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** Official Smackdown Discussion Thread - 27th January 2006 **

carlito is cool

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Greenville, SC

Bi-Lo Center

January 24, 2006


A near sell-out crowd, much like Charlotte the night before. Only scattered open seats from what I saw.


Dark Match:


William Regal pinned David Flair with a running knee to the head


Velocity (For WWE.com Webcast):


- The Gymini (w/ Simon Dean) defeated Jason Jones & ? Moore when Moore was pinned; after the bout, the Gymini hit the Cross Trainer on Jones


- Bobby Lashley pinned Brad Attitude with the Dominator


- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash & Jamie Noble defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick when Kendrick submitted to Noble’s dragon sleeper


- Good match with some nice high spots to the floor. Kash was very over as a heel.




WWE Smackdown Tapings (Air Date: Jan 27 in U.S. & Jan 26 in Canada):


Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Mark Henry (w/ Daivari)


- Rey started the show off with an in-ring promo in which he said he knew he was the underdog in this rematch and in the upcoming Royal Rumble. And while he admitted to being small in nature, he said he has a big heart. He dedicated his performance and win in the Royal Rumble to Eddie Guerrero. Rey wore Eddie’s shirt to the ring and there were a lot of Eddie chants during the promo. As far as the match, it was very fast paced with Rey dominating, using a hit-and-run offense which kept Henry off guard. Henry eventually caught Rey and hit the powerslam for the win. Daivari did guest commentary for the match. After the bout, two referees helped Rey from the ring.


Randy Orton, Booker T, and Sharmell were shown backstage in which Booker offered to pay Randy back his favor by interfering in his upcoming match with Chris Benoit. Orton declined the offer, saying he could beat Benoit on his own, but said he might cash in the favor at the Royal Rumble, especially if Booker and Orton are the last two in the ring. Orton walked off and Booker and Sharmell did not look pleased with that idea.


Footage from last weekend’s Smackdown tour of Mexico was shown, specifically of Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio Jr., and El Hijo del Santo in the ring paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero.



Super Crazy & Psychosis vs. James & Chad Dick vs. Nunzio & Vito (Royal Rumble Qualifying Match)


- Crazy pinned Nunzio after a wheelbarrow-facebuster double team.


The Rob Van Dam Royal Rumble vignette was shown.


A Royal Rumble Flashback recapped Chris Benoit’s victory in 2004, a perfect lead-in to …



Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton (No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere)


- Great match, as is usual when these two are in the ring together. Started scientifically at first but eventually went to the floor with Orton using a trash can lid and dropping Benoit across the commentary table. The finish was fantastic. Benoit went for the diving headbutt but Orton blocked by raising the trash can lid. Orton got to his feet first and set Benoit up for the RKO but Benoit shoved him off into the ropes, quickly picked up the trash can lid, smashed it over Orton’s head as he ran back off the ropes, and applied the Crossface. After several seconds of frantically stretching for the ropes, Orton tapped. Big pop for Benoit’s win.


Several Royal Rumble promos were shown throughout the taping, including Road Warrior Animal, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Lashley.



Finlay vs. Sho Funaki


- Finlay won the match with a Musclebuster but the referee reversed the decision when Finley assaulted his opponent after the bout. Finlay then grabbed the mic, said he came to fight and cut a promo on the fans before hitting a second Musclebuster and leaving ringside.


JBL and Jillian Hall were shown backstage (mere moments after I saw them enter the limo; I sat behind the stage) with both talking about the Boogeyman. JBL assured Jillian she had nothing to worry about.


A trailer for Kane’s “See No Evil” was shown. Nothing too out of the ordinary as far as horror movies go.


John Bradshaw Layfield (w/ Jillian Hall) fought Scotty 2 Hotty to a no contest when the Boogeyman’s music hit and JBL had a bucket full of worms dropped on him. We’re talking “Carrie” … but with worms. They filled the ring. As JBL was becoming freaked out by that, the Boogeyman came out from under the ring and scared JBL to the point where he fell backwards onto the worms, freaking him out even more. He and Jillian eventually ran backstage as the Boogeyman had dinner.


A music video was shown to promote WWE 24/7 to the tune of Van Halen’s “Right Now”. Very well done piece capturing key moments in WWE, WCW, NWA, and ECW history. Celebrities like Mike Tyson, Arnold, and Muhammad Ali were featured as well.


