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Awesome boots!

The Beltster

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So I went in town today to grab a new pair of shoes, and ended up with these f'n slick boots from Top Man. Seriously, I'm so impressed with them, they are the dogs bollocks in every way:




Anybody else bought anything they think rules intensely today?

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I wear mine with anything, skirts (not often but when I'm daring) jeans dresses, suits it depends if they match with what you're wearing.


last groovy thing I bought was a grogeous pair of white stilleto knee highs.


Talking of boots anyone know where I can get a pair of the boots Michelle Rodrigez wears in Fast and the furious?



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Nice boots Belty.


Yesterday I bought KoRn - See You On the Other Side and Fort Minor - The Rising Tied. They both rock majorly.

Interesting Aside: Mike Shinoda or whatever his name is, is thinking of doing a rock/rap compilation album and one of the duets looks to be KoRn and Dr. Dre. Can't wait :D

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Nice cowboy boots!!!!


Cowboy boots go with almost everything. Jeans, black trousers, etc. For women they go well with long ruffled skirts.


I wear mine almost ALL the time. Everywhere. They are VERY comfortable once you wear the leather in a bit and it fits your foot.

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Sorry to go into pedant mode, but those aren't "real" cowboy boots - they're "fashion" boots which are meant to look like cowboy boots.


How do I know? It's the heel.


Notice the heel on your boots goes down straight from the back of the boot to the ground.

Now take a quick gander at these:


If you look at the right boot, you can see the angle of the heel is kind-of sharp.


Yes, those are my boots.


If you want some real ones shipped over to you, I'm sure it can be arranged. :D


Nice boots otherwise - just remember to wear the jeans on the outside, or you'll look totally gay. :lol

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I wanted a pair of legit Sancho Spanish cowboy boots from Just Leather, those bad boys were off the chart awesome and a steal at £120, but they didnt do them in my size (11/12) so I have to wait until they get another shipment in February, the ones I got are cool as hell though, and I'm pleased with them. Cant ever have enough decent footwear.
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