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The OFFICIAL "What did you do/get for Christmas" thread


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What you all got for xmas?


I know its a bit early but we always open our xmas gifts at 12midnight on xmas eve as a family tradision


Anyway ive got a man united gift set when i suport leeds


Socks! socks! socks! and more socks!


Calvin clasics boxers


Lazer 3 razer blades


empty whisky tin


pair of reebok classics :xyx


Im gonna Kill santa definitley now and im ungratefull, but the reeboks are ok


So what YOU lot got this year?



*plus im only kidding about been ungratefull ive appreatiated every gift* (apart from the man u set)




EDIT from DraVen: Use this thread to tell us not only what you got for Christmas, but what you did as well. How was the turkey? Did you get those socks you always wanted? Who got the most drunk? Share, share, share.

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yaehhhhhhhhh my first thread pinned


well its 0209 in the morning and im pissed out of my face


The turkey has been cooked and weve all had turkey sannies for supper


Tomorrow im going to a close freinds (yeah were only mates:lol) and im doing the same again so it hasent been too bad so far, i'll update tommorow when im sober, what im i on about? tommorow i'll be even more pissed


Or yeah i got a coat and some jumpers aswell


Merry xmas to all :xyx



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i fell a sleep about 11pm, Woke up at 1:20am, Kids opened half there prezzies now so i could open all mine :D anyway i got a Manchester United picture of the shirt with my name on it and new work bottoms from in laws, got PJ's and going out stuff from my mum and dad, Money from somemore in laws, R&B cd from kids and the Batista World title from the wife :D, This year i think we spent about £650 on everyone (thats with my stuff added), Now its 2:21am and we are about to go back to bed after having a quick smoke, Just finished talking to Draven and Taki about to go to bed :D


More updates to come when i wake up again


PS is this ok Dra ??????

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Pretty much opened up all our pressies to each other (me and Gill) last week when we came in drunk - but I had my mum and dad's pressies and Groovico's pressies to open!


I got the new Terry Pratchett book, the Broons book and some T-shirts from my mum and dad, and Groov got me a Simpsons mug and a pcoket Stewie soundboard keyring :D


Gill got an optic to use with a bottle of spirits and a lavender aromatherapy kit.


Kids? Kids have got way too much :(









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Opened all mine at midnight that way when the kids get up in the morning its all about them. I still have a few to come though.


I got 2 bottles of perfume, an Amathyst white gold ring, a 5 crystal chakra charm bracelet, ferrero rochers more chocolate, a lavender gift set.


Right now my longe has a motorbike in it, a pinball machine another xbox another pc, 2 robosapiens, loads of dvds and xbox games books clothes and teddies.


Cant wait for them to wake up, but i can guarantee it wont be till about 8ish so I've got a long wait. But it will be worth it seeing their faces.



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Me and Paula opened our presents to each other last night. She got me a few little extras seeing as I moaned non stop about having no presents due to my Mania anthology not turning up.


So she got me the Jack Johnson and Maximo Park CD's plus lots of sweets she picked up at work and a second hand book that she thinks I'll like (its a crime fiction book so there's a 96% chance I will)!


She's taken her DS to work I do believe having ignored most of her other presents! Looks like all she did really want was Mario Kart after all! She had no ide how much stuff I had got her so was pretty chuffed with all the CD's and DVD's and little knick knack things that I had spotted out whilst working and picked up for her.


Off to my Dad's this morning whilst Paula is at work to give my old man, half brother and dad's wife their presents. Then I've got to come back home for when Paula is back so I can head across to her parents for the rest of xmas and more presents!


Reckon that I've spent about £150 maybe more on Paula (only £100 more than her original budget), other presents have cost about £120 I think. Food shopping was a killer £100 but we've been pretty well bvehaved (except for me ordered DVD's from the US and the Bret Hart DVD from HMV on pre order)


Have a good one everyone!

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I've been a little emotional this morning, haven't opened any presents yet but it'll probably be something amazing, but I dont care, for me its not about presents and it just reminds of what I havent got.. Anyway bollocks to that. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all got what you want x
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Woke up at half 4 and went down at 5. Finished opening Pressies by 6 and by then I was truly knackered so went for a rightful sleep. Erm got tons of stuff, most of which i'll go into detail later or another day as i'm sorting most of it out. Anyway I hope you all have a brilliant day.
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I got up around 10, and me and my mom opened our presents. I got her a calender she wanted, a big block of Galaxy chocolate, some candle room scenters, a Magic Roundabout DVD (there is a reason for this, one that doesn't revolve around me being crap at presents) and six CDs she wanted (Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Megadeth, Sevendust and Iron Maiden). She got me my new PC (which I've already been using), SD vs RAW 2006, Queen Of The Damned DVD (which I wanted because Jon Davis does the soundtrack), Monopoly (a game I was deprived of as a kid - I always played it at my grandads but my mom hated it), a CD alarm radio thing, my new phone (Samsubng somethingoranother) and a crapload of Jelly Babies, plus £50. Away from that, I got more money, deoderants and a hangover kit. Can't complain at all :)


