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TWOstars Xtreme TV 49 - Jan 26th 2006


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Ok guys,


Just a short show this week as we build into Battle Royal on Sunday. Just a reminder that matches for the PPV are due on Friday.


An added challenge this week, MSG crowd, think about it :xyx


XTV 49 - January 26th

Madison Square Garden, New York



The Incredible Holt vs Bruce Tolley - Christof writing



Special Guest Referee: The Lonely Avenger

Aaron Winter vs The Judge



Television Title Match

Arkham vs Fabio Rossi



Battle Royal for the most Presitgious Spot in the Royal Rumble at Battle Royal (:help )


Evil Gringo, Michael Howell III, Dante, Twiggie, Drake, Boyo, Redman, VVV, Eagles, Gower & Deadman - Evil Gringo writing




If anyone wants to write please let me know. If anyone wants to get the show rolling please come to me first so I can give you the specifics.





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Wednesday is my last day before I go in for my knee reconstruction, so I'll get something done before then, promo-wise.


Christof - your PM's, if you will.




Good luck with the surgery Boyo. I know how much of a pain they having gone through one myself. Not to mention I'm still waiting on another, but thats for another thread. I really hope it all goes well.


Dante will make an appearence or two throughout the show other then the BR at the end. If you have any specific directions you want me to go, let me know.

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I should be able to take The Judge/Aron Winters match.



It's Arron Winter, by the way! I'm "The Omega Male" so if you wanna know anything then let me know as i'm up and running after difficulty getting online! I'll also write my match if judge can't or he'd rather not....

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Rog, I need to send you out the booking for the match you're writing


Please either clear some space in your PM inbox, or add me to your msn - andyleeds1@aol.com




We also need a taker for The Incredible Holts match - it's due tomorrow, but the match itself should be short. If anyone has the time, we would be most grateful

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So I have just done another rather surreal Dark Alliance promo that somehow alludes to Battle Royal as well.


This may be my last post on TWO for up to 8 weeks, due to lack of non-work-based Internet. So I'll see you around, and realise that this place will once again jam to the sound of Boyo.


Besides, I am one half of the Tag Team Champions, after all...



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