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Would you wear an Asda wedding dress?


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Supermarket unveils £60 wedding dress


Supermarket chain Asda has announced it is launching a selection of wedding dresses starting at just £60. Two-piece outfits cost £5 extra.


Its new George Bridal Collection aims to be able to dress both bride and groom for a combined price of £200.


The collection - set to launch on Valentine's Day - follows recent Mintel research which shows the average traditional wedding dress costs £826.


Angela Spindler, George's managing director, said: "You've heard of fairytale weddings. We think that most wedding dresses are being sold with a fairytale price tag.


"With the introduction of our new bridal collection all that is set to change. No other retailer in the UK will offer such great value without compromising on design or quality."


But Deborah Joseph, editor of Wedding magazine, said the success of the Asda wedding dresses would depend on their quality.


"Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. For many, it's the one time to splash out on a beautiful, exquisitely cut dress," she said.


"If Asda's dresses haven't compromised on quality or cut, then great - no bride, wants to look cheap on her big day."


From the Telegraph.


Its a good idea, as far as I'm concerned, but then I don't really buy into mind set of weddings having to be big and expensive. It just strikes me as another way of squeezing large sums of money out of people by convincing it will get them an authentic experience.


Plus it makes it cheaper to fill up the wardrobe for the weekend drag act so of course I'll be checking into to my local Asda to check sizes.

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Yer, i'd definately get one, it's not as if they're from a jumble sale or nothing is it, and i would of thought they'd be as 'pretty' as wedding dresses so yer i'd definately think about getting my wedding dress from Asda:lol


I'll be checking into to my local Asda to check sizes.

They go from size 10-20 by the way!

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I've actually seen a couple and they look quite nice!


Low cut satin affairs and not just available in white, they have Bridesmaids dresses as well I think!


But I don't wear dresses!*


I think T would probably use one for a night out to show us lower classes just how rich she is "I'm so rich I wear a wedding dress for cocktail parties!"**




* I've worn a skirt though, when I was a Roman soldier in a play once.

**Pure conjecture for comedic purposes only.

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The dress doesn’t really matter as long as the person you love is by your side.....


But I don’t think I would buy my dress from Asda there wouldn't be enough choice for me and I think a lot of the build up to a wedding for the bride, is the dress, picking it must be the best part, it would really bring it home that your finally going to get the man you’ve waited however long for, standing in a bridle shop watching the shop assistant running around frantically picking you out dresses that they think you would like and luck good in, saying you look beautiful and your husband is a very lucky man, it's all just for the money of course, but I bet it would be nice to hear. :)

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