup to be announced shortly.


All enquiries to tripleXwrestling@hotmail.co.uk


Controversial and outspoken MPW walkout's Leon Lionheart and Raze will be accompanied by Jetta taking on representatives for their former promotion, CK Lite and the officially un-retired Peacekeeper!!!!


Edgar Stryfe to face a late fitness test on his shoulder which was injured by (me bitch!) Quentin Hyde-Styles the last time Edgar entered the ring...


Adam Shame has announced he does not feel safe of English soil alone when he gets into the ring with 6'6 monster Exodus, so will be bringing backup in the shape of fellow Scottish wrecking machine, Jonny Milla.


Your MC and host for the evening will be none other than "The Pale Rider" Gabriel Grey...


The website is http://www.triplexwrestling.co.uk

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Again, from the UKFF:


Due to some random, haggard circumstances involving a huge balls up with regards to liscencing jargon and whutnot, the show is pulled from the Dog this Saturday...


This is tragic I know but does Triple X seem like the sort of promotion to fold before it's first show? Hell no!


Yes the show has been cancelled but to try and make it up to you, a similar show will be held the next night, Sunday 5th February at the Tam O'Shanter... Read that back folks... New date... New venue....


This gnarly, ghetto situation has forced a couple of the talent from the show to cancel but they will be replaced with some equally awesome last minute re-booking and we still have most of the lineup.


As soon as I make some calls I will post any significant changes to the lineup


Triple X and the Dog and Trumpet appologise greatly for this situation and look forward to future shows when this gets sorted out.


On the plus side, we can now allow under 18's into the venue... But the content is not going to change so do so at your own peril....


Thanks for you understanding or alternatively send all hate mail directly to me at triplexwrestling@hotmail.co.uk

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The show was indeed canceled at a very late time due to some problems at the venue which were out of the control of triple x wrestling.


i've heard an official statement will be available this evening it should be available on their website or the triple x wrestling thread on the ukff.

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