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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #130 - Merry Christmas!


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter

Issue 130 – 24th December 2005





The Editorial


And so it’s Christmas. Welcome to the latest instalment of Talk Wrestling Online’s Community Newsletter. We’re a couple of column’s short this week, but hey it’s Christmas some things are just more important.


Hope you still enjoy this weeks Newsletter, any feedback is welcome as we continue to try and move the Newsletter forwards. If you want to participate in the newsletter please don't hesitate to contact either myself or Moobs.



Newsletter Editor



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It may be Christmas but the chat rooms are still open! No PPV chat until New Year’s Revolution but still make sure you check out our fine chatrooms - TWO Chatroom.



Talk Wrestling Online Member of the Week

Village Idiot Award




Miss.T – For bringing the Christmas cheer to TWO



Hoffmeister – The plague of the Hoff has unfortunately escaped the breaches of the US Forum. Now General chatters get to try and make sense of the Daily Mail meets Beano viewpoint



Forum Threads of the Week




HulkFearsAustin’s - Completely Distasteful *Armageddon Spoilers* – WWE stoops to new levels of distaste with this shocking PPV angle, quiet rightly the majority of TWO members were appalled.



Hoffmeister’s – Should we have a breeding license? – Started with some poorly founded points and then snowballed. Made for an interesting week.


Miss.T’s – Merry Christmas – Well, is the season to be jolly after all



The week that was....

.... The week that is



The week that was...




Early reports indicate that it wasn't Gene's fault............


If it ever happened Id be backing Tomko....gene just looks too dumb to know how to punch.


Gene takes pictures of his own poo though. Clear victor!


Of course Tomko would win, as SNITSKY would be too much of a gentlemen to fight back.


Wyndorf, Darkstar, DraVen and Big Craig discuss the huge potential that is a Snitsky / Tomko feud




Well I think this is a great day for equality and hope it will lead to an end to prejudice some day though probably won't be soon unfortunately.


Do you have gaydar search for news or something?


yey, Im honestly happy. However this REALLY doesnt need saying AGAIN!!!!


Anime Okatu, Nicole and Darkstar replay that favourite old record. Haven’t we been there before?




Having a fat best friend always makes you look better...........


Wyndorf delves deep into the Male thought process. Or was he talking about Cena and Jamal?




Can Wyndorf change his name to TheLoLzorrzz!!111 , Please?


Fletch and DraVen conspire to stitch up Wyndorf




I can only ever remember crying at one film and that was E.T when I was about 6-7 yrs old.


Beltmark shows off his compassionate side to the ladies


The Boogeyman giving Eric Bischoff a Pumphandle Slam. Truly a symbol that WWE beat WCW.


Chris2k reveals a defining moment in the history of Professional Wrestling





I really liked the one by Darkies Gem. It's open is this competition, many people could scoop the prize.


Someone should tell Ray about the Picture Competition Voting that usually takes place. Or is he just maintaining kayfabe?




Gah! I really am the ONLY one going to be on here over Chrimbo. I really need to make some friends!!


Antihero somewhat surprised that even a Wrestling Forum may be quiet on Christmas day


The Week that is....




1978 - Kevin Von Erich defeated Bruiser Brody to win the NWA American Title

1984 - The Rock 'N' Roll Express defeated Ted DiBiase & Hercules Hernandez to win their 3rd Mid-South Tag Team Title


IT’S CHRISTMAS! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

TWO wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to Skull Monkey and Carlito C. Cool




1983 - The Iron Sheik defeated Bob Backlund for the WWF Heavyweight title

1988 - Rick Steiner defeated Mike Rotundo for the NWA Television title

1999 - Flash Flanagan defeated Rico Constantino for the Ohio Valley Heavyweight title




1987 - Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels defeated Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose for the AWA Tag Team title

1993 - Ric Flair defeated Big Van Vader for the WCW Heavyweight title

1993 - Steve Austin defeated Dustin Rhodes for the WCW U.S. Heavyweight title

1995 - Ric Flair defeated Randy Savage for the WCW Heavyweight title

1998 - Kevin Nash defeated Goldberg for the WCW World Heavyweight title




1997 - Sting defeated Hulk hogan for the WCW Heavyweight title




1937 - Lou Thesz defeated Everett Marshall for the NWA Heavyweight Wrestling title

1995 - Mikey Whipwresk & Cactus Jack defeated Sandman & 2 Cold Scorpio for the ECW Tag Team title

1996 - Eddy Guerrero defeated Diamond Dallas Page in a tournament final for the WCW U.S. Heavyweight title

1998 - Mankind defeated Rocky Maivia for the WWF World Heavyweight title




1992 - Big Van Vader defeated Ron Simmons for the WCW Heavyweight title

2003 - Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Tajiri for the WWE Cruiserweight title


TWO wishes Clarkey a top banana 21st Birthday!