Mark Henry & Daivari were interviewed backstage about Henry’s title match with Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble.


Melina confronted Teddy Long backstage, showing him her taped up ankle, the result of Kurt Angle’s assault the previous week.


World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury (w/ Melina) (Handicap match)


- Angle forced Mercury to tap to the ankle lock after belly-to-belly suplexing Nitro over the top to the floor. After the bout, Mark Henry & Daivari came out, with Angle taking the fight to Henry and landing the Angle Slam. The champ applied the ankle lock but, to his shock, Henry powered out of it and kicked Angle to the floor. Henry, Daivari, and MNM stood in the ring and taunted Angle, with Henry signaling that the belt would soon be his, to close the TV broadcast.


After several moments, Angle grabbed the mic and said if Henry thought he was so tough, how would he like a title shot right then and there? Henry accepted and we have our dark match main event.



World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry (w/ Daivari & MNM)


- Not bad but very short. Angle reapplies the ankle lock and all the heels come in for the DQ. Moments later, Rey Mysterio Jr. runs out to make the save, eventually hitting a 619 on Daivari, Nitro, & Mercury at the same time. Moments later, Angle set Henry up so Rey could hit the same move on him. Angle and Rey then chanted “You Suck” in unison with the fans toward Henry, Daivari, and MNM. After the heels left, Angle and Rey posed, with Rey grabbing the belt and doing the Angle spinning pose bit. Angle and Rey then hugged and left the ring together.

Source: wrestleview.com
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What exactly is the handicap in all recent handicap matches? Presumably it's that if you're a tag team and have to face one person you'll definitely lose. They don't really do any good to anyone IMO because:

1/ They don't help the person on their own look any better since they're expected to win as that's what happens everytime now

2/ It makes the tag team look very weak, not being able to beat one person, especially when they're the champs!!

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first of all ZZZZZZZ thats what smackdown does to me.. the show has nothing but midcard peopel with like 2 peopel who are mainevent people. most of the poepel on smackdown will never be anything at all in the wwe.. smackdown is the place vince sends the people who he does not like anymore..


ok on a good note. Boogeyman is great i love him he is starting to remind me of the old undertaker (old undertaker without worms). ortan should win the rumble he is the next big superstar of the WWE...

am i suppose to buy that angle is a face now? after he talked down about the troops i lost all respect for him. i dont care if vince made him or not that was the worst storyline idea for a former olympic winner....

rey should not be over he is midcard for life. sorry but he will never be champ vince does not put the belt on guys that are only 3ft tall

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Overall I thought it was a very very good show this week...


Orton v Benoit gave us a good 10 minutes of mat wrestling, something we dont see a great deal of in WWE today, and then a nice bit of brawling. A very good match and thats three weeks in a row Orton has gave an enjoyable match. Its interesting to see where this fued is going.


Rey v Henry was quite enjoyable to with some nice spots. The strange thing is through that the only two guys likely to win the Rumble on sunday jobbed clean this week!!!!


And booking the Tag Team champs against one guy, and have them loose, is bloody ridicilous.


And JBL/Boogeyman continues to be living breathing Wrestlcrap......

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Since when was the Piledriver "outlawed" in the WWE??


It's not. Michael Cole is just stupid. Sure, they're told backstage not to use it, but it has never been "outlawed" in a kayfabe sense. There for, Cole broke kayfabe and sucks.


Benoit and Orton put on a fine display. Orton is the best seller in the business, right now. Match of the year, so far.

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There for, Cole broke kayfabe and sucks.



even though it's Vinnie Mac who tells Cole what to say in his headset....



great smackdown as usual....


two problems with it


1. why is Rey jobbing to fat lumps like Henry??? Rey is over a hell at the moment and should be getting a huge push


2. Finlay... don't get me wrong i think the guy's good... but i just don't see the point of pushing some 50 plus year old veteran as a guy who kicks ass?!


