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Single, Lonely and Unwanted.


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No I'm not just describing myself (but hey if being single and unwanted floats your boat my numbers but a PM away...I jest I jest, I couldn't pay people to take it off me :)) but referring to an article on Sky News saying that says us 'Billy No Sex's' are discrimnated against in a couplist society......



Society Is Too 'Couplist'



If it's not bad enough having no one special in their lives, singletons also suffer discrimination from a "couplist society".


Even though they make up 38% of the adult population, single people are expected to work longer hours and at weekends.


To make matters worse, they are often socially excluded by friends who are in relationships, a new study found.


More people are expected to live alone in the coming years but will miss out on all the benefits enjoyed by couples, the Carat media agency found.


The report found that:


* Nearly six out of 10 (59%) of singletons claimed to have experienced discrimination in the workplace.



* Almost a fifth (19%) of singletons said they were expected to flirt with clients of the opposite sex and the same number had to travel more for work than their colleagues who were not single


* Two-thirds of single men (67%) said they had experienced at least one form of work-related discrimination, compared with 48% of single women


* Younger singletons (aged 16 to 24) suffered the most at work (70%) when compared to 58% of 25 to 44-year-olds and 45% of 45 to 64-year-old


* In their social lives, half of all singletons (51%) said they had suffered negative experiences due to being single. The most common complaint was being asked embarrassing questions in public about their love life (25%).


Carat strategist Michael Florence, who oversaw the study of more than 12,000 adults in England, Scotland and Wales, said: "This year there will be more singletons living here than ever before.


"Attitudes must now change, otherwise an important and powerful sector of our society will continue to be ignored."


I like the way this article and study suddenly springs up before a certain day in February, no subliminal hints in the slightest ;). But in relation to the article/study I think it does have one good point going for it if you distance slight away from its jargon. In three weeks time I, among many other singletons, am going to have Valentines Day shoved in my face despite it meaning absolutly nothing to me. I'm tempted to wear a wear a black armband just for that reason. Working in retail doesn't really help that. But on the whole and being more serious, Valentines Day doesn't really bother me that much (more just an irritation), as it's just an excuse for retailers to make money out of everyone. If you're with someone why do you need one designated day to prove you really care about them and all that jazz of that arguement? It seems stupid to me.


As for the fact I'm single, sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn't. It depends what mood I'm in really but I'm not going to start harping on about discrimination in a 'couplist society'. Just seems another one of these rubbish reason brought up so people can avoid the reality of a situation and just blame it on pointless factors such as this study.

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Oooh I feel so left out being single!




I have more money than I can handle and can actually afford things rather than have some money grabbing idiot demanding I think about her for a change and denying me sex until I do what she wants.


I don't feel under pressure and i am in control of my own life.


I don't need a partner thank you very much.



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Where i work the average age is probably late 40's. Incredibly after working with the company 6 years i'm still the youngest in my section.


Anyway i do feel a bit looked down on when they ask me if i'm courting again.


But other than that i'm fine at work. I'm far to busy taking the michael out of the 35 year old virgin to be bothered with people bugging me about being single.

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