Uncles coming round soon, then we tuck into dinner, which'll be fun. I'm having a turkey thing to myself because my mom is a vegetarian, and with that I get stuffing, potatoes, peas, carrots, possible mash, and yorkshire pudding that looks more like mash potato (she always made it wrong, but it tasted gorgeous and I've had none in years), followed by Xmas cake, the watching of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and a game of Monopoly. Oh, and my dog got a cool-ass new toy and loads of food :)


For now, John Cena awaits me on SDvRAW.

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Got woke up by me sister at about 8ish, went downstairs and opened presents. I got; DVD Player, DVDs (Godfather box set, Scarface, Kung Fu Hustle and two of me fav films ever, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and A Muppets Christmas Carol) Few clothes, loads of smellys (Lynx, FCUK etc), also some other crap like sweets, choc etc.




All 4 of us kids got something we weren't expecting.....£500 each to invest, save etc, i was totally shocked.


Going me mum's mates at about 12 for Christmas Curry WOOOOO :D Also me dad lives in the same town, so going visit him and give him his presents.

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Football Manager 2006, a voucher for something special and a Cadbury's selection box off Becki...


Bullet in a Bible (Green Day's live show from Milton Keynes on DVD and CD), (Set This) World Ablaze DVD (Killswitch Engages first ever DVD), some smellies, a tin of Celebrations and.... socks of course from Mum and Dad...


£20 off my sister...


£10 off the other one who can never pick out a present for me....


Not bad really for a 20 year old who has to fight for attention with two sisters and 4 grandkids really, I'm bloody happy...


Shame my sisters in hospital as of last night with some kind of stomach disorder... Where looking after her little lad now and watching him open his first real christmas presents and taking snaps for her to see in hospital is something I was proud to do...


Thats what christmas is all about... and the look on my Mum's face when I managed to get a good gift without her dropping ten million hints...



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Top of my xmas list was a WWE diva or someone attractive from shopping or quiz tv. I got neither.


I did receive:



cd player for my car

steering wheel cover

loads of boxes of chocolate

a tin of roses

lots of car stuff


boxer shorts

boxes of those assortments by lynx, you know the ones i mean


And my Nanna and Granda are coming over later, once their presents have been given to me thats xmas over for another year.

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Just had a phonecall from my mum, who is in a hospital in Sorrento (Italy) after being run down by a scooter. The person who was driving the scooter spent the rest of the day and part of the night making sure she was ok, and is giving her a lift to the airport on Tuesday. Poor bloke.


Anyway, makes you realise that nothing ever goes swimmingly...

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Went out with Sal Americana and Carl Mizzery for a Christmas celebration lash session on Thursday.


Went out to see my regular mates on the Friday.


Spent Christmas eve with my 98 year old Grandmother, watching Bad Boys 2, that was amusing.


Watched Chronicles of Riddick and then Stripes with Bill Murray, spent a lil time designing a banner. Watched Wrestlemania 5 out of my complete anthology set I bought myself.


Went to bed at 4am.


Woke up at 10:30, haven't opened presents yet.


Still haven't opened presents because I'm off to my sister's for chrimble dinner.



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Well been to my Dad's. He'd already got me the Tiger Canvas painting...




As half brithday / half xmas so just got me and Paula a box of biscuits as a little something extra. My kid brother got me the Ashes DVD (much better than the Tuffers Duffers DVD I had been threatened with).


He was a bit perplexed by the huge box I'd got him saying it was a football, of course the fotty was inside the box I was just trying to make things fun. Also got him a Ferrari that was already painted etc he just had to build. He said they were crap presents (the nicest thing he's said in ten years - he used to just chuck things on the floor!). But at least the car kept him occupied so that's cool.


Had a game of foosball with him, probably his toughest game ever as I took a page out of his book and reinvented rules - but alas he won 10-7. He then started to try and wrestle me, poor little weakling can't get a low blow correct no matter how much he watches Ric Flair.


It all ended with him being rock bottomed onto the sofa and my dad telling him off!


Now just waiting for Paula to get back before we head over to her parents.

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