MNM vs Kurt was fantastic.. i love how they have turned the you suck chants onto Kurt's opponent


Orton vs Benoit... awsome match as usual.. Orton is an amazing worker and Benoit is one of the best in the world.. and the match was great and it wasn't spoiled by Booker and Sharmell which added to ti.. the only problem with Orton is that the girls scream for him and it stops hs heel momentum a bit IMO.. answer.. keep girls away :devil


the tag match was good.. gald to see the mexicools heading to the rumble



good show... OWNED Raw

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Smackdown starts with Rey Mysterio vs. Mark F’n Henry which is already a good start and Mysterio dedicating his Royal Rumble win to Eddie Guerrero. I’d love to see Mysterio win it personally and he looks to be one of the favourites which is good. Rey takes it to Henry to start and works on the leg before Henry takes him out with a Clothesline. Rey attempts a Tornado DDT which in hindsight was probably not the best thing to do against a 400lb monster and yes indeed Rey gets slammed. Henry takes over until Rey hides and Henry is all ‘We know that you’re in there and that you’re alllll alone…Its Santie Claus…and his elf’. But Rey is all ‘I’m over here ya horses ass’ and Henry takes a bulldog into the barrier. 619 around the ring post and a Sprinboard Leg Drop as Henry was entering the ring. Rey goes for another Springboard, Henry catches him, Rey drops down behind, Henry presses him into the Front Slam. Uno, dos, tres. Rey can recover from a couple of losses very easily and Henry needs to be built up for his match with Angle. No big deal. Match wasn’t as good as last weeks, but still decent. Henry continues to be perfect in the role.


Meanwhile Matt Hardy is being creepy and in another part of the arena, Randy Orton is standing around not doing much but the camera is on him anyway. Oh, theres Booker T and Sharmell T. Awesome. Yeah, they have gone beyond growing on me, into being imbedded into the very fabric of my existence. They are awesome together. Booker thinks Benoit messed up Randy’s chest and Booker does not tell a lie. Sharmell laughs at Randy, just because. Anyway Randy says it is his destiny to win the World Title, Booker says its his too. Randy might just cash in that favour if they’re the last two in the ring at the Rumble. But YOUR US Champion and HIS wife don’t like the sound of that.


FBI vs. The Dicks vs. The Mexicools without the much missed Juvi in a Rumble qualifier. Anyway Mexicools win after Crazy gets the tag and opens up a can of whoopo asso and they finish off Nunzio with a Wheelbarrow Facebuster thing. Nunzio jobbed? NUNZIO? That was shocking. Mexicools are in the Rumble.


Benoit vs. Orton No Holds Barred (although hopefully in this version it doesn’t lead to Tiny Lister becoming a wrestler and I pray to God we don’t get Hogan doing pushups in a thong) One Fall to a Finish is next. I love the old schoolishness (yes that is a real word. It is because I say so) of it. It has Dusty written all over it. The font for the writing being Funky Monkey Mothership Font No. 3.


Royal Rumble Moment: 2004 and Chris Benoit finally gets his dues, wins the Rumble and goes on to win The Triple H Title in the main event of Wrestlemania. Of course for the next six months, he would play second fiddle to Trips, his boyfriend Shawn and a ‘special’ guy before losing the title to Randy friggin’ Orton. But that is a rant for another day.