Hmmmm, nothing happened in Wrestling on this day – EVER!


Davros and Vaile celebrate their birthdays



Member Spotlight







WHAT DOES IT MEAN? My First Initials


FIRST THING YOU POSTED ON THE FORUM: A post in a welcome thread asking Matt M, who was one of the first mods, what happened to his Hardcore Highway e-group.


FIRST WRESTLER YOU CHEERED FOR: "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith




CURRENT FAVOURITE WRESTLER, AND WHY? Christian, great wrestler, great personality.


CURRENT MOST HATED WRESTLER, AND WHY? HHH, apart from the rumored backstage power, I've always found him boring.




FAVOURITE INDY FED (IF ANY): Is TNA still considered Indy?








FAVOURITE MATCH: Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon, WrestleMania X














FAVOURITE CHANT: Irwin, Irwin, Irwin






WHAT'S YOUR DESKTOP WALLPAPER: Picture of Thierry Henry with the Highbury Scoreboard in the background reading Arsenal 2 Man Utd 4




OUTSIDE OF TWO, WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO? Apart from wiring houses for a living, I have 2 daughters aged 2 and 4 to keep me busy. I watch a lot of football and enjoy playing golf and snooker and I enjoy the odd drink.


AND ANY LAST BITS OF INFORMATION YOU ARE WILLING TO SHARE WITH THE MEMBERS OF TWO? Don't take life too seriously, you only live once, don't spend your time getting stressed about this place, try and enjoy it and your life will be better.



Community Poll




Sorry for not including the X-Box 360 Poll in last weeks edition! As a Christmas Gift, I've managed to squeeze both last weeks and this weeks in one edition!


What do you think of the new X-box 360?


Its great, I love it! : 6

Not bad, could be better though : 3

Its rubbish, I hate it! : 3


"I'm not getting one. Microsoft are the only group I hate more than the panda people." - Anime_Otaku isnt fond of Pandas.


"i think it looks like a pile of crap that was invented 15 years ago." - Mr Perfect must be living on another planet.


Right, the DVD drive was in consoles 15 years ago, and wireless controllers too. Ooops. - MrFill (in response) gives Perfect a history lesson.


I'm very pleased, I just wish Fill would get off his ass and get one, I'd love to shoot him...................... - I bet your not the only one, wyndorf!


I'm terrible at the moment, so you'll always win! - Women + Technology = Bad, ahsatan.



This weeks Community Poll asked, What do you prefer? Liqourice or Fruit Allsorts? Lets see what you all thought..


What do you prefer? Liqourice or Fruit Allsorts?

Fruit Allsorts : 16

Liqourice Allsorts : 6



"Liquorice rules all! Anyone gets any they don't like, send it to me - I love it!" - Your letter box will be jampacked, Inno!


"Fruit Allsorts - Liqourice tastes like petrol" - Have you ever tasted petrol, Weeski?


"Licorice, I also love Marmite, Dr Pepper and Cheese and Onion crisps, so sue me!" - Cheese and Onion crisps rule, Brick!





Don't forget to vote on this weeks Poll: What do you enjoy most, Christmas or your Birthday?



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- ST: 1PW


- TRS: The Pain Killed In The East?



TWO Christmas List




Last week I asked you guys, the members of TWO to PM me with what you wanted Santa to bring you for Christmas, well here is the Talk Wrestling Online Christmas List:


Dear Santa, What we’d like for Christmas is.....


Dear Santa....


For Christmas this year, I don't want much. Not a tamagotchi, or Tracy Island... hell, not even a lump of coal.


My needs are few, and simple. Not for me the expensive pleasures of caviar and champagne, nor the joys of silk shirts and expensive training shoes.


No, for I know that there are far more deserving people in the world than I. I merely ask for a small gift.


All I want is a christmas stocking.*





*with Angelina Jolie wearing it.


Inno makes just a small request. I guess if you’re married you’ve got more of a chance with Ms. Jolie :xyx


Santa should give me a million quid and the reason is because I just want it, and if I don’t get it I’ll be waiting for him next year with my crossbow so I can shoot him


MartynJ shows there is no harm in being up front about these things, providing a novel answer to I want gets nothing


A quid - I'm Skint at the minute, i need all the money i can get.


