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ive just read this on nodq


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ive just read this on nodq hebner speaks


NoDQ.com > WWE > Earl Hebner talks about Montreal and more

Posted by Aaron Rift on 12/22/2005 at 10:56 AM


Earl Hebner was the featured guest on this weeks Get in the Ring with Phantom and Junior. This show also featured the return of Sir Adam to talk about his reasons for leaving GIR.


To Listen to the Interview go to http://www.getinthering.tv.


- Earl Hebner joins Phantom and Junior on the show. Hebner puts over Tommy Young as the greatest ref ever. He was taught by Tommy on how to work.


- Hebner says he is responsible for making green wrestlers have a good match, and names Ken Shamrock as a prime example, as well as Batista.


- Phantom asks how long Hebner has been with WWE (17 years), says he's not loved in Canada ('by no means'), and why was he released? Hebner said he opened a store selling licensed WWE merchandise, and says if he was doing something illegal with WWE merchandising why did he invite Batista, a WWE employee to open the store. He feels he was let go 'because of politics.'


- Hebner said that one of the suits wanted him out, Phantom asked if the guy 'was he a former Dynamic Dude?' 'Oh yeah!'


- Junior asked what the Hebner's relationship was like with Vince. 'Vince's family was great, and they have always been great,' and feels he 'left on good terms.'


- Phantom asks about the store, if he still sells WWE merchandise. Hebner says he never owned the store, he just invested in it and no longer has any involvement.


- Montreal is bought up. Hebner isn't tired of talking about Montreal. Phantom asks his involvement, Hebner says he is writing a book (available in February or March) about his entire involvement. Junior asks what the title of the book is, Earl says it doesn?t have a title yet (???) and it isn?t being released by ?Mysteries of Wrestling : SOLVED? publisher, ECW Press.


- Earl says he hasn't spoken to Bret Hart since Montreal. But then goes on to state that he did run into him at an airport a few years ago and they talked about Montreal. Bret told him he no longer holds Earl responsible for the incident. His favourite moment was the Hulk Hogan-Andre The Giant match-up, where he played the Evil Hebner, to which Phantom says Earl really wailed on Dave?.?I?m younger? replied Earl.


- Phantom brings up the release of Hebner's son, Brian. Earl goes on to talk about how good a ref Brian was becoming. He has no clue why but feels everything will work out. 'Never say never.'


- Junior asks for Hebner's favourite wrestlers to work with (Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan).


- Hebner said about the Tim White angle 'horrible, it was horrible.' Phantom asked about the WCW invasion, and how WWE and WCW refs got along 'it was a little weird at first.'


- Hebner then talks more about his feelings for Johnny Ace, and why he wanted to wind down a little. He was getting older and didn?t want to travel as much to which Johnny Ace denied him that request. Phantom grills Earl to think back to an incident that might have put the Hebners on the outs with WWE management.


- Hebner also puts over Ric Flair; 'Hogan is an entertainer, Flair is a wrestler.' tells his true feelings for Nick Patrick, fearing for his life in Canada, Earl claims that he gets spit at and gets trash thrown at him when he?s walking in the streets of Toronto. He talks about his brother in TNA, and hints that he might be showing up there himself. He finishes off the interview wishing the listeners a merry christmas, 'even those in Canada!'


- Just before he hangs up, he says that if he didn't do what he did in Montreal, then Bret would have taken the WWF belt into WCW. Phantom asks him to clarify that statement, saying that Bret has always claimed he had too much respect for the WWF to ever do something like that. Earl repeats his statement saying Bret would have shown up on Nitro with the belt and ?thrown it in the trash or something..why didn?t he want to drop the belt then?? He also claimes he didn?t know about the screw job until ?5 minutes before the match? and he did it for all the talent in the dressing room.


Get In The Ring recap by Brian P. Cooper of http://www.bigvanvader.com.

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