And speaking of Benoit, he makes his entrance followed by Randell. Cole says that at the press conference Randy promised to win the Royal Rumble (Please God no. Anyone but Orton, Trips, Michaels or Kane and I’ll be happy. Give me Simon Dean or give me death). Orton and Benoit fight for control to start and again like the other matches recently it looks like they really are fighting over everything, using every last bit of strength just to put on a Hammerlock. It is just realistic wrestling, something which a lot of people fail to grasp. We know Benoit can do it, but Randy has impressed me lately with it too. We go to a break with Orton ducking out of the ring and smiling that creepy Ted Bundy smile of his. We return with more fighting for control until Orton pisses himself at the prospect of being locked in the Crossface. Benoit is all ‘Enough is enough and its time for a change’ CHOP. Orton fights back with right hands and that nifty Uppercut he does. Bouncing a guys head off the announce table is as legal as a headlock in WWE matches these days Taz, you don’t need to point that out. Randy goes for the plundah but I am disappointed to see that it is only one of those crappy tinfoil bin lids and Benoit probably got grumpier than usual because he had to sell that crap. I’m assuming Benoit was backstage begging the agents to go out and find him a bin lid that was 5 inches thick, made of solid steel, covered in barbed wire and acid, just so he could take one of those across the head. Benoit goes all chop chopity on the table but that no good Randy Orton rakes his eyes. You’ll pay for that you monster, mark my words. Orton takes control and finally busts out some decent plundah, the good old trustworthy steel chair. Everyone from Ted DiBiase to The Rock has gone down after a chair shot. Benoit ducks it, tries for a Sharpshooter, but Orton fights out of it. NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX MOTHERFUNKERS! I always loved that move for some reason. They fight up the aisle, hopefully headed for the men’s bathroom, but Benoit orders some chops from the menu and they head back to the ring. I actually love them pointing out that the Piledriver is outlawed in the WWE. They need to play up on that a lot more, promote the viciousness of the move and why it has been outlawed. It’ll mean so much more when someone is hit with the move. Anyway Benoit reverses it because he’s Chris Benoit, Orton takes a back drop on the concrete. Triple German Suplex, Benoit goes for the Flying Headbutt, but Orton ever the coward protects himself with the bin lid, goes for the RKO, reversed, bin shot, Crossface…Orton taps?!? Holy crap, you mean someone other than The Undertaker is allowed to actually beat the almighty Randy Orton? Again another good match between the two. Funny how all of Orton’s best matches in the WWE have come against Chris Benoit. He is the glue that holds the matches together. Chris Benoit continues to be the best wrestler by a pretty big margin in the WWE, the best wrestler in America and easily top 3 or 4 in the world. The guy is better now than he was say, 2 years ago, if that is even possible. I don’t necessarily think he will win the Rumble, but it needs a 50 minute man to hold everything together and I would much rather it be Chris Benoit than say, Shawn friggin’ Michaels.


Meanwhile Animal shouts a lot, lists what he has done in his career and wants to win the Rumble. Hey, I want a threesome with Trish Stratus and Molly Holly, but we can’t have everything in life Animal. I have more chance of winning the Rumble than you do.


HHHHHHEEEEEERRRRRRREEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS FINLAY!!! OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod. I start to swoon like a teenage girl meeting Chuck Norris. They show the greatest debut in the history of wrestling from last week where he introduced Matt Hardy’s creepy rat like face to steel and steel won. Slap to Funaki! Uppercuts! Kills him with a Clothesline! FINLAY talks trash in the corner, but takes a boot to the face like a real man, he begs off but wipes him out again and continues to work on him as the Ivan Drago to Funaki’s Apollo Creed. Only FINLAY would have beaten Rocky, to hell with some damn script. A couple of morons chant ‘Boring’ because they would probably prefer to watch Shawn Michaels use his offense that looks like it wouldn’t break an egg. I hear two bodies were later discovered by the police in an alley outside the arena. Minus limbs. How does it feel fellas knowing that the last thing you ever saw was FINLAY’s fist flying towards your face? See if you can still chant ‘Boring’ when you’re burning in the fiery pits of hell, while the devil sticks a pitchfork up your ass for eternity. Funaki fights back but only because FINLAY let him, but FINLAY gets tired of the nonsense and finishes Funaki with depending on what you read, The Air Raid Crash/Kryptonite Krunch. FINLAY beats the piss out of him after the match because Funaki said something derogatory about his mother. Uh oh another referee screws FINLAY. Smackdown is going to run out of referees soon enough if they keep screwing FINLAY. How the hell you supposed to ref a match when your head has been ripped from your body? He shoves Chimel over just because he can. We’re hard and like to fight, Americans are soft. You tell him Fit. He thankfully isn’t going anywhere. They’re actually booking him right. I love it. His words and mine.


Meanwhile Jillian Hall has been traumatised by her experience with The Boogeyman. Lies and slander young lady, you have been lusting after him ever since he teased you by biting your face. It was foreplay, the undercard to the main event that will come later. JBL’s facial expressions are tremendous as usual. I certainly didn’t notice that ‘small growth’.


Elsewhere some idiot let Lashley talk again. He needs a manager like Shawn Michaels needs to learn how to sell.