Weeski makes probably the most realistic plea to the Santa of TWO


More topless pictures of Darkstar please




Miss.T makes a somewhat surprising request to Father Christmas, the rest of TWO just shudders at the very thought :P


I'd like all the good parts of 2005 wrapped up in a sack, so that I could relive them over and over. It really has been the best year ever, for me at least


Either that or a pony


DraVen getting all emotional on us



Thanks for joining in guys and I hope you all get what you asked for and that everyone has a smashing Christmas!





The Mid Card

Anime Okatu



Firstly I'd like to say Merry Christmas to every one of you lovely people.


Help wanted:


Due to Popular demand the Mid card is changing. As of next week we will change to a Point and counter point style (would have been this week, damned server) which is where you come in.


Each week I will cover a different subject and will need someone to volunteer to write from an opposing point of view. Applicants should apply to me by PM and then I shall select someone to write for that week. Around 500 to 550 words is what will be required by the Saturday of that week so it will be a fairly hefty undertaking.


This week I shall be looking for someone who is in favour of Animal Testing. Future topics may include such things as weather violent media causes people to be violent, Abortion, in fact any non wrestling topic. If you have any Ideas for topics please feel free to PM me with them too even if you do not wish to write.



One Question and One Question Only




Hello and Welcome to another edition of One Question and One Question Only! This week, forum member GENE was my victim. Heres the SHIZZLE!




QUESTION: "If you could ask one person a question, living or dead, what would your question be and who would you ask?"


ANSWER: "I would probably ask John Wayne what he thought about the lack of westerns being produced, and fantasy films like Harry Potter being produced instead."


Good question, Gene.


Thats it for this weeks edition, Have a Merry Christmas!


Bye for now.



The Main Event

Stephen Ashfield



Think you’ve had a good year Vince? Think again!


You can imagine the Christmas gathering at the McMahon home can’t you? Vince looking smug as he counts his millions and looks at Linda and thinks why haven’t I got a more attractive wife? In comes Stephanie and Linda immediately has two thoughts in her mind (two more than normal), firstly ‘when am I going to get a Grandchild’ and secondly, I hope Vince doesn’t ask me to have a boob job like that in 2006. Triple H walks in and wonders why he hasn’t got a title belt at the moment. Shane is joined by his wife and thinks to himself, ‘When is that guy gonna retire?’ Vince probably bores everyone with the same old stories of how he made it to the top, what a successful year he’s had, tells a few insulting jokes about Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner and then says what a great year we’ve had but 2006 will be even better. Think again Mr McMahon, 2005 hasn’t been a great year for WWE.


Let’s look at the two champions: John Cena and Batista. Both won their titles at Wrestlemania 21 and have held the belts ever since but why? This must be a big gamble by Vince in having two rookie champs hold the belt so long. He’s definitely after some level of stability as the WWE Title has had just two holders in a year and a half but are the main titles in WWE in the right hands? The answer is definitely not.


What does it say when in that argument with Kurt Angle over going to Afghanistan (yeah right Vince let’s make a storyline out of a war), the face Cena has to admit that half the people out there don’t like him. Come on Vince, he’s not that fantastic in the ring and his feuds have failed to set the world on fire. He’s better as a heel and he barely even raps anymore these days. I presume a feud with Triple H must be on the cards sometime soon, Trips probably put that in his card to Vince, you know the one that read ‘Happy Christmas Vince, Stephanie would make a much better successor to you than Shane don’t you think and oh can I have a title shot at Wrestlemania?’


Cena doesn’t excite me, he doesn’t have the stature that a WWE champ should have. Imagine how big it would be if it was Angle v Michaels for the title? With stars such as Triple H, Flair, Big Show, Michaels and Kane on Raw, why is the belt in the hands of Cena and why for so long? Something to change in 2006 Vince.


Over to the disaster known as Smackdown, yes I bet Stephanie mentions that at the Christmas dinner. “Remember the feud we had on Smackdown father, how we hated each other so much and yet I came back on Raw this year and never mentioned it.’ Well, isn’t the World Heavyweight championship in a right mess? Who’s the number one contender? Guess away because there isn’t one. In fact there’s barely been a feud over the title since the Batista v Eddie series ended, Sure, Randy Orton has had his chance in the UK and should have been given the belt against an injured Batista. What was the point of making Undi v Orton the main event at Armageddon when there was no title at stake?


Batista is injured, hence the lack of singles matches and the pointless tag match at Amageddon. The guy should have dropped the belt to Orton, though knowing Vince we’ll probably end up with The Boogeyman as champion. Smackdown is in real trouble having lost Angle, Big Show, Carlito and of course Eddie Guerrero. There’s a lot being put into Lashley but he’s no champion from what I’ve seen. We’re weeks away from the Royal Rumble, Vince put that brussel sprout down and sort out the title situation on Smackdown. Turn Undertaker heel if you have to, just do something.


Then there’s the Inter-Continental Title, which amazingly despite a higher profile champ has been totally devalued. Flair loses to Triple H at Survivor Series but the title wasn’t at stake. What’s the point of a champ who doesn’t defend his title and is seen to lose to other high profile stars on the same brand? Does Flair have a challenger at the moment? Talk is it could be Murdoch, he’s no Stan Hansen though is he! Vince, skip the pudding and work it out.


The US Title situation on Smackdown is a bit better, even if the Best of seven between Benoit and Booker T is dragging on longer than a Christmas edition of Eastenders. We all know a best of seven ends at 4-3 so why have Booker win the first three? A lot depends on what happens to Chris Benoit re his contract negotiations. If he stays in the company he should win the belt, if he doesn’t or upsets Vince over his negotiations then it looks like Booker v Lashley in the new year. Get on the phone and give Chris a call Vince.


The mere thought of the tag division on Raw is enough to give anybody having Christmas dinner indigestion. Why tag together Murdoch and Cade, give them the belts and then let them lose them and split up? Kane and Big Show are this massively dominant team but that’s not exactly saying much when you look at the division. Something has to be done Vince and Viscera/Venis is not the answer.


Smackdown is even more confusing. Batista’s injury has put him in the tag team ranks as Champ alongside Rey Mysterio but how long will that last? Why push the Mexicools and MNM and then turn their title match into a nothing match at Armageddon? Regal and Burchill have no credibility after being squashed by Lashley and LOD and the Dicks are just jokes. Still thinking you’ve had a good year Vince?


The cruiserweight division looked promising when the Mexicans arrived but they spend most of their time tagging. Kid Kash as champ is not the answer Vince but they haven’t got massive bodies have they so you’re not really interested are you Vince? And what the hell have you done to London and Kendrick!!


Women on Smackdown are as rare as expensive Christmas presents coming my way. Why get rid of Christy so soon after moving Torrie and Candice to Raw? Sure we’ll get some Raw Diva Search fodder thrown at us but that’s not the answer is it?


Over on Raw it’s just Trish v Mickie in what is a decent storyline but what’s the point of having Candice, Victoria and Torrie if they’re not going to be in the title shake-up. Victoria deserves better, at least she can wrestle.


So you see Vince, that smug smile isn’t really deserved. Raw and Smackdown aren’t doing as well as they should and gradually more people will turn over to TNA. You need something spectacular and that’s not the return of Hogan, Foley and Austin. Even the return of The Rock won’t do that. New talent has to be found and not just from OVW. Look at what TNA are doing and try to learn from what they’re trying to do. Shake up the title situations and give us proper tag teams we can respect. It’s a hard job Vince but I’m sure you can do it as long as you resist that temptation to give us over-long bad taste sketches rather than proper wrestling.


Well that’s all from me, back home now to devour a few meals and read some great wrestling books that just arrived on my doorstep. See you all next week and make sure you have a great Christmas.



Final Thoughts



That’s all we’ve got time for this week. On behalf of the Newsletter team, TWO and myself I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas

Thanks for reading!



Newsletter Editor





With thanks to our contributors for this issue:





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"Licorice, I also love Marmite, Dr Pepper and Cheese and Onion crisps, so sue me!" - Cheese and Onion crisps rule, Brick!

Yay! Brick gets his first (and probably last) mention in the newsletter! I rule!

Edited by Brick
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with half the content gone it was better? that is a pretty bad review IMO unless you are a big Main Event mark

Hmm... let's see. Last week had a Mid-card column, and this week didn't.


Yeah, I concur. Vast improvement.






I liked the NL this week, but it presented something to me. Are there any plans for a revolving slot? By this, I mean that whilst the weekly features remain, one slot is dedicated to something new every week. You can't do the Santa list every week, but next week you could ask about new years resolutions. The week after, one member could review a movie or discuss something special to them. The week after, a timeline of Draven is posted to celebrate his 10,000th post, purely as examples. Seems like an interesting addition that could keep the NL fresh and include more community members without doing the same things week in and week out which have a short lifespan. It's also a good way to see what works and what doesn't. If it works, do it more. If it doesn't, see ya later.


Just an idea.

Edited by DraVen
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Hmm... let's see. Last week had a Mid-card column' date=' and this week didn't.[/quote']

Well if the server hadn't been playing silly buggers all week there would have been as we want to actually take some of the useful comments people make and use them. However it can be hard to see in among all the petty flaming.

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