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Your Christmas Bargains and Rip Offs


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I have just finished all my christmas shopping and I am quite pleased. However not only did I get some good deals but I got a rip off too.


My good deal was a really good scarf from asda, it was only 4 quid, its better than a scarf i paid 65 quid for 6 months ago.


My rip off is surely my grandas whisky, a 700ml bottle of Glenfiddich was 28 quid!


Anyone pick up any bargains?

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Bargain = Wrestlemania Anthology for 130 from hmv online


Rip Off = Not receiving it yet because of a manufacturing issue and Silvervision making sure they satisfy their customers first.


I paid £160 and had it in the post last week.


Think I'd have preferred to wait the time for the extra £30!


But I still haven't got through box set 1

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I got the sweetest little picnic tea set in a little pink hamper basket from a shop in the Town center for only £8 for my 4 year old niece who loves to have tea parties with her dolls and likes to pplay house etc...


Becki wanted Family Guy series one and two on DVD... Music Zone £11 each!


Not a direct rip off but my dad got a digital camera off my mum and found out that the print paper for the dock is £4 for a pack of ten tiny little sheets...


Now thats poor.

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The thing that thinking about it sucks, but i've still got 2 gifts to give, both of them i could of probably gone out today or tommorow and bought at at knocked off prices in the sales. Yeah that sucks, so i hope whomever gets either of these gifts apprciates them.
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