JBL vs. Scotty. I remember a really fun squash match these two had a while back. JBL opens up with right hands in the corner. Scotty goes for the Worm, but JBL murders him (not literally) with The Clothesline from Hell, which everyone knows is the universal signal for The Boogeyman. Seriously, do a Clothesline from Hell right now, I guarantee The Boogeyman appears. Its like saying ‘Candyman’ three times in a mirror. Its rainin’ worms hallelujah and we have THE BOOGEYMAN. Boogey is all clockity breakity, JBL is all wormity slippity, Boogey is all wormity eatity, JBL is all aisleity runnity. Boogeyman vs. JBL at The Royal Rumble. It won’t be Hansen vs. Kobashi, but it should be overbooked and fun. I’m assuming after rumours that Jillian Hall is being replaced that Boogeyman eats her in the middle of the ring. Actually eats her.


Raw Rebound: Raw’s rather underwhelming main event and the build towards Edge vs. Cena at the Rumble. I’m assuming it’ll be a non finish or some sort of screwjob. I can’t see them taking the belt off Edge so soon.


Melina shows up in Teddy’s office, leaving Teddy hot under the collar, but Melina is a ***** tease and she only wants to show her ankle injury. If it was SNITSKY he’d lick the ankle better. Teddy now apparently has two strikes against him.


MARK F’N HENRY AND DAI F’N VARI! They’re there with Crystal/Cristal/Kristal/Krystal/All of the Above, DAIVARI answers the question and promises that Henry will be YOUR new World Heavyweight Champion. Henry is all ‘Batista couldn’t beat me with strength, Mysterio couldn’t beat me with speed, Angle can’t beat me period’. That…is…awesome. Again, screw the hatred against Mark Henry. You’re all crazy, crazy people.


They go over the Rumble card. Henry vs. Angle should be good and I do LOVE the Royal Rumble itself, but it is on Sky Box Office so being the cheapskate that I am, I won’t be buying it.


MNM vs. Kurt Angle is next. Melina can’t do her entrance thing, but Michael Cole doesn’t seem too unhappy about it. Anyway Kurt ‘I’m Fine, I’m at full 100% health. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Trust me’ Angle makes his entrance. I always hated handicap matches. It is supposed to be just that, a handicap, yet the guy with the disadvantage usually wins and it makes the other guys look stupid. Although a handicap match from the past did provide this gem from Michael Cole: ‘This handicap match has turned into a 2 on 1 affair’. Truly wise words from a wise man. We return with Angle backing Mercury and his cinema screen forehead into the corner. Mercury doesn’t have much success, so he tags Nitro. Mercury pulls down the top rope like a good heel tag partner should do. Melina bravely overcomes the crippling pain in her foot to take a shot at that heinous woman beater Kurt Angle. She continues to be the best WWE valet in a long time. Crowd chants for Angle, but MNM don’t listen to no stinkin’ crowd chants. They go for the Snapshot, Angle reverses out of it, dumps Mercury with a German Suplex. Melina hands him a FOREIGN OBJECT while Angle has his way with Nitro (not like that sickos. Get your mind out of the damn gutter). MNM do a Switcheroo. Roll of quarters to the jaw, but Super Kurt kicks out. Angle Slam, he snaps, Kurt Shamrock dumps Nitro puts the Ankle Lock on Mercury. Angle wins. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinks it is an insane booking decision to have your tag champions lose in a handicap match. I know they no longer care about tag wrestling in this company, but that is ridiculous. MARK F’N HENRY! Angle is all ‘Come get some’, Henry is all ‘Oh I’m coming to get some mother****er’. Angle takes it to him, but Henry powers out of the Ankle Lock as Angle is all ‘Uh oh’ to finish what was yet another good Smackdown.


Yeah like I just said not 5 seconds ago, another good Smackdown. Smackdown has been solid for a long time, but if it is true that it is down to Dusty that it has been so good recently, then once again I take my hat off to you Dusty (if I was wearing a hat). Dusty is a really great booker when he is kept on a leash and isn’t allowed to go overboard with his town killing finishes. The interesting little Orton-Benoit-Booker T-Jordan thing that has been happening and the perfect booking of Mark Henry has really added to the appeal of Smackdown in the last number of weeks. How anyone can watch Smackdown in the last 4 or 5 weeks and honestly tell me that Mark Henry sucks is beyond me. They’re either crazy or incredibly delusional. In fact I would say that the people who are frequently saying that don’t even watch the damn show. He plays the role to absolute perfection and has shown that he can work a good match. This week Henry vs. Rey was once again good, although not as good as last week, Orton vs. Benoit was the usual good match, FINLAY was FINLAY and it was awesome. I still hate handicap matches